-.- @danimoring

aha always @ev4n7hi4

@mr_mohsinmmm @j_s.10 @luke_tanner_ @zh6287 im crying 😂😂😂😂



comedys on Tue, Oct 13 at 2:15am


October in Florida

You HAVE to go swimming with sharks! Is awesome @alliewes @charlestrippy

Same as California!

It's raining here in the uk 😪😷

@fiona_parsons123 lucky

I hate the rain I have my coat on and I am about to go to school 😂

alliewes on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:38am


내 팔이 에릭오빠 다린줄 알고 어또케 저렇게 높히 올렸는줄 놀라고 있었는데 역시 너무 과대 평가 한거였음 ㅋ I thought my arm was erics leg... i was wondering how he got his leg up so high... i thought he was super flexible for a sec. but of course not... #ASC @jiminxjamie @realericnam @kevin_woo1125 #modelingnearawheelchair

@michiee_exo oh my god oh my god huuhuuu

always nice to see on ASC :)

Pretty pretty

Unnie, I enjoy watching today's ASC. I really love u 😙❤🙆 hope u recover soon. Please take a good care of yourself ok unnie. Unnie fighting!! I will always support u 💕

Lmfao Eric high kicking it I can't imagine

aileeonline on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:45am


Thank you all for the birthday wishes today!!!Humbled by the awesome artwork, messages, and love! You guys are so rad! Made my day 🎉🎂💥🎈✌🏼️

happy birthday Ty! ❤️

Aww ur cute hbd

Happy birthday TY 😻🙈❤❤

You look so cool and happy birthday your One of my favourite in pll

Happy b-day

tylerjblackburn on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:13am


Join the party in the most stylish way wearing this #RobertoCavalliFW15 precious pochette.


Good morning




roberto_cavalli on Tue, Oct 13 at 2:32am


When in doubt, wear black. (Photo via @Ennemi_) #danielwellington


💯👌🏽✅ @paulnorelations


Adamım ya 😂 @cagmanceren


danielwellington on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:36am


5 городов и 4 страны за неделю - настоящее испытание даже для тех, кто привык жить в подобном темпе, а еще встречи, показы, - много эмоций! Поэтому снова уделяю внимание @blossom_sib, он справился на отлично - дал организму необходимую поддержку: легко вошла в привычный ритм, не заметив смены часовых поясов. #расцветай - настоящая находка для каждого, а особенно для тех, кто хочет иметь в сутках 36 часов, чтобы все успеть. #я_расцветаю. #нужныйпродукт #направахрекламы

Зато все запятые верно поставлены 😉

Я употреблял, только закончил пить флакон. Как мне кажется повышается общий тонус, хотя может это эффект плацебо)))). В любом случае судя по составу ничего там ужасного нет. Одно но, 3500 руб за флакон это конечно дорого за БАД. А чего все хотят от бада? Из 60 в 40? это только хирургия и только удачная)))). Все остальное это долгосрочный уход за собой.

А что это?

Ксюша,делайте что-нибудь с этими рекламщиками😭это просто невозможно!портят ваш профиль

Сразу видно текст подкопирку

xenia_sobchak on Tue, Oct 13 at 2:12am


صلينا الصبح #مسجد_السهلة_المعظم#مسجد السهلة#الكوفة#النجف#النجف_اﻷشرف

هنيأ لك

نسألكم الدعاء

مسجد السهلة نسالكم الدعاء

هنيئا لكم 🌹

زيارة مقبولة أن شاءالله ، قلدناكم الدعاء والزيارة.

m_al_ali82 on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:48am


De Gea vs Ukraine❗️ ➡️@Football.Total⬅️ ➡️@Boxing.World⬅️

@danodegard bedre video ❤️

@shubhu11 @arp.49 i said you jesus loves but dave saves

@hamzahdrame @hansfred14

@lunapls this was me last game

Sort of like my save today? @flaviorosado_ @ygp_ale

thegoalkeepers on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:31am


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💯 awesome post 👏👏 #talnts

Congrats Peter!

Thank you very much!! @dianamitry

Thanks!! @cherritaalasteir

You so cool Peter

petershoukry on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:29am


มาไม่บอกก อยากเจอออ @emmy.dewa


อยู้แค่นี้เองงงงวันนี้ไม่มีแดดบรรยากาศดีมาก มาทำอะไรคะ


emmy.dewa on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:20am


Boho meets urban. #MANGO #Accessories

@saharmoghadam_16 bebin


That bag!

@serkut like my shoes❤

@amysinnott the bag

mango on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:58am


#HyoStyle #HyoBook 📕📘📗📙📚 #은혁오빠 건강 잘 챙기고 군생활 잘 마치고 남자가되서 돌아와!! 응원할께!!👍🏻 #멋지다은혁 #최고다은혁 #남자다잉은혁 #아자아자은혁 #은혁 #혁재 #eunhyuk

Swag ❤️❤️❤️

helloo hyo!!!

so cool..

