I could be having the worst day ever and hearing this will always make my heart melt.

@rhiannanvillano 😍😍😍😍😍


@lyla1992 aww his eyes!


This is sooo cute @amyjohn.son

guysebastian on Tue, Sep 23 at 11:35pm


Air Jordan 5 custom fitted out in "Green Glow" via @shadykicks

Naah @mnevarez24

Odee thou @sireswag


Smh no sorry 😴😴 @j_savvy625 @freshfatkid @emjaycee83


dailysole on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:15pm


😎 sunnies: @quayaustralia Hair by @thevirginhairfantasy use my code "chrisspy" for $$ off #chrisspy

Chulada de niΓ±a

Eyebrows on a fleek

Leu .kleur haar

Lovin this look! Miss you!

PERF!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’…

chrisspy on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:03pm


Seoul International Convention. Photo shared by @hee_yop

They caught me while i was checking out the air drone.... Lol @hewo_kitty

Lol! It looks like you're looking up into the heavens and saying "thanks Jehovah, this was awesome!" @_m_e_l_s_87

We need to make signs @happy_tahns @astii @kreasonp @rowanbrink @edenndrexler


Ilove this sign

jw_witnesses on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:59pm


super old but super important

@MADII_BEAR !!!!!!!


@linn99m @sofiaadahlbeck

Haha tagged the wrong person @abbeyy.marie

U tagged me @abbeyy.marie

adorable1dvids on Tue, Sep 23 at 9:32pm


I AM READY #awkwardsenioryear

@abigailgracee13 we need

I want it

We need one!!πŸ˜‚ @maddie_opp5

YASS @sara_minogue

I need this @saundrizzle

jillianrosereed on Tue, Sep 23 at 9:49pm


Thanks @elizabethmessina 😊

Great photo! Xx

Perfect! - A



I want a picture like this @evanmesa

sashapieterse27 on Tue, Sep 23 at 9:56pm


Now that you've been down a long time, God is gonna pick you up! Are you ready to be lifted out of your situation? @BishopHenryFernandez WATCH Rebroadcast #UpgradeYourLife >> tdjakes.org/watchnow #tphonline #tphemembers

@madalli @_crysstall_ @_drewdwn_



Yes yes

@mixmundo96 @prez_joey

bishopjakes on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:03pm


#sfgiants @hunterpence and @hunter_spreadcrushers chat before the game. Photo by @punkpoint

What's the difference between the Los Angeles Dodgers and a mosquito? The mosquito stops sucking

Giants bitch!!!

You guys are SO AWESOME!

Actually I mean at least 9 chances to #geteven come on @sfgiants lock in October tonight!!! #wintoday

Umm awk ... Dodgers are in first .. And what are your vagiants in?? And if we suck how'd u vagiants loose 17-0 in your hometown @dgsf_22

sfgiants on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:06pm


We're not sure what to do with this photo from @thebarkhaus... #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dog



@jennwunder it's like a little bird on a hippo!!! Lol

Jajaja habría q intentarlo pero con lo inquieta q es Pau no se 😝 @andygdii

@lisaduddy6 woahhhhh

dogsofinstagram on Tue, Sep 23 at 11:01pm


Dear me, everything is so very exciting here at One Direction. Also, there are absolutely no boys anywhere. Well, except for the ones on the stage. I'm posting this from the bathroom. Wish me luck; I'm goin' back in.

Go get'em!

My mom took me and my friend to backstreet boys years ago, we had the time of our lives then, you are a great momma.

@empratt9 i asked the guys to do this in honor of your birthday 😳


I feel ya...we were recently traveling thru Nashville from Texas headed to Chicago and needed a pet friendly hotel for a "cow dog". One Direction was in town, every hotel was booked and a lot of girls everywhere!! GeeZe One Direction brings millions to a city!!! Needles to say we sneaked a cow dog in a Vera Bradley duffle bag!! Shhhh! They never knew! Ha Enjoy One Direction!!!

thepioneerwoman on Tue, Sep 23 at 11:01pm



Put some bleach in that black jk lol

So cute

Uhm.. It kinda looks like a... Uhmm.. Okay nevermind.

@jenajan22 preach girl

@khloekardashian aww cute #kuwk

khloekardashian on Tue, Sep 23 at 9:42pm


end of the day...

This is what our future offices will look like @eriledov πŸ’Ό

WOW! What an office! I wish I could work in such a peaceful place!

Love it!!



kinfolk on Tue, Sep 23 at 11:38pm


Deadass she's perfect

😭 @baileykbass


Please follow


😍😍😍😍😍😍😍oh my gofodo

joeygattotv on Tue, Sep 23 at 11:17pm


Our Too Faced girls owning their pretty! xo #ownyourpretty

Girls!!!! Go check out my page and participate in the giveaway! Prizes include YSL, Kat Von D, MAC TooFaced and more


@misashleynicole !!!

That is us!!😍 @micaelacason @justsohollywood @mariahcason


toofaced on Tue, Sep 23 at 11:36pm


So stunning!!! #rodeoand5th #luxury #homes #design #decor #view #architecture #pool

omg my house @tharaf

This is super nice!!




rodeoand5th on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:57pm


My parents are so scared rn. Sadie Saxton coming to a tv near you in 20 minutes.

I hate live in Chile !! I want to see it !!!



Awww lol n the new season tarted 2day πŸ˜• @itsmebitches714

@aileeeng oh my bad ITS TODAAAAAY !!!! 😫😫😫

mollytarlov on Tue, Sep 23 at 9:35pm


A lot of you pretty ladies keep asking me where I got my necklace from so I thought I'd let you know it's from Tiffanys πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž Ladies, tag your favorite jewelry page! I wanna see some shiny things πŸ˜‰

Have a look at 58Facets

You look beautiful!

I've been wanting to know where you got that necklace for a while now! Thanks for answering. πŸ˜„ Is it the Elsa Peretti Diamonds By the Yard Pendant in rose gold? I suggest @danarebecca jewelry!

What did you do to your top lip? Looks so much bigger in recent pics than the older ones your posted. No me gusta.


katesullivannnn on Tue, Sep 23 at 9:47pm


The long and winding road


@ursecretadmirer__ reminds me of Seattle!!!! πŸŒ€

@vickilizattacks oy

Let me take you sexy ladies here k @rissapotamus @skettisready_

purposeofenvy on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:42pm


Now things are really heating up. #Zuko #Drawing #Firebending #Crayola

Now you gotta do the most bad ass character on that show, Uncle Iroh/Irou

...but all pumped up version lol


oh zuzu!

@josieconacher omgzzz

itsbirdy on Tue, Sep 23 at 10:07pm