Fairy boy

اقرف من چي ما شفت ويع

@jssdn dont try to tell other people what their gender is

@paupau1712 makanan u

isn't that what they called you when you were in jail? 😐😂 but still qt 💁

@barakatboy ok:)

joseayala.2 on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:36pm


when your ex tries to get back into your life

@siavash_kabir1 انشالله همیشه بخندید

This made me laugh 😂😂 @lxlymxy

😂😂😂😂 @__hannaaahhh

😂😂😂😂😂 @paige_eagles

@kristinakemps lol Wut

tacosbae on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:14pm


#WeAintWorried ProducedBy: #TheParade now available on iTunes, Amazon & stream live on Spotify with clothing from @wearepopculture_ check out the full video at WeArePopCulture.com

So this is what you were promoting , a song lol here I am thinking you was supporting @karrueche through her break up you was just using her and Chris break up press to promote this flop ass song...bitch by go dip it low in the corner, your relevance is only through kae and whenever Lil Wayne let you take a photo... 💁 , secretagendas fakeassindustry was you her every close friend before the cameras turned on her or after?! No clap back can belittle what's known fame whore , opportunist smh

Like this Christina better

💀💀💀💀 get they ass mili

Our jam @oliviakosta

I'm playing it in the car as I read your comment! Love it @mbedoya13

christinamilian on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:00pm


Um dia aprendo


@rebrosa nos!!!!

@thatigteixeira yo!!

@eduardo_bodoni @helen.silvei @ok_36 @liviafg @joaopaulo0809 @juliovitorjv

@felipemilla ai que triste 😅

ironicadisney on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:11pm


Now entering international Air space. From Melbourne to Moscow. Seoul to Chicago. London to Los Angeles. The world walks on Air. #airmaxday @nikesportswear


@esha_omar the air max look uh-mazing

Baksana super @nurglkyaa

Wanna buy me the second ones yeye @nicole_mcleannn


nike on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:47pm


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@azharyn_ jom

@zachary_logan18 intense..

Dem quads 🙏



fitgirlvideos on Thu, Mar 26 at 8:34pm


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@jreyes1883 @dariocolina

Jajajajajaja @f26_reynoso

@besmusk :v

jdmbrand on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:01pm


YES or NO??? credit @heyitsannabanana #americanstyle

@megrossouw 😍😍😍



@soudabeh_gh00 vaaaayyy xeili nazeee😍😍😍😍😍


americanstyle on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:01pm


Thinking about what is gonna happen here on saturday... @ultra #isthisevenreallife

@raymonmelief1990 @dvanng

Vai ser lindooooo 😍😍😍 @_anacarol1na



@kkylaa_ 😍😍 omg

martingarrix on Thu, Mar 26 at 8:32pm


Met a sassy blonde in Saskatoon

Sexy xxx


@carolinarak καλημέρα 💝

Cant wait til u guys come to Nz in October!!! I bought my ticket today!!!

I am also blond ????!!! I loveee youu

adamlevine on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:43pm


Dubai madness!!! Thank u so much guys! Love love love u all! StarBoy number 1!

Mad luv @wizkidayo

Best of God bro

@wizkidayo Ghana is not satisfiedooo we need u in Tema #yarrgah

He was good yesterday very good performance.

kfb bae

wizkidayo on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:36pm


ليش ياحضي كذا فالليل كل دقيقه امر على الثلاجة والمشكلة انها فاضيه هي هي 😭😭

هههههه ماحسيت بالجوع

الريموت اكبر منك

ههههههههههههههه ي لباقلبك بش

@ryo0m_q8_ يهبل


asooly511 on Thu, Mar 26 at 8:21pm


será que arregamos? em breve no canal 😱

Boa! Arrega não... Fazemos vídeos pro YT tb. Confiram, galera!



Seu puto @cocielo

Ain meu deus! Ahauahau seeeu puto

cocielo on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:16pm


We went on a helicopter ride yesterday here in Maui! Find out in my newest vlog if I puked or not lol! 🚁🌺➡️ youtube.com/ThatsHeartTV

Heart, weylie is also in Maui. You guys should meet up and do a collab! It would be so much fun to watch. ❤️❤️❤️ love you 💕

So miuch fun! Im glad you r vlogging your trip. Question: where r the awesome glasses from?

Ilikeweylie is in Maui


Hey guys! I'm an aspiring youtuber :) it would mean the WORLD to me if you subscribed and maybe watched some of my videos? ILYSM❤️ xoxo mia

thatsheart on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:11pm


#tbt a simpler time..

A simpler time hah bitch please look at all those tangled cables


Wats tbt

Dear ryan can everybody stop saying Dear Ryn

ryan you still have those???omg hahah i had it when i was at elemantary 😂😂

notryanhiga on Thu, Mar 26 at 8:01pm


#aokistyle #6. Lincoln Road. south Beach miami florida. March 24 2015. Top @ktz_official shorts @ktz_official sneaks @suprafootwear


Burn it

@meaux____ 😩

@kikijpa89 😩


steveaoki on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:11pm



love u

@mraviela lo quieroo

good you good @parishilton

💕💕💕👑 Beautiful 💋


parishilton on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:06pm


Aí como amo essas " #CoisasdaVida " @miltonbitucanascimento #Bituca!!! É muito #bom #viver de #Arte!!! #Música #Favorita com direito a #coreografia da #Mãozinha...kkk #Artist #Music #Passion #Faith #Art #MúsicaBrasileira #MiltonNascimento

@omiiiii_ u

😍👏 Mãozinhas Estereofônicas!

👏👏👏👏❤️ showww

Please, Share My Account


bianca_assumpcao on Thu, Mar 26 at 9:12pm


It's spoon game again! Don't stop, keep it up! (via @bowvernon) Don't make it stop, submit your evil prank by hashtagging #9gagtvprank 🙌


@amazemar @robinyeoo


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂خوش لعبه @achoochi


9gagtv on Thu, Mar 26 at 10:09pm