Proud to announce that the first episode of #TheZestWithOliWhite is now live on my YouTube channel featuring special guest @conormaynard

Hellllo would someone like to check my ig? I would very aprreciate it :)

F4f anyone

Hey I'm Haley :) I was wondering if anyone would mind giving my YouTube channel a look? I promise I won't disappoint! I'd really appreciate it :) anyways, if you're reading this, hope you've had a lovely day! Xx

It was so amazing And funny

Yo guys, I'm a TWELVE year old PHOTOGRAPHER 📷 from NEW ZEALAND 🐑 and I would really appreciate it if you could leave some feed back on my work. Cheers. ✌

oliwhitetv on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:16pm


Reunion with @ryanlee ✔️Pumpkin spice latte's... well tea for Odeya✔️bad selfies on the floor✔️and @goosebumpsmovie = perfect start to a Saturday morning!! Loved seeing them & LOVED #goosebumpsmovie , everyone be sure to watch it October 16th... They KILL it💃 love ya three! Xoxo @odeyarush1 @dylan_minnette

Dylan MINEette 😂😂😂 @calcal1211

Yessss😂😂😂😂 @jenniferrr_anderson

@__briaannn95 fiona

Goosebumps movie


baileemadison on Sat, Oct 10 at 12:25pm


Wishing my old buddy from 23 years back @ayoubgeb the best of wishes on his latest and nicest branch of @sweetsandtreatsegypt at @caifestivalcity mall... Best of luck bro! #GourmetFood #Patisserie #EntrepreneurLife #Cairo #Egypt

Super cool 😃

Love it ☺️

Love it ☺️


WOW 😳😍

sherifartisan on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:42pm


Sono le ore.... 😂😂😂😂 #timetorelax #saturdaymoment #aroundtolondon

@dadi8io meeeeeee vabbbbbé....😢🙈❤

Qua i Claudi si mettono d'accordo per partire insieme hahhahaha @michelaj8 @ilydamico8

Stesso giorno,stesso posto hahaha @ilydamico8 @michelaj8

17:21 oppure leggo male?😂

Che posto è ?

marchisiocla8 on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:39pm


More tour footy! ⚽️ #socksupmrWann

Congratss 👊🏻 thank you so much for the other night at Cambridge btw, was the best concert I've ever been to!!! And was even lovelier to meet you 😊😊

Yes @guitartez !

@taywilliamss omg he's so cute

That skinny guy on the right could use a square meal....

@s.phiex excitement

jamesbaymusic on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:37pm



So jealous of you 🙈 @nadinehentig

So jealous!!! Xx


😍😍 @cajsaklass


inthefrow on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:46pm


Soon 💫 #DALS #EnjoyAlrock @enjoyalrock

Waw magnifique comme toujours @enjoyphoenix

C'est surtout le reflet en bas qui donne cet effet de maigreur. Apres faut avouer qu'elle a vraiment fondu (notamment suite à son dernier séjour aux USA). Quand on pense à la vidéo datant de quelques mois où "il fallait s'assumer comme on est" on frôle l'hypocrisie... Enfin, le principal est de se sentir bien dans son corps.

Les jambes 😻 @giul_iiia @lisag2300

Trop haaaaate! *_*

Trucs de malade @selink3 😻

enjoyphoenix on Sat, Oct 10 at 12:26pm


У меня на канале Новое Видео , где я ответила на самые личные вопросы 😏 ссылка в био , Лайк если хочешь 2 часть 👧🏿 лавки вас 💙💙💙 #adidas сделали подарочек , так мило 😱

Комментарии на первую фотку)) напишите что нибудь оригинальное и очень длинное) что нибудь своё)) а не 4 слова! А я вам 10 лаков и коммент понравившейся фотографии) ставлю быстро и моментально, а если даже не сразу, то всё равно поставлю:***




1/1на первые 2

galeine on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:05pm


o m g

Yooooooooo @freshprincess.ofbelair tell me this doesn't look like rashane's hand writing ! 😂


