💋Lips and Glitz ❤! Using shades from @shopncla's new Anarchy In L.A. collection! 2 coats of "Let's Start a Riot" (hot pink) and "Elegantly Punk" (silver shimmer with glitters throughout)! - - Tutorial was already posted if you missed it 😘 - - Products used: Pink: "Let's Start A Riot" @shopncla Silver: "Elegantly Punk" @shopncla Black lips: acrylic paint (easier to work with) Black studs/rhinestones: eBay Top coat: HK girl @glistenandglow1

@ebelianate_nails preach 🙌 @nailstorming your the only nail account I follow and the only one I ever will, your nails are on point consistently and your account is the only one that shows us how to easily make them. Idk what's wrong with these people.. Jealousy maybe got the best of them. Don't let these people stop you from doing what you do best❤️

@jennmxx @breauna_crawford 😂😂 I can't even afford my antibiotics from the doctor today and people REALLY think I'm dishing out cash to buy fake followers for... AN APP?!?! What good would that do me? Plus, you can always tell the companies (usually online businesses) that actually buy followers because their following will say 22k yet they get like 45 likes per picture lol

@madstirz thanks so much hun!


@ebelianate_nails @polishedobsession thanks loves! Sad that these little girls are so thirsty for the attention 😕

nailstorming on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:40pm


عزيزي صاحب السماعة المفقودة .. تطمن هي بخير

تتونس بوجهك الحامض خخخخهه



@ibrahim_albkeri ياخي انت شخص اي شي تقوله لازم اضحك ياخي عليك اسلوب ماشفته الا معك

الله يعينك ! كل واحد بيجي بيقول حقتي !! تصدق مين فيهم

ibrahim_albkeri on Wed, Sep 17 at 5:03pm


A mind-bending print by @beachgoth that can turn any outfit into a work of art #cocoloco #theuncommonthread


@beccabooh_82 need these

Want dese 👆 @jameone


@z_huey91 need

stancesocks on Wed, Sep 17 at 7:00pm


#StarWars #SpotlightOfTheWeek - Tusken Raiders: Desert Nomads


Yeah. I can cuss in huttese. Suck it fools

What Donkeys evolve into

I am such a sw nerd lol 😂

This us for the NRL 9s bro @joshy_dudson ?

starwars on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:54pm


Pay homage to 'The Captain'. #Jeter #Yankees

@geoff2482 house of hoops in the broward mall has em!

@mwaynem224 add to cart!!!

@rymckeevy lol these are sick but I'm not much of a Yankees fan since what happened in 09

@j_mercado10 get a pair of these

@mikemac5 can't go wrong with Derek jeter

champssports on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:42pm


💕Youtube edits here.!💕

Help me get to 600 ! Will get a spam back + follow ✌️💀💕


babe 😍😍😍

Hey sorry to be annoying but I would love if you checked out my youtube channel (josefinemie) thank you ❤️

justcallmerebecca on Wed, Sep 17 at 5:15pm


Boot Spotting: @leomessi debuting his new #adidas adizero #f50 #messi Blaugrana tonight. He'll continue to wear the exclusive colourway throughout the Champions League this season. #soccerbible @adidasfootball

Every color fits together nicely except the yellow

@mckayromero you gotta cop these strictly for edison

sí me siguen los sigo



soccerbible on Wed, Sep 17 at 5:05pm


Fall looks good on you NYC, good to be back 🍂

Try straightening ur hair never saw that @tanyaburr

@clarayoon what is fall. It's still summer 😭😭

Missing you @deenzdabeanz

Williamsburg bridge???

@leonnaluv ughrrrrr

weworewhat on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:02pm


Kinked rail just got my ass real good! Hit my head so hard💀 #thrasherKOTR2014

Hope your not messed up too bad I was see u pull another champion at street league

Where you get them boxer at?

Keep killing it...

