It's all happening... #kca2015 tune in tonight!

Omg so excited

So excited

Will be watching .e

I love u

Voted for you

nickjonas on Sat, Mar 28 at 2:43pm


Doing some Playing around with benny ❤️ he's going to be great soon enough but he's not as fast to pick things up as spirit is lol😂 but then I've had spirit 5 years now and benny less then a year !! He can almost smile, back up ( no touch) chase after me and working on kiss 😑😂😂 ___________________________________ What tricks does your horse know ? Or do you want to teach them something ? Video by @martin.gleeson ❤️

Hey There! I don't mean to bother you but would you care to look at my business and what I have in stock? I have one of a kind burned signs with custom words! All the money goes to the humane society and my horses lumbar treatment☺️ Thank you very much!

bow hug smile back up follow and kiss

Smile, bow(both legs), hug, kiss, stretch on both sides and she touches her chest 😍😘

Oh and working on Spanish walk


spiritchloe on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:21pm


Wanna talk to me on the phone? I'll be calling 30 of you on 4/18!! Just gotta join my event after you download the @hushedapp http://hushed.com/Cierraramirez 📱💖

@niiichholee @rafaaa__pereira Nichole I WAS JUST GOING TO SAY THATT

@taykemp yo Mariana has a g insta layout

That's my birthday to @alex.camarda

That's my birthdaaaay!


cierraramirez on Sat, Mar 28 at 3:23pm


@100oct Cars & Croissants at Santana Row | #blacklist #carsandcroissants #santanarow #ferrari #bugatti #porsche #bmw


Meravigliosa Enzo


Pedazo ferrari


black_list on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:47pm


#DoubleTake 👯 Photo: @photographer_marcodifilippo 📷 wearing #PatrickHellmann ❤️ #businesssuit #loveit #womanstyle #VictoriaBonya 💋


@victoriabonya люблю тебя Бонечка 😘😘❤️❤️

@victoriabonya спасибо что нас не забываешь люблю тебя спасибооооооооо😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Боже😱😱Какой костюм👍👍👍вам так он идет просто люкс класс

Девушки всем привет. Сегодня сеструшка рассказала как ей удалось увеличить грудь здесь -- @breasthillru --. Там есть доступная методика как увеличить размер вашей груди на 1 размер за 3 недели. Без всяких опасных уколов. -- @breasthillru --

victoriabonya on Sat, Mar 28 at 2:41pm


Can you imagine how Mike will feel when he finds out the lovely @janelparrish is still alive?! @prettylittleliars hurry up with writing that episode. Can't wait to film it!

hahahaha @romeevanhuizen_ , pll fans

😂😂😂 @marenheurman

So cute 😍😍😍😍💑💑💑💑

@mubashhirr the rapist 😂😂😂😂😂

I love this. 😍😍 @jelly_cuhh

codychristian on Sat, Mar 28 at 2:32pm


Vote for #TeamRita 09015 22 82 05

Karis was the best performer of the night, should of got through 😩😢


@amber_loves_nicky I think what she means is why only Karis when the guy is in her team as well

Everyone in our school is gutted , joe's pupils voted more than 300 times💜💜💜💜

No one cares

ritaora on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:11pm


She's the B.E.S.T! 🎀Having so much fun at @jumpdance @tate_dancer #jumpphoenix #bff

Cuties! Cant wait for Bang bang


Plz plz jaycee be my 250 followrr


Hey jayceewaycee do u have kik

jayceewaycee on Sat, Mar 28 at 3:38pm


Testing out the strength of @blhairuk tonight. Thanks @mario_falcone17 👍

Burmingum luuuurves yoooou! 😍 Had an epic time! Tah Bab 😜


I'm laughing omf Danny 😂😂😂

You guys were so good tonight I nearly fainted

Daniel sempre de palhaçada <3

tomfletcher on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:27pm


Mañana se espera una carrera divertida! / Tomorrow looks a funny race! ✊



A por ellos campeon.....


Marc ayo kamu bisa

marcmarquez93 on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:41pm


Simple Cat Eye! 😍 By @ccclarkebeauty 👇👇 @LULZ @LULZ @LULZ

Nah 😐

It to big on her

@mecyd_69 same

Now do the other eye! @sadieca85 haha

But i have tried It but It always fails!😣

makeup.feed on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:37pm


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@hampus_lasse_andersson well, du kan köpa kläder åt Emelie. Så va med!


americanstyle on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:01pm


Now playing 2nd base for the Texas Rangers, @dangerusswilson! #SpringTraining

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like my last pic and I'll like 5 of yours!!!

@milofulo si va a jugar americano pero nomas esta usando baseball como una forma de quedarse activo . En lo que viene el verano de americano

Ikr fam^

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nfl on Sat, Mar 28 at 3:02pm


Socked in


Looks like my part of the world, Seattle, WA USA



Nice colors

fosterhunting on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:14pm


New wig ❤️ Wearing my shell shirt from @adorkablenews #ariel#cosplay#mermaidarmy



Loooooove meeeeeeee

Me siguenb


annafaithxoxo on Sat, Mar 28 at 3:56pm


Birmingham R U Readyyyyyyy??

Amazing night 😱



@justliv98 nia

Can't wait till tomorrow ;))))

dannyjonesmcfly on Sat, Mar 28 at 3:26pm


Ending that wonderful Saturday with a Detox tea 💗🎀 I was really productive today, met two super cute fans, trained arms and back (definitely my weak spots 😣) and will now spend the rest of the evening answering emails and watching tv 😁 #couldntaskformore 💗 @skinnybunnytea #skinnybunnytea

@sam.the.side 👌👌👌

Simple !! 👍

@antenucci_matteo ciao

@benji_pi Sie trainiert nicht. Sie atmet.

@pamela_rf 👏😱 @eli_as__ @stefan97di @_ismetsoezn_ @felix.089 @kenansalman.97 @robin_vr46_

pamela_rf on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:07pm


Hair cut! 💇💈💇💈

@doujjdoujj doggies skin colour

Nice hair 👍

in love w u

Mmm hot!


tomdaley1994 on Sat, Mar 28 at 3:21pm


Chest fly 💪💪💪 @world_calisthenics_org

Den tar nog jävligt bra, men fan vad tungt de måste vara! Haha 😊 @saeed_joh

@professordenisrocha podemis fazer esse, da proxima vez!!

As a gymnast, that is not hard to do

@jorgegrima ese si que esta fuerte jajajaja

Yo lo hice con marbella @juan_frohlich

progressive_calisthenics on Sat, Mar 28 at 4:01pm


Perfectly tan: The Casey Satchel. #SpringFling

@malvarado61 I need this for Spain! 😜 hint hint!

@annabelle828 shoes?💕

@youngvenus @youngvenus @julianademeis omgoshhhh need!! 😍

@dxuxxa quero essa booooolsa

yo estoy enamorada de esa cartera 😪 @nailin75

michaelkors on Sat, Mar 28 at 2:51pm