All the #ROXYfitness style you need to take on #RUNSUPYOGA. New locations have been added to the tour! Bali, Indonesia August 15 and Huntington Beach, California August 22. Sign up at roxy.com/runsupyoga

Nice ... Love her biomechanics

Uau love love♡

We'd love to #RUNSUPYOGA with you in Montauk @chelseaaudibert! No plans yet, but we've got our fingers and toes crossed it happens sometime soon  

@kboog_2015 we should do this!

You can bring your own SUP or for $5 you can hire one of ours @rebelsoullife 

roxy on Mon, Jul 27 at 8:33pm


Who else feels tempted to take a dip in #FraserIsland's Champagne Pools? This beautiful swimming spot was named after the bubbles that appear in the water when the waves crash over the rocks into the pools - creating a natural spa effect! Lying off the coast of Hervey Bay at @visitfrasercoast and just south of the last of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral cays, Fraser is the world’s largest sand island and one that has plenty of fascinating sights to explore. Photo: @shotsbysez

@campo_gram @rjuneau23 been there. Done that fellas.


@orozcogro ma kind of place.

@mariana_aalmeida e as nossas peripécias com as câmeras nessa praia! Hahahaha que delicia!!! 😊


australia on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:02pm


denim dress + new favorite lip color by @narsissist 👄 #dolcevita #nars #lippencil

@22ekim um

@je_mappelle_monique_ I thought this was you

@cathydapooh #wce 😭

@christinefikry hahah blonde streak & big black sunglasses? She's super beautiful so thanks 😁

@je_mappelle_monique_ and her bone structure and everything, I legit thought this was you. You're beautiful too boo 😘

carissaalvarado on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:41pm


Beautiful 😍😍😍 @mua_nina @shophudabeauty lashes

What color is that? @mangoesxo


اوفر ماركات اصليه ميك اب الدمام الخبر الجبيل الدفع عند الاستلام اوصل جميع مناطق السعوديه💕خلطات للجسم مضمونه١٠٠٪


بناات اللي تعررف درجة الروج تقولي 😭

hudabeauty on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:33pm


Make You Up @rseravat



Me responde por favor

Socorro cada vez mais maravilhosa, desculpa brasileiras que sao consideradas as mais lindas, mais a Isabella deixa vcs no chao

@georgea.campos mulher deixa os pobres serem felizes que se famoso deuxa nois tentar pelo menos ganhar likes. Se quiser denuciar denuncie, mais eu to pedindo da likes quem quer para de se incomodar e deixa eu ser feliz pela fé. Não to robando nem matando as pessoas se preocupam mais com minha mendigação do que com a corrupção com a fome a falta d'água e por aí vai me deixa tenha uma ótima noite★

isabellasantoni on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:19pm


Check out where we are at! ☝🏼️ | #ESPN We will be on the 10pm pacific time sport center tonight! @bsmit13

So happy for you!

I love how as soon as you finished your last parallette hspu you said to yourself "YES!"

#haveyouguyswashedyourtshirts? @katrintanja @bsmit13

Congratulations so exciting for you both !

I take it back, upon reviewing the film you clapped your Hands and exclaimed something that sounded like "HO!" Perhaps some Icelandic tongue I don't understand

katrintanja on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:15pm


Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughettes (no baking)! 💕💪 . RECIPE (on the BLOG)👇 click link in the bio @FitGirlsGuide click link in the bio @FitGirlsGuide . by @fitgirlisabon



Omg looks so darn good. @aaavanassche


@kali_nicole__ we could of just made these

1minutemeals on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:28pm


Kentucky has a new matte grey helmet with chrome decals for the 2015-16 season. What do you guys think? #Kentucky #wildcats #UK #nike #nikefootballswag #collegefootball #coolestcollegefootballuniforms

@c_keller22 Have you ever heard of the Oregon Ducks? 😂

All about preference. I personally like the white with blue color combination better than green and yellow. @kvng.suave


@sam.stamps 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@jay_c7 @jsmith_05_

coolestcollegefootballuniforms on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:20pm


bc it's a "two way street"



Cutest little thing on this planet 😊


ur so pretty im sad 😭

lianaliberato on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:58pm


yay??? Credit @ammish

And also yay??



