BIG first down. #HTTR #LetsGo #Redskins

#hhtr @owen_wassiliew 4-5

🙏❤️💛 @sam.johnson


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@camkelly20 kill yourself

redskins on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:00pm


إقتباسات أجنبية غريبة جدا!! قلة ذوق!!عدم احترام مشاعر الآخرين!! تعزيز تصرفات سلبية من قبل الآباء وتشجيعهم عليها!! استغربت من هذه التقليعات الغريبة والسخيفة خصوصا في الآونه الاخيره عند مشاهدتي لإحدى فيديوات السناب شات وسخرية طلبة التعليم الخاص من لبس طلبة الحكومة وتقليد لـ لبسهم وتسمية هذه الفعالية السخيفة بـ "حكومة ستايل"والتكبر وشوفة الحال الفارغة انقذوا ابنائكم من هذا الاندثار الاخلاقي!!! #لطيفة_اللوغاني #اندثار_أخلاقي #اتيكيت

الرسول الكريم قال ولو دخلوا جحر ضب لدخلتموه صدق الرسول الكريم

صح السانج والله صدقتي

😊🙏ممتنه لكي استاذة قمة في الذوق والتواضع اهنيك👍

مجتمعنا معروف، مجتمع عنصري بحت للأسف استاذه :(

اندثار اخلاقي واخلاق تجارية ومخرجات وعقول فارغة.. مع الاسف الشديد المتسبب الرئيسي هي الاسرة بتشجيعها

loughaniya on Fri, Oct 31 at 12:50pm


G•R•E•Y ▫️ [ Combi-short @hm • Veste @ivyandharrison • Pochette @ivyandharrison •]

Juste un mot: Magnifique...😍

Et ouais mais elle est pas noire ⚫️ @mam__s

Cette veste est canon! :)

Trop deg, j'ai acheté ce sac hier en pensant être presque seule à l'avoir, mais là du coup c'est mort! ^^ @carolinereceveurlucas

@annakitty76 Ouiii trop chouette

carolinereceveurlucas on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:06pm


Happy Halloween!🎃 Great job @robtheoriginal!

@baileykaplan @billiesinger_ this is totally my pumpkin this fall🎃

@khristakush BAAAAE 😻😻😻

Fucking awesome!!

Looks like Little baby's ice cream guy


americanhorrorstory on Fri, Oct 31 at 12:24pm


Happy Halloween! Don't forget to send in your #49ersHalloween costumes.

I see you doing this to our kid! @nic_hvws

@heavychevy_ls3 👶

@ditz24 should be the lil kid this year!

@mdot20113 my son that's what Imma dress you as. 😂😂😂

He wouldn't do it though lol @xpresleyy

49ers on Fri, Oct 31 at 12:22pm




Pq vc n segue ninguém? Essa garota se acha

@tudi81 fugir para um lugar assim longe de tudooooooooooooooooooooooo


Meninas convido vocês a seguir meu IG @girlsdamoda 💕 Nele você vai encontrar looks, tutorial de makes, frases belíssimas e muuuito mais ! Vale a pena seguir @girlsdamoda 🎀

gabriellalenzi on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:24pm


دكتوره تعبت منج ومن أحساسج ومن كمنجتچ ألي تسوا البنك المركزي كله 😰💔🎶🎶🎶😰😰💔💔

كمنجة الهنود يابوسعد @saher1999r1


@rima_haddad26 😁😍


@abehaaaaaa العزف سالفه وكمنجتج اللي تسوى البنك المركزي سالفه نار نار

abehaaaaaa on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:08pm


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carlifestyle on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:36pm


Another insider view from the Esprit Dior exhibition, of 'Le Jardin Dior' installation. #EspritDiorTokyo


@soabraaid90 مسوين حركه ماتعرفين انتي 😏



بروجيكتر مميز تابعونا

dior on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:01pm


Love fringe skirts from @savvyminxboutique 💕 Shop www.savvyminx.com Follow @savvyminxboutique


@kimbellasworld this would look so nice on u



@ah22ah2009 أي روووعه😍

melformakeup on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:43pm


Breaking News With Greg

Mdrrrrrrrrr @rouudouudouu


@rdruc this guy



dillonfrancis on Fri, Oct 31 at 12:11pm


@thejoeface blessed us with some extra @gavinnolan1 clips. Have you seen his @zooyorkofficial Am part they dropped on the site this week? Click the link in our bio to check that part. #hellaclips #skateboarding #zooyork

@r_usty how sick is this video?

@emericatonyrolls @r0bhc @rafdocq

@bastiloew @timon_jae @stefmeister1 @larryfischermann


@pablocarceller esta casado

hellaclips on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:10pm



This pic is sick as fuck



@justvibe I neeeeed him 😛


chancetherapper on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:04pm


That’s no space station… #StarWars #Halloween Art by @artistabe

😃 @gustavssonmartin





starwars on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:18pm


Cat Woman #catwoman #cat #blackcat #joellembc1 #joelle #halloween #spooky #spookynight #black #scary #mask #lace #frenchlace #fashion #fashionista #Friday #fun

تابعوني بليز بركدن بستاهل انا


@nazi_salimi 🙈🙈😘😘


تبي تضحك 😂 تبي حل لمشكلتك تبي تلعب💐 تبي وناسه 🙎🙇 تبي اخبار المشاهير🍒😼 تبي تذكر ربك💃🏃 طق فولو 💋😘🌹 صدقني ماراح تندم والقادم افضل😜❌

joellembc1 on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:43pm




Takibe TAKİP


Karşılıklı takip

ne kadar fotomu begenirsdn iki katini begencem erkek sozu!!!

galatasaray on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:08pm


Just the start of our Halloween!👻🎃enjoy hope you get lots of treats! @33biglarry has already started with the tricks 🙊☺️

Personally I don't think he's dressed as a rabbi. I thought he just had a beard and sunglasses on. A rabbi costume wouldn't include sunglasses. And even if it did, it's a costume.

😁😁👍 @theresacaputo

@_michhhh @ma_nikkka


Love it! 👏

theresacaputo on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:34pm


Birthday shenanigans with @iamvalc #teamjanelskiy @warwick_la

Love it. @janelparrish your gorgeous and @iamvalc #alldrunk lol

@tsoubanos shwasted

Oh snap @alisssamitchell

@life_love_laughterr paisly? *Paisley? *Payson.

"Shenanigans" @kate.turk

janelparrish on Fri, Oct 31 at 12:21pm


Thanks to @livelokai for the bracelets! As you know, I always look for ways to be at my optimal mental performance and this bracelet is one of them! Injected in the black bead is mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, and injected in the white bead is water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on Earth. So whether you're on top of the world, or down on your luck, lokai reminds you to stay humble, hopeful, and always moving forward. #livelokai

@marc_fitt illuminati

Aahhhh I found you <3

q coisa gato k



marc_fitt on Fri, Oct 31 at 2:12pm


Super cute all-new @Keds AND it's the weekend? Let's kick it! Shop the exclusive styles at HollisterCo.com. #Keds #Sparkle #Shine #NewArrivals #Exclusive

Deze zijn leeeuk @daph____


@julie_kross 😍😍😍



hollisterco on Fri, Oct 31 at 1:29pm