Worrrrddddd😭 it's so beautiful😍😂 @shess.minee

wtf how @amberosedavies

@gracie.h.allen omg yessss

2.7182818284590452353602874713 on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:09pm


'Reconhecer o nosso Ser em cada um de nós' | comecinho de um final de semana MARAVILHOSO de sol ☀️ look lindo @lemiercollection

D I V A😍😘😘





camilasenna on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:13pm


Вот и встретились снова)редко,но метко! @alexandrindrikov привет из 🇺🇸 новые идеи как всегда и разные новые фишки✌🏼️ Рада была встрече💋 #indrikov


Ищу людей с мечтой! Помогу воплотить в жизнь. Подробности в профиле

Го лайки взаимно! Честно быстро!

У нас самые свежие новости❗️❗️❗️ждем вас💋У нас самые свежие новости❗️❗️❗️ждем вас💋

Ищу помощника: развитие и продвижение интернет магазина. Ваш опыт, место нахождение значения не имеют. Можно совмещать с основной деятельностью. Оплата высокая

kutuzovaliza on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:02pm




cathythyelkins on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:49pm


Episode 1208 is out of control amazing! #tears #laughter #gasps

@fkyhdino omg ich muss gucken *-*



Will we see the whole season or will they show part of it and wait a couple months and show the other half


thesarahdrewgreys on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:33pm


Easy breezy 🍃❤️ @fpm.blueloja


@rachelapollonio Deus mandou te dizer que voçê é uma das mais perfeitas criação dele e que de lá do céu ele se orgulha que voçê retibui a ele com alegria e amor próprio!! Bjo bjo



q deusa @joannamarques

rachelapollonio on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:25pm


A newbie called 'Guitar Man' from Kip last night in Pittsburgh 🎶

😍👍 thanks so much 4 Sharing 😘

I love this! Where is the full version? (This is me asking too much😊)

This is reminds me of The Band.

Imma b real sad if this truly is the 1st & last time he does this....


kipmooreslowhearts on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:31pm


Found this huge turtle in driveway🐢 Promptly deposited it in neighbors pool! Surprise👀😂 #PranksterAtHeart


The last time I found a turtle in my driveway I got very sick from it


@ashjerger is this even an aquatic turtle lol 😂

That's crazy!!!

cutegirlshairstyles on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:55pm




Tá sem corpo....

o que no chão fia? 😂 @tumblrdajade

Adeus @felipealvarengac

Q q isso hein

flaapavanelli on Sat, Oct 10 at 12:25pm





@joemahoney_ kid looks like u bro hahah

@fern_xox @isabelmdavies

No difference

teamladbible on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:44pm



All the good people 😘

What is matts letter jacket




jordan_fisher on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:53pm


Casual Saturday's are the best. 👯

Loving the casual look 👌🏿

La reinaaaa @diegordinolav es hermosa verdad 😍

Love it! 💙



negin_mirsalehi on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:30pm


My mom 😂😂

@itsmeinhd @djeannot


@kidd_nala plastic plates over everything 😂

Noooooooooooooo @girthgang_zae

@myrthe_db en tastbare kuch rookbaar

nochill on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:40pm


Paul Scholes: "I never found Anfield intimidating. Goodison Park had a better atmosphere."

Hahahaha the legend Scholes

@mattsheldon38 mate you're an Aston villa fan and play golf, you barely know what football is😂😂


@bassie_wiener @brandonwiener5 @dada_man5 @cowenchetty @sir_dip


thesportbible on Sat, Oct 10 at 2:31pm


@ladygunn 💕💕💕💕


Lindaaaaa 😍

Stop calling her mom don't you get it dumb dumbs that means your calling her old and I don't like it when you call the queen old

gorgeous !!

@nina_kendrick_ 😭😭😭😭

littlebodybigheart on Sat, Oct 10 at 1:23pm