Nap time before live taping 😴

نومه هنيه بابي 😱

اضيفوني يالعوباااااات 🙊

So cute and comfy

Damn @braden_lau

Can lie beside u

ryrynewman on Thu, Apr 17 at 7:55pm


Good luck, @sanjosesharksofficial. @kingcrab15 is ready in case you guys need him. #BeatTheKings

Fuck ur moms @hawks4life115 amd @coryrayden punk faggots

Fuck the Shithawks and all their pussy loud mouth fans, seattle is worthless, that lame ass city wins one championship in how many years total? Hahaha bay area has more championship under our belt then u can count on two hands bitch, gtfo ,cheat hawks wont ever win again, go Niners and Sharks

@hawks4life115 JULIO JONES??? ALSHON JEFFERY?? WHAT?? you're a bigger moron than I thought!! I'll say it again crabtree is top ten and fuck off.

👆👆👆 😂😂😂

@dru_skee24 wow

49ers on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:03pm


Jordan 11 Retro Low: #Nightshade

That jordan heel looks a little ratchet


Wtf up with the jumpman logo on the back

Me sefue que sigo de volta

Wow @ygoumenos

flightclub on Thu, Apr 17 at 8:50pm


A little #TBT of my little Benny love:) Summer of 2008


You are still so gorgeous. You age well :) @floridaray18

Yea baby, daddy wants a pony ride



floridaray18 on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:05pm


Skateboarding thru @bamahardy eyes. @eswic #regram #skateboarding #hellaclips

Wtf with the bugs lol

@kaycray dogs and skateboarding what could be better

@static_fg3 wtf!

wtf @samkannon


hellaclips on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:20pm


New #VINE Salsero exsagerao en la pista Pt. 1 (Cuando te dejan en la casa solo limpiando) #teamlejuan #lejuanjamesapp Teamlejuanjames@gmail

hahahah @migorti je vais me pratiquer comme ca moi aussi !!

Jajajajajaja yup that us cleaning @selyj

خلى دحوم يسوي زي كذا @d7msh_

Cono @_meechelle

@romiinagonzalez hahaha

lejuan__james on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:11pm


Sorry follow my boys V2 @andy_renckens @mrloganchester

got kik or nah?



I love you

Yo bitch follow me @thesamboggs

thesamboggs on Thu, Apr 17 at 10:02pm


love this California weather!! 🐻




@allie_britt3 awww

Get it gurl 😂😂😂

diva_diamond on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:04pm


Mikeeeyyyy. 😍



Oh! Michael and his pocket edition Spiderman! *-* #cute

Thank you for making me smile ❤️❤️❤️❤️

calumhood on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:14pm


Little stroll through L.A in those gorgeous @finderskeepersthelabel shorts 👯🌴🎶 #kaytureonthego

Hello there

So pretty 💓💖💜

Fo!!ow me = Fo!!ow back

Perfection <3

Beautiful 💙👍

kristina_bazan on Thu, Apr 17 at 8:49pm






Foooood I want some

Where is this from ?

thefashionwhore on Thu, Apr 17 at 10:27pm


Blown away by this beautiful look and color combo 💚💛💙 by the sensational ✨@lindasteph✨ wearing our "Noir Fairy" lashes! #houseoflashes Repost from @lindasteph ▶️Fresh look with Turquoise and Gold 👗💛 ✨✨ wearing matching Turquoise contacts from Freshlook by @eyecandyscom via eyecandys.com ✨✨ the gold glitter is from Sally girl, the turquoise colors on the lid and underneath both from Sephora ✨ highlight is @motivescosmetics 'pearl' and in the crease is 'natural' from my beauty weapon palette ✨ lashes are @houseoflashes 'Noir Fairy' ✨ #motd #eotd #lindasteph #noirfairy #noirfairylashes #falselashes #falseeyelashes #beautiful #beautifuleyes #makeup #houseoflashesnoirfairy

Perfect eyeliner>>


@gabssterrr inspo

@jayvengtasamy I sure can attempt it


houseoflashes on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:08pm


Steppin on buildings #TenFeetTall

Nice kicks!!



Sigam-me, please :)


afrojack on Thu, Apr 17 at 8:57pm


#tbt to snow days ❄️⛄️

Pretty !!!



Look at me better

Princess everywhere!

scotlandbgeurink on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:33pm


Introducing The Branch @planbofficial collab board from the limited and exclusive collection only available at #thebranch. Branch Distribution will offer to retailers premium brands while also curating exclusive, limited collaborations and collections. Ranging from apparel, art, music, publications, home and health as well as skateboarding’s ‘Tools of the Trade.’ From boards to bolt cutters, you’ll find it at the Branch. Now available at elementbrand.com and finer skate shops world wide. #BRANCHOUT #branchcollection #branchdistribution

@nickkultgen47 @alexander_cortez

Element advertising plan b makes sense

I am but the element deck @elementbrand

Should of put an element logo inside one of the plan b circles @elementbrand


elementbrand on Thu, Apr 17 at 10:27pm


#กึดมอร์นิ่งค่าาาา #หม่ำพี่ลูกเกดแต่เช้าเบรยยยยย 😁

ใครรู้บ้างใช้แอฟ อะไรแต่งรุปค้ะ😁😁

@921yuriko mi ami de peque😙



She's holding drugs.. Im jking so cute

idasiriwut on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:05pm


A humpback #whale #bellyflop! Great shot by @markseabury captured in #Sydney 🐋

@brittanykaydupont it's ur whale friend


اضيفوني يالعوباااااات 🙊

@abousy u cant belly flop !!! Only I can


australia on Thu, Apr 17 at 8:18pm


Now available on shopkaskade.com! #Redux


Just bought it!😃

@meechelly awww I hope someone helps you. Sending you some positive vibes

RAawrRrR @rachelawiselure

@schmalex___ cutie!!!!

kaskade on Thu, Apr 17 at 9:19pm


Happy Early Easter from @louise_daly and I! #turnup

Dat bunny!!!

Oh my god are u in philly I saw that same bunny at the Neshameny mall in philly

I dont see the part of the picture where Im holding a gun to the bunny's head.

Who's the bunny?


jeromevsgaming on Thu, Apr 17 at 10:13pm


Pasta pasta. 🍝

Everything about this gives me a warm, cozy feeling inside! @laurenpaul8 Hope you have a fabulous meal. 🍷🍴🍝😍

@laurenpaul8 you remind me to be an awesome person

If u look on my page I make a mean pasta dish to although yours looks heather then my

@theyseemerollman I wanna make pasta with @glassofwhiskey

@mia_papaya and she cooks

laurenpaul8 on Thu, Apr 17 at 10:17pm