Sliiiime ! #MeusPrêmiosNick2014 😂

E eu aqui querendo levar um banho de slime!

Manuzica lindaaa

Lindaaaaaa ❤❤

Manoela não se precucupe vc é linda e diva de qualquer jeito

fuck me please

manugavassi on Fri, Oct 31 at 6:12pm


Almost in #Milano and working hard. Really looking forward to meeting everyone! In the meantime... I will be drinking italian wine :)

تابعوني ... حساب لسيارات الفارهه..😊

Beautiffuuullll 😍😍❤❤❤

Warning if you stop reading you will die tonight. My name is Katie and sm already dead and I had no friends. If you don't post this on 20 pictures you will die at exactly 11:59. Don't believe me? A guy name jake read this and laughed that night I took a knife and stabbed him and you don't want to be jake do you? A girl name Sandra read this and posted 10. Silly girl. Later she saw me and ran to her grandmothers house and asked to go to the restroom but guess what? Now she's in a coma. A smart boy posted 20 times and the next girlfriend said yes to marriage. 0=death 10=coma 20=Something good will happen to you


Her number (908) 361-0438

joylenz on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:25pm


Sundown drive






withhearts on Fri, Oct 31 at 6:00pm


Happy Halloween xx

I saw u tonight

Are you an octopus cus you make me swirt


Looks like real blood


barsandmelody on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:23pm


حساب لكل محب لكتاب الله تعالى لإحياء فريضة تدبر القرآن الكريم قد تقرء آية تتدبرها تفتح لك أفقاً لم تكن تتوقعه وقد تكون قرأت آية عشرات المرات تقرء شيئ جديد عنها فتفهم معناً آخر غير الذي قرأته

@sndrgb schwör auf..

@_beni.kohler_ @_ramon_s_

تابعوني ... حساب خاص لسيارات الفخمه ..😊

جزاك الله خير

waseem_yousef on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:09pm


Fail by: @juliechristos ⠀ 🎥👉@Hilarrious Tag your friends👇 ⠀


@pepeeuh me imaginei fazendo isso 😂😂😂😂😂

Maríana con tacones @mariana.noguera @msegovi_ @mlauracastro9 @vale_iannitti



fail.video on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:27pm


happy Halloween everyone 👹💀🎃👻



People think its Gemma @sophie_glass

happy Halloween! :) ♥ xxx. @aconed

Happy Halloween beautiful Anne 👻🎊🔮

aconed on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:22pm


It's difficult to walk away from your passions, no matter how much sacrifice and hardship they might cause. 'Always Above Us' tells the enduring story of team alpine climbers Kris Erickson (@kephoto) and @Conrad_Anker's love of the climb. Watch it now @ youtube.com/thenorthface #AlwaysAboveUs #SeeForYourself #IceClimbing @SherpasCinema

@stephmarket 😢👌

'white people'


Still gonna try this this winter @evanmonteith @kulinz


thenorthface on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:57pm


Shredding! Shit got me pumped! @palaceskateboards


That dude gets down! @gunslingerfour20 @rights_brigade

Such a good video

Great vid, been pássing it on getting the lads to watch it.

Is this the old pebble strewn southbank?

andrewreynolds on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:15pm


Big thanks to Leon for my face paint. 💀👻🎃 #Halloween

Se mucho que mejor así... @afl85

Still hot x

@liventwistle @louisescotson

@artiparmar still about it 😂😂even with that on

@m_marquez @abz2807 😍

proudlock on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:32pm


did phoebes make up too😺❤️


Love this

#EMAbiggestfans1D #EMAbiggestfans1D #EMAbiggestfans1D #EMAbiggestfans1D #EMAbiggestfans1D #EMAbiggestfans1D

Love this so much, she is perfect

Awe that's cute

lottietommo123 on Fri, Oct 31 at 6:15pm


Get me back on the road. I want to see more of Europe 🌍⭐️ Photo: @harrycrowder

I just love your rings :)

come to switzerlaaand :)

i saw this pic on tumblr omg didnt know it was u


@alexazacharias you will bump into her I'm calling it

ellagracedenton on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:14pm


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Check out 👉👉👉@momoswardrobe👈👈👈 style blog ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sandra y no se caiga la toalla en la cama de niño y la de la empresa de servicios o contenidos de la wisqueria que me ha dicho el que no me lo que se me ocurre que no se duerme @_sndswg_

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hollisterco on Fri, Oct 31 at 6:01pm


on set today in Palm Springs

😍 I want him so bad @summernolan_

@madisonkaleopa Settle down hahahah

@sila_ozek all sana yeni harry


I thought it was Leah 😁 @rebecca.addie @hayley.mooney

luckybsmith on Fri, Oct 31 at 4:44pm


That's a wrap! We're ready for the weekend to begin! @stephaniecamcam

@miciottola sembri tu!

@linda_sahiti thought this was you :o

@rachelobrien12 hahah I don't see it :p

@linda_sahiti really I was convinced haha

Omg de fede @sarahbukhave

stevemadden on Fri, Oct 31 at 6:06pm


👻👻 #happyhalloween @fashionablykay

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aeropostale on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:13pm


Janet and MJ

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That's so cute and adorable!!

@aliyadaniels @christina.daniels my mom and sis look so cute

@imevelyyn AWWHHHH


@staevintage @apryle123 @ashleighj81 so freakin cute

beyonce on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:39pm


تصبحون على ماتتمنون

عليه الصلاة والسلام ❤️

Your guys shut translate..?

صلى الله عليه وسلم

تابعوني حساااااااابي جداااااااااااا جميل 👌👌👌👌

عليه افضل الصلاه والسلام

swakll on Fri, Oct 31 at 6:02pm


10/31/96 - Seven weeks after his passing, Tupac was on the cover of @rollingstone for the first time.

Rolling Stone SUCKS for waiting till the big homie passed.


R.I.P Pac 🙏😔

epic pose

@19alemao88 tru

2pac on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:47pm


Happy Halloween everyone! I am not dressing up hahaha <3 #filthycasual

@iamthegriffin it's really too bad that there's not a sarcasm font or something for situations like this

So on the one day were everyone dresses up, you don't dress up, but everyday other that most people don't dress up, you dress up. Lol

Cause everyday is Halloween

Follow @kevinchang91 he fuck u hard

Well, u r sweet as u r

jessicanigri on Fri, Oct 31 at 5:15pm