winter collection now available on my website! Link in bio


He's so gorgeous omg


Jawline tho


matthewespinosa on Fri, Nov 27 at 8:02pm


Tried taking a cute selfie and ended up capturing my sneeze




@eliansters15 She looks different because she doesn't have eye makeup on

Haha your so cute 😘

vanessamerrell on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:09pm


You won't get your hoodie back , sorry @girlzology

This is so me😂😂 @rayne_hope_




can I have my dignity back 😂 is what I woulda said after tht

_theunknowngirl on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:30pm


-Você sabia que 450 mil crianças do semiárido brasileiro não tem acesso a banheiro ou água de qualidade em suas escolas? E que isso impacta diretamente na contração de doenças, evasão e desempenho escolar? Eu quero ajudar a mudar a realidade de mais de 450 mil crianças do semiárido brasileiro, e você? #JuntosPeloSaneamento

@jordanapedro vc sabia ?

Galiasso ganhando meu respeito em 3.2.1

Paraí... 1o aquele beijo gay e agora uma foto cagando 😂😂😂 o que mais devemos esperar de Gagliasso?!

Cara @brunogagliasso tu lacrou na cara dessa sociedade hipócrita!

Cara vc eh foda. Excelente ator, q provou nao ser soh um rostinho bonito, e papel pós papel, mostrou talento e diversidade na atuação... E alem de tudo, se mostrou um cara cabeça, politizado, cabeça aberta. Parabens, Bruno. Sou seu fã, não só pelo seu trabalho, pq isso eh moleza..mas pela pessoa q vc eh e pelo q vc mostra. Abs...ps: um bjo tb

brunogagliasso on Fri, Nov 27 at 8:38pm


what kind of cute poses can we do when we meet ? 😏☺️❤️ GET YO TIX AT partofmystory.com 👈🏼🦁

Go live


please come to la California


Meeting you in Houston ❤️

brandonrowland on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:35pm


Going to start editing tonight vlog woohoo

@julieonetox I want this fruit


You're so funny and gorgeous! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! @shanigrimmond 😘

yayy I love your videos😊

New vlog🎉🎉

shanigrimmond on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:50pm


Can't wait for christmas break 🎅🏼❤️

More than pretty or any of those words I don't have a word that existed yet for ur beauty😂💕 @daniellejjackson

@miranda_bestwina I'm canadian..

Ohhhh ok

@freeevibes the fact that you either didn't know I'm canadian or was too ignorant to know that we have a different thanksgiving hahah "chill"

Omg why so pretty

daniellejjackson on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:15pm


Black Beauty on Black Friday #superstreet #modified #skylinegtr #gtr #r32 #r32skyline

@nerj640 uhhhh YA! 👌🏼


@cody_alan YAAAAS


@shnowza @atheosx best.

superstreet on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:08pm


About yesterday @yawmakeup @rayrayhair

#รองเท้าผ้าใบ Nike,Onitsuka,Vans,Nb #ขายราคาส่งส่งฟรี งานTop #เสื้อPolo Lacoste Adidas#มีรีวิว 👟👚#Saleทั้งร้าน‼️💰💸#รับตัวแทน

Official เจ้าของแบรนด์ #collagenbewhite #หัวเชื้อคอลลาเจนผิวขาวเข้มข้นที่สุด #ผิวขาว #ปลอดภัย #มีอย #เห็นผลไวกว่า #เจ้นเม็ดทานง่าย #เริ่มต้น350บาท




nanarybena on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:37pm


triangle park with my mini family 👨‍👩‍👧

Do I know you?

@_ag07_ "come outside, I'm on top of this building 👋🏻"

"Are you parents?"

"Gettin freaky at 9 years old" @_ag07_


lizzy9041 on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:08pm


Umm 1 mill !? 😵 thanks to all you beautiful people. I appreciate all the love & I see all of your kind comments every day. I wish I could respond to each & every one of you babies ❣❣ #thankyou to the best followers in the 🌎


I wish I had your body 😩😩😩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼



A lair comfo @dufouraude

tammyhembrow on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:03pm


Cam Newton dabs at the Charlotte Hornets game! (via @hornets)


@wassie90 I think he's my favourite athlete in the world right now

When cam was more entertaining then the game @ryannschmidt

@knorr3 the GOAT


houseofhighlights on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:27pm


Last weekend in Canada! So much fun #uniunnightclub #inkentertainment


@koonchi_13 @preetiikooner @vanillaskeev lolllll guess this place isn't that bad

@adrianavolio ya girl in da 6

You look great @durranipopal

Omg durrani u look so skinny and pretty!

durranipopal on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:26pm


"Things aren't all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered, and more unsayable than all other things are works of art, those mysterious existences, whose life endures beside our own small, transitory life."

Will you marry me@jojo

@iamjojo ,, Hey Hi Happy Friday to you Guys ☺😋

@east47th you hung out with jojo?!?

SF ❤️


iamjojo on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:49pm


I don't mind working out in the jungle


@soccer.playing.irish.dancer wtf are you talking about?

wow @aly_march

@landonlambert I wouldn't mind being king of the jungle

Are your boobs real 😍😍😍

sydneyleroux on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:02pm


I am so thankful for this angel baby and that I get to be her mom! This has been the best year of my life because of her. This was by far the best Thanksgiving yet❤️❤️ #thankful #grateful #happythanksgiving #blessed #iloveher #wepaintedourdoor

@jscott24 your decor is stunning! And so are you!




@carsynnlovee I can't wait!!!

jscott24 on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:25pm


When your outfit looks just as nice off as it does on. The Penelope Bodysuit has arrived to the site! Shop with link in bio. #ForLoveAndLemons #fauxfur #Holiday 15

@valerie.rachel 😍


@loran.evans body suit



forloveandlemons on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:37pm


@lastkingsco store 7829 Melrose Ave

What is that song in the barbershop 3 trailer





kinggoldchains on Fri, Nov 27 at 8:13pm


Getting there. #christmas

It's FABULOUS but is it a plastic tree or not ???

He's allergic to real trees so that justifies it. But if you aren't allergic and you have a fake tree, you are evil.


Its crooked, get back in there <3

@blood_n_bacon what if a fake tree burned down your house somehow? Never happened to me or anything, just saying, what if fake trees had diabolical plans to take over the world?

tobuscus on Fri, Nov 27 at 9:24pm


If you can hoop @hoopdiamonds will find you! KJ Fitzgerald class of 2017 #handlelifediamond of the month. Full video in @hoopdiamonds bio



@friedman.xx 👀



dribble2much on Fri, Nov 27 at 8:41pm


Tucker & Hunter, Golden Retrievers (2 y/o & 12 w/o), Brooke Rd., Wayne, PA • "There's nothing Tucker hasn't done – he's been on a gondola, a plane, a boat. Hunter is from Texas, but he's an Eagles fan."




@rrundio just so you don't forget

Oh God. @maddywilsonn

thedogist on Fri, Nov 27 at 8:07pm







exxxile_shokichi on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:18pm


😂🎗#vmas2015 #nickiminaj @nickiminaj 🎗🎉




@lovely_cadey lol its rahmo trying again

@cx_stephanie_cx me

king.g144 on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:07pm


It's about that time! #UFCSeoul starts at 5/2am ETPT! Start your FREE trial to @UFCFIGHTPASS now! sign up at www.ufcfightpass.com #UFCSeoul

하아 기다려진다

@tuesick yeap... I'm going to be crack out sat morning...

@rkidtee. I think it's 11 in the morning

@rkidtee it starts at 1 uk time according to fightpass I just checked

time in new York?

ufc on Fri, Nov 27 at 10:12pm