Omg. Beautiful


kissinfashion on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:02pm


I'm just looking for someone to wash the jizz stains out of my two shirts.

@martasadowski if I ever made it to 4 dates with a guy...




@_kosette_ 😂😂 he has 4!

slutwhisperer on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:16pm


@tinigoobar ur our current obsession with ur sick hair & our #Unicorn case, marry us? Get yerz: DollsKill.com/UniCase

@mirandasgrillo her haircut tho



@liuzrobles me mata lo quiero

I Want an iPhone just for this case love @nenita90

dollskill on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:17pm


"Kid, you'll move mountains" -Dr. Seuss

@sruhaak57 and one for you!


@devragelman I wanna be this pug


@seanleedavies This is awesome.

jermzlee on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:10pm


. مجموعة من القرود بمنتزه غابة رغدان بالباحة تُهاجم طفلاً وتُسبب له إصابات متفرقة . . . . . تابع الأخبار السعودية، وجديد الصور والفيديو.. عبر: @news_sa24 @news_sa24

@miss_noony89 حطي رجلك🏃🏃

عموما اذا مريتم جنب قرد كنكم ماتشوفونه ولا يصير معكم اكل اهم شيء

@celebrity_fann كم تدفعي


@miss_noony89 اهم شي ماكلوك 😂😂

3ajel_news on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:21pm


Beautiful octopus captured off Giannutri Island, Tuscany Italy | photo by ©Filippo Borghi #earthfocus

@vikinglars yuss



@turbo_shotgun_henny I just thought this was awesome


earthfocus on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:13pm



두디어 여자모습으로 나오는건가!!!!! 💕💕💕

이 사진 진짜 이쁘다요~ 남장여자를해도 어떤모습여도 볼수록 아름답다요~😃💕🙌💟👦💜

요즘 언니 왜케 우울한거같죠?ㅠㅠ 우울해하지마요ㅠㅠ 항상밝고 유쾌했던모습보고싶어요!!촬영이힘드신가여ㅠㅠ 파이팅해요언니!!

드디어 여자모습으로ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

이뿌세요 ♡♡♡

yubi_190 on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:40pm


Love is in the air

At first glance, I thought this was you😆 @thecolbster

That's cute but also weird

@sophie.alk I completely agree with u

Aww que bonitos

So true

greggsulkin on Mon, Jul 27 at 8:20pm


Sobre o fim de semana corrido e muito feliz em Alterosa - MG, Santo Antônio do Amparo - MG e Lagoa Santa - MG. Muito obrigado pelo carinho e presença de todos vcs! Próximas paradas: Rio Branco - AC e Formosa - GO. Um beijão. Fiquem com Deus. Boa semana!!!

Campo belo @lucaslucco


Shows top de Mais 😍😍


Meu amor

lucaslucco on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:18pm


GOLD in 15 seconds! Watch @usabaseballwnt defeat Canada 11-3 to win GOLD at #TO2015! ✅ #GoingForTheGold

@usabaseballwnt @usabaseballwnt @usabaseballwnt

This is awesome! Congrats @usabaseballwnt


@teamvenglass @mvenglass @abby_venglass

@drewbutera my goodness, she got in that kitchen in a major way!

teamusa on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:54pm





@gouriprabhune lol!

@tiffanyy_wu ah yes ik these moments far too well


principalsoffice on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:32pm


Hey guys. Hey. Hi. @louie_king_louie

@rosshoss37 the opposite of jane




@jenifermarie24 ❤

thepuppytown on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:27pm


Lmao 😂 👌 Tag a friend!


LMAO!! @chewie_91


Bisaa jadii 😂 @ainul_yaqin_

Lmfao @momosoto

harrypottercast on Mon, Jul 27 at 9:20pm


Incubus 💡: @darienkoop

Ahh you're in CLE!!!!! That's my home!


I was there! I saw you, but I didn't want to bother you. Hope you had a good time. It was a great show! 😊

I get to meet u guys tomorrow I'm so happy!!!!!

I was just by there! I'm so mad I missed you 😭😭

avi_kaplan on Mon, Jul 27 at 10:07pm


You're not dreaming, #NastyGalNewArrivals just landed 😍

@rebzr dressss


@tanya29 oh yea i saw it so pretty

This is everything. 😍


nastygal on Mon, Jul 27 at 8:48pm