He's human! 😬


nyjah_huston on Wed, Sep 17 at 7:11pm


❗️Challenge now‼️💪 BURN YOUR BELLY FAT💪 3sets 25 reps 30scd plank between each set 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷💥Ventre FERME 💥 3sets 25reps 30scd guenage entre chaque sets💪 Top @shredzarmy #shredz #workout #fitgirls #inspo #matefitme


Song? ♡♡

M encanto súper abs


Those hip bones tho @claary_05 @princess_floricel

soniatlevfitness on Wed, Sep 17 at 4:46pm


#Elite#Mom#Sam#Me idk it's complicated. ❤️💨🔫

@trizzy0928 I heard a similar rumor

Shes my number 1

"Love Frankie!"❤️family is very important


@trizzy0928 it is

keyshiacole on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:12pm


day full of meetings, so the navy blazer I chose - my fav classic

💎Sofia Richie Account💎

@suzieoler @sarawr1313 @alregsz @codysimpson @tommysimpson5

Good day,Alli :)


Check our account for amazing photos of NY

allisimpson on Wed, Sep 17 at 4:50pm


I'll be following and re-tweeting people all day on Twitter who follow me and Tweet me as your #wcw! 🎉 My Twitter is @ CHANTEL_ZALES with an underscore, all others are fake! 💋



Y want to date me



chantelzales on Wed, Sep 17 at 5:15pm


Fátima queridona , vc é mulher retada, de fibra que chega e resolve a parada. Pra vc um parabéns bem gostoso cheio de carinho e desejo de vê-la sempre muito feliz! 👏👏👏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🙌😜

Troco elogiossss

Troco likes e sdv

Essa e demais!!!!!!

Troko likes ❤

nao sei se elogio vc ou ela pois bem vou elogiar as duas mulheres de fibra e que passa muita credibilidade deus abençoe sempre s duas

ivetesangalo on Wed, Sep 17 at 4:48pm


On Sunday, August 24th, the 2014 SLS @NikeSB World Tour reached it’s epic conclusion as the eight greatest skateboarders battled it out in the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship. Follow the link in our bio to watch All In At The Super Crown. #SLSonFOX #StreetLeague

@joey.hodo I KNOW


Quero esse vídeo pra alguém me manda



streetleague on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:24pm


We hit the one year mark!! love this man with all that I have :)) @traviswethekings

♡♥ My one year is next Saturday :) #loveissogreat

@jennyrobinson1 @traviswethekings good for you both for finding 💚 with each other.

Awe!! 💗💗



jennyrobinson1 on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:07pm



Fortune cookie or advice cookie? These have kind of stopped giving fortunes...

13 is t swifts fav too

Please get ur oldest brother to date me

@julie_g24 👌

Um that's not what MD fortunes say

rydelr5 on Wed, Sep 17 at 4:43pm


You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up, to walk on stormy seas. I am strong, when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up: To more than I can be!! 💏

@wakeupsaulo q música que e


Sigam ela ↪ @samantamria

Sdv e troco likes

🍥兼职兼职🍥戳她了解喔~ 👉@vivianxxmo 🐩学生党童叟无欺 非诚勿扰 💟🍻💟 ps我只是个帮别人打广告的请表举报我!!

flaapavanelli on Wed, Sep 17 at 5:16pm


Who can caption this photo of @ptvjaime? Photo By: @elmakias

When someone thinks i'm actually going to share my food

Tag vic in my recent picture plzz!!!

Omg @bandfuwkerss yusss😂😂❤😂❤😂😂

"When bitches say they don't like me" ahhah

@madeline.marie359 AW AW AW

piercetheveil on Wed, Sep 17 at 4:48pm


Former @MiamiHEAT guard Chris Quinn will be joining the HEAT coaching staff this season. More information available right now on HEAT.com.


@krono001 the GOAT


@elz6 esooooo ehhhhhhh

Lol Welcome Back Boy #LETSGOHEAT

miamiheat on Wed, Sep 17 at 6:32pm