So cool👍👍❤❤

@13thdec_ you should ask SM!!! They do not support Hyo anyway!!!

watasiwahyo on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:27am


What does home mean to you? My dad was military so we moved around a fair bit, I went to 3 different schools in 3 different states in my first year or two of schooling. That naturally brought some challenges, but my parents framed it as an adventure and something exciting to do and, even at that age, I loved the travel. If anywhere would be considered "home" for me, I think it would be Brisbane in Queensland, Australia... I did most of my schooling there, bought my first car, got my first job and moved out of home there.. I've got a project coming up in the next few weeks with some very awesome photographers and a company that is exploring what home means to you! For me now, home is where my family is, where ever that may be :) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #Brisbane #Queensland

Amazing 👏👏👏

And it is really beautiful. Wish you a great day.

Home is such an emotive and confusing word sometimes , especially for those who travel. When I say home I have to clarify which home I mean - is Home in England , where I last lived before we moved abroad, home in Wales where my mum lives ( though not somewhere I have ever lived) home where I now live in Tanzania.... . There is truth in the cliché home is where the heart is , but my 💜 seems to belong in more than one place!

@shabejoha I feel at home most places I go too! My heart really is with my wife and daughters though :)

@alirourke so true!

paulmp on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:48am


어쨌든 오늘은

@_yoon.a 엄마미소☺️


@erikaaaaoo @kaku_liu

내인생 가장긴 화요일........

아개잘생겻ㅇㅎ ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ ㄹㅇ미친

bn_sj2013 on Tue, Oct 13 at 2:12am


Drying my fluffy fur 🛁🚿 www.nalacat.com

@ridakauser @the_saifkhan

Awe. 😙😙😙😙

@shohib_wijaya @hanaa.a.z

@arvindinsta this is you 😂😍

@claudinechai I want a catttt

nala_cat on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:19am


شكوي من المواطنين من الساعه 7 صباحا الناس واقفه وتبي تسافر بحلالها من اغنام وطيور ولا يوجد أي موظف #الراعي_الرسمي_هذا_الشهر جاسمن كلينك المتخصص تجميل -العناية بالبشرة - الليزر لإزالة الشعر @Jasmineclinic @Jasmineclinic @Jasmineclinic

حرام جذي الحيوانات عندهم احساس ايوعون شي يكسرون الخاطر😖

الغنم و الطيور تسافر و انا قاعده بالجامعه 😩😢

@venus.artist اي والله مساكين

@venus.artist زين هذا الحيوانً وين يعيش

@shsnmm94 😂😂😉😂😂

z8rty_news_q8 on Tue, Oct 13 at 2:36am


Which one? I love this page 😍 💗 Follow @FaddishFashion 💗 Follow @FaddishFashion 💗 Follow @FaddishFashion


Love uu🎀❤️😊😊😊😊😊🎉

@ted_joon 😍😘



letsthinkpink on Tue, Oct 13 at 2:26am


happy birthday my sis my manager my best friend ... ขอให้พี่มีความสุขมากๆ มีแต่คนรัก #loveyoualways #thankyou ❤️❤️ @hwanjeabjeab


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👗👘👚👙👒👓 #เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่น #วัยรุ่น #วัยแนว #วัยกิ๊บเก๋ #วัยแบ๊วว ✨ที่เดียวมีครบทุกแนว✨ราคาเริ่มต้น 1⃣7⃣0⃣.- ❗️ แม่ค้าน่ารักมากกกก เข้ามาดูกันเถอะค่ะ 😃 💕👭🎈

crishorwang on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:33am


Feels good to all be back in Cali

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love you guys

My heart 😍



Drew is back♡

emblemthree on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:04am


Big eyes 👀

Wittle pink nose!

Enggaakkkkk @nsabrinazaki


Olololo @wedayahya those eyes

Gülşahı beklerken 😊😍😘 @gulsahneslisah

white_coffee_cat on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:23am


What a beautiful day!😘


It isn't a good day for me~ I'm still here @showlostage


@fritter_away this one must be ex die you


showlostage on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:03am


not over it... _________________________________________________ #AutomaticTour #SanFrancisco #Automatic #WeDontStop #WestCoastMassive #Kaskade #KaskadePointsAtStuff #Kaskading #Concert

@kaskade neither am i! Having serious withdrawals.

Neither am I 😩😭💔 @dashbl @arielchris219


@nessamucha I wish I went!!!

Come back and give us life again @kaskade!

kaskade on Tue, Oct 13 at 12:48am


In Love ❤️with Bvlgari Jewelry at Siam Paragon: M floor @siamparagonshopping ❤️ make up by @mookmake hair by @zine



สวยมากๆค่าา 😍😍


สวยมาก @jeabsopidnapa

jeabsopidnapa on Tue, Oct 13 at 1:20am