Good Knight Gothamites! Tomorrow we will continue our chronological journey of the Batman from the year 2011 with more conclusions to Batman and Batman Family publications prior to the DC Universe reboot, The New 52! I leave you tonight with a selection of works by digital Pop comic artist Sean Anderson, also known as Skyscraper48 @skyscraper48_art! To view more of their stunning pieces of art, please visit their websites at Skyscraper48.DeviantArt.com and Twitter.com/Skyscraper48! To see @skyscraper48_art online store, please visit Skyscraper48.Storenvy.com. For inquiries about commissions please email (professional inquiries only please) to Skyscraper48[@]yahoo.com! I just wanted to thank all of you loyal Gothamites for following. I am truly humbled by the kind words given daily and I'm glad you all support the mission of this account, to celebrate Batman's 75 year history in comics. Enjoy this vibrant slideshow (the song is "MiRANDO" by Ratatat), have a wonderful night and we will have more History of the Batman tomorrow!

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@christina_alexandraa this is you animated



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「地震、怖かったわねぇ」言っちょります。 #goma


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@angela23035611 吉拉這是你嗎?

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Video via @phenomenalnature




@cupcakesnsunshine it's cuddles!!!


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Desde el Rodeo de Pico Rivera... @grupoescolta @jesusojedaysusparientes ... @matthew_cecena

No i did not see him on it! Would have been there in a kick min! :( just remember to bail me out girls lol @y_deltoro @loveable_lizzz @fiesty_lovee

@fabiolaca93 no worries, we got you lmao

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@i_saperez omg andaba en el rodeo Noel Torres ❤️

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What should we do? Mother Fucker


13pinto on Tue, Sep 16 at 1:59am


Bordeaux??? I love this place!! If its is take a pic of the floor when water come out from it, its beautiful @vutheara

Perfect picture with the amazing sun ! ☀️🙈

Photo sublime !! La lumière est magnifique ! Je serai a Paris en octobre, j'adorerais shooter avec vous si ça vous intéresse :)



vutheara on Tue, Sep 16 at 12:59am


صبحكم الله بالخير 😃 .. طبعا هذا الفيديو صورته بالنرويج وفي شي غلط بالكامره راح اقولكم عنه تالي 😁😜 ... جاهزييين حق معرض #فوتوكينا 😍😍😍 الساعه ١١ يبطل وبحاول انزل بوستات عن اخر الكامرات في التوتر 😃 ودي كانون شوي تشد حيلها وتصدمنا بشي جباار 😁 =============================== Good Morning .. Old video back in Lofoten islands two months ago 😍 i wish am there right now 😁

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Happy Birthday Brother @ovojonnyroxx #SMC


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@nickfauria kinda looks like @n1ckjaye lmao

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I think Roy has mistaken this 🐄for his sibling 🐮 #love #frenchie #frenchbulldog #puppy 🐾

@deejaychip look lover a little Frenchie x

That is adorable how old ? @benfrombrisbane

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@emilyklowe so cute you need one

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benfrombrisbane on Tue, Sep 16 at 3:01am


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Blush, eyeliner, pink lips and hat. Definately ready for tuesday! #fotd

@chasyobando dai oh, here.

Perfect blush and lipstick!😍what is it? Mac?


@ @sacey what lipstick is that?

@zavarkayasha wow now you are being really immature. Yes you said your negative opinion about her eyebrows, but nobody asked for it.

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@instarayz can u make this for meee


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Absolutely Perfect Day at #Disneyland 💗 Completely exhausted... Good Night or Good Morning wherever You are in This Big World ✨




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