@kickstagasm breaks out the Nike Kyrie 1 "All-Star." Are these the best 1st signatures? #kixifylife

@theonewholacksnothing dope


In love 💙💎💭 @arieljeh

standing on a crack


kixify on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:07pm



الله يجعلنا باقي ننيك

@brandymelvillecanada صديق انا يبغى انتا


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@lbailzz need these soho sweaters

brandymelvillecanada on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:59pm


#LEGOLAND 🔺🔹🔺Happy early birthday to my lil man🔺🔹🔺#6

Sorry I ment cool

Until we decide to walk barefoot and Stab our own feet against these devilish cubes



@boysloove.lexii bro this look fun @pretty_k13

makeupbyanna on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:13pm


😂😂 when girls get their lashes done #repost @norvina @blackboychris. I 👀 you



@kathrynzerbe @aimee_lc @krystybeam @itsmebrittney @marisa_isabel92 yaaassss


I'm STILL, girl! I caaaant! I know bitches like this 😂😂😂 @ronda_boo

makeupbymario on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:35pm


I'll take them all, please. #colorsensational 💋

My favorite lipsticks.

ada di indo lol @netaindyana

Beautiful colors!

Yo lo uso.

Stop animal testing yall makeup company disgust me thank god I stopped buying your products

maybelline on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:31pm


#wbkounjayiwade3ak 💖💖


@nancyajram صباح راحت انتي متى

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صباح الفل على عيونك نانسي

Love you

nancyajram on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:20pm


Another look at the Air Jordan 8 Aqua in remastered form. Arriving holiday 2015, Mike's 1993 classic is highlighted by three upcoming colorways. Show us what you're wearing this Saturday with #jordansdaily

@stardust_shay and these!!! 😍



Nike Air Jordan VIII 8.0 Black/Neptune Blue/Siren Red


jordans_daily on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:58pm


😂😂😂😂 Nope #idfwu #exfiles #funniest15seconds From @art_2official



@melnasab @jthegent


@melj0317 😂😂

funniest_15seconds on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:28pm


Concepts brings🍇 to Timberland's classic 6" boot.

Yea I saw them a few days ago, their limited

@gabriellaf22 ^^

No @adribabyyy_



gq on Sat, Feb 28 at 11:33am


Just your classic wedding pyramid. I still can't get over how great our group of friends are. Still smiling 😀 #shayandmike

Who's in?! lol @quartknee11 @caitlinethompson @lindsaydean57 @katiedos @ababcock22


Picture goals for squaad @mariahxxmedina @tippie__toes


@jenitalian want a wedding pyramid?

kaitlynbristowe on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:22pm


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Hi! I am a12 year old self-taught artist and am trying to be noticed and get better at what I do so if you could please look at my account it would mean a lot to me. Thanks :)


americanstyle on Sat, Feb 28 at 1:01pm


7 days out video is up... LINK in my BIO #Arnoldshredfestival #ASF2015 #asfprep2015


Thanks @davecowan7 AAAHHHH makes me so mad!!! I don't know why people think women can't be big ripped and shredded like it's unnatural...holy hell we can push a baby out but we can't have muscles!!!!? WTF

You put 100% of you heart and mind into what you believe in and anything is possible.Love watching your vids so motivating @danalinnbailey

^ @eklitz


danalinnbailey on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:04pm


@_zakattak because TGLC never fails to impress 💛🔫😻

I can so do that😂😂😂 yeet @queen_beezzyy



@that_hipster_viking damn girl got skills 👌


onlycheerleaders_ on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:53pm


from a distance I was thought it was @michaelsuite44 and dem boyZ over @suite44music with da smaaaaaasssh hits

B I found your band/group/people thing😂😂 @hanson_is_a_dancin

That was so last summer cole😂 @cole_m_hoglund

@gaby_ella12 somebody to you

Nahhh;) @hanson_is_a_dancin

wearethevamps on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:12pm



@natalie.nams jajajaja

یادش بخیر اینا رو از مکه میاوردن. .میگفتن ماتیک مکه ای

ترجمت لهم ماقصرت ي إنا 😌

هههههخهه هذي تررجمه بالله

@weamu ايش قصدك

massafera on Sat, Feb 28 at 10:54am


Na me optreden in Dordrecht ben ik al weer op water en brood gezet. Vanavond sta ik in almere #djdingetjes

Follow @rijal.potret have a great picture of photography and model fashion .

Al gezien 😂 @cvdb_x

Komt 010 ook nog voor in je agenda???

😂😂 @meriiiammesselinaa

@julka_lv у меня еще остались вопросы, требую повторной поездки 😆😋

daveroelvink on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:26pm


This morning we're using Hangover Primer in place of eight hours sleep. It's infused with coconut water and gives a dewy, healthy looking finish! #hangoverprimer



@aurelia_rose haha


Absolutely LOVE this product!!!!

toofaced on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:25pm


Fatha7tna ya@m_almunayesm yany bo sand 3ood @a_fatehallah

Ototnya jadi mgerikan,

@_roza_a صدره ماله حل غير ابر الهرمونات

@brave_1one1 عموما الابر مايطول مفعولها وانتظروا لين ينسم هههههههه


@_roza_a شنو الله يرحمه صدام ؟

shreddeddiesel on Sat, Feb 28 at 12:50pm


و ان أصابني الحب فأنت يالله ذكرته في كتابك سته و سبعين مره فأجعل حبي لك اولا ثم نبيك الأنقى ثم قدرلي من يحبني و احبه و اجعله لي و بي مكتفي 💜

تبين قمصان وتيشرتات للجامعة والدوام تابعيني😍😍😍 @fooshishop2014 @fooshishop2014

لايك وكومنت على اخر صورة ترجعلك دبل 💚💚💚

حفلات # بارتي # تقديمات #ملكة# تصاميم كوش # ايام الميلاد # تخرج # طاولات ارضية # بااسعار مناسبة # ام تولين للحفلات # تابعوني

الله "̯

ابعدي عن الحب وتزوجي بعدين حبي زوجك هذي نصيحتي للي يقرا الحين ✋

afnan_albatel on Sat, Feb 28 at 11:47am


#NCA havin so much fun watching all these teams!

Yes. @rtward23

@desiruth_ @ruthmelatiw @sabrinagracia wkwk




little_flyer_1 on Sat, Feb 28 at 11:58am