#Repost @marjorie_harvey ・・・ Until next time Cayman Islands 🌴🐬🐢 NYFW we are on our way! #harveyfamily #marjorieharvey #steveharvey #nyfw

Blessings to you!

Love it


Thank you both for showing us what love mean, God will continue blessing you and your family.

Omg I just love your show and how you make me laugh on family feud

iamsteveharveytv on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:50pm


❤Woohoo on our way to see the girls......... @gigihadid @bellahadid #NewYork #Happy

Have a wonderful weekend to the most genuine person on the show. God bless you.

Wow pammycakes that's really harsh. You obviously know nothing about chronic illness. Thankful for good days & push themselves on bad days. Be kind. @lyme_in_pictures @yolandahfoster Glad you get to be with your loves 💗💗💙

Have fun! Ms @yolandahfoster you are such a good momma! Blessings to you and ur babies!

@kitzey1 Yeah a cop kicking a handcuffed woman in the head. I'm sure Anwar doesn't know that that cop was charged with felony assault and suspended for 10 years. Not a cool representation to put out there that's all.

@rosarozen @lydiaparafianowicz

yolandahfoster on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:34pm


I should find this store next time I'm in Brooklyn



@lizoco_x liz!!!

@tani.1998 @pari_0301


imslaying on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:33pm


Pull-through crown braid tutorial @aurorabraids 😍😍😍 #hudabeauty

Uffes esto no lo veo tan claroo hahahahha @sanchezclaudia3

@makkaronica @tonesonderland 😍😍


@mrsjlroberts13 could you do this to my hair lol


hudabeauty on Fri, Feb 12 at 4:49pm


From @codworldleague: "All eyes are on Team Liquid v. Detox. The winner takes on @cloud9gg in the CWL Challenge Division. Tune in at twitch.tv/callofduty"

So edgy

@mcvaz73 #BsC #2Bad

@sh.0596 killajeweet

@jrmccoy21 If they didn't know now they know 💪🏽

@mcvaz73 put the word out! They don't want none!

callofduty on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:43pm


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@top.ramin should i camp out😂

You should do it 😂😂😂 @mattmemley


Wym @_lacolombiana._


pacsun on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:30pm


Show everyone how much you love your pet in what might be the coolest way possible. @Popyourpup, making fashion statements your pet will absolutely agree with. Check them out, it will make your day. @popyourpup

@janeyraemc here's a man for you. The one with the long golden hair. The one without a shirt on. On the right.

Yaaaaaas🙌 sign us up! @jennworabel

@chrisssiee_ @hlfazz

which one are you referring to,

@raychel.l surfer me

adorable_animals on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:15pm


Swing Whole Body HIIT! 💕💪 TAP the link in our PROFILE to submit your videos! . "Do the following moves for 40 seconds (keeping your core controlled and neck relaxed) followed by 20 seconds of rest. Complete 6-8 rounds: . 1.) alternating toe taps 2.) straight arm butt taps (flex through the feet and squeeze your butt on the way back up) 3.) alternate knee to chest 4.) reverse plank hold . Moves are all shown real-speed...keep it slow and controlled to really get the most out of this workout!" Video and workout by @livingmovingbeing #fitgirlvideos



@jazz_ldn not funny @zac_brown43

@kat_valentina @aliiceejanee we can do this at home


fitgirlvideos on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:18pm


The @warriors @money23green is in the house. Meeting the media & his many fans.

Close your mouth my dude


@mlkshk donkey from Shrek

Nah somebody said Donkey from Shrek 😭😭😭😭 @always_clean

*listens to future once*

footlocker on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:40pm


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Want in baby blue xx



@sa_sy333 @sarona_syr


makeup_clips on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:01pm


Too clean! 🔥 #JordanDepot ⠀ @yo_lmcflyy84

Barely copped these today. 💪🏼

@laurenbethnewman ?

Got these

@zae.money 😩😍

@lucasperic44 😂🔥

jordandepot on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:19pm


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I want something like this ok? @jennypp14

@papiiflee 😏

😞 @blinabakalli



fashionclimaxx2 on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:32pm


Tu vas niker des mères ?


@thomasridino ptdddddddddr


@leeappn 😍😱💓

jimmylabeeu on Fri, Feb 12 at 4:36pm


OMG!! Can someone just turn back time?!😱😭 Hard to believe it's almost been a year since this little squish came into our lives☺️ #liloandrosie

@elospock 😱



Such a cute little squish. You are so lucky Rosie, Lilo, and Infinity are such well behaved girls. 😄😍


lilothehusky on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:12pm


It was time for a selfie

I was born one day after jojo

OMG @RARE.DANCEMOMS.RARE JUST POSTED SOMETHING ABOUT MADDIE LEAVING THE ALDC NOOOO 😭 😭 😭 they also posted what dance moms was originally going to be called and how many time chole beat maddie before the show so go follow it's all there its not a scam trust me !!!

Who loves jojo

WOW jojo😘😘😍😍

Follow for relatable teen stuff

itsjojosiwa on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:24pm



@navykaina HHHHHHH

@becca__scott_ it's you

You when your not down and have no pants on @asonethas_

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @jasmine_hildredgee

sexualising on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:30pm



@natsumi_blattler this makes me so happy



AINW GENTE (é teu corpo, miga? eu ein) @laribrose


moisticos on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:24pm


On set..

Askım cool, sexy 😂😂😂

Did you really put some tatoos on your beautifull body ?🌹

@_felipeamaro te vi nele!

@hnife_bl hayvanat bahçesi 😍

@mluisarosa98 😷😍

kortajarenajon on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:42pm


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PERFEKT @elmaaaaa_c


@hairdesignbyvanessak girl... This hair color...


What contact lenses are those 😍😍😍

makeupbyalinna on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:49pm


Making all my sweet dreams a reality 💖 @compartes

@senpai.gian 😫😫

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@treehuggs4u get me this plj

@vero_just_vero ohhh my 😮

ingridnilsen on Fri, Feb 12 at 4:57pm


#TGIF Rezy on the lips 💋 @liplandcosmetics #AmrezyCollection

Beautiful! If anyone would like to check out my Instagram I would be so incredibly grateful! Thank you 💕💕



AMRA!!!! Idk if you remember me but I've been following your career for years now!!! All the way to the MAC/SUBWAY days!!! I work inside Planet Hollywood inside world famous #CLUBTATTOO ! Come and visit me tomorrow 10-5 and we'll take care of you!! We are a famous tattoo and piercing studio!


amrezy on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:18pm


O dia começou na Pedra Bonita e terminou na Praia da Joatinga. 😎 #altinho #cidademaravilhosa

Oi Lusiano boa noite que a paz do Senhor jesus te proteja hoje e sempre,!!!###jesus

Adoro praia

@lucianohuck ....

Essa praia é só pra quem sabe rsrs

@thomasbraghini @pedroalfazema q isso kkk

lucianohuck on Fri, Feb 12 at 4:38pm


@KevinHart4real always got something to say. Go see ‪#RideAlong2‬ in theaters everywhere.

Luv dis movie😂😂


cube 😍😍😍😍


@natasharayanfoss nu er der kommet en 2

icecube on Fri, Feb 12 at 5:04pm


Yay or Nay???? Credit @caro_e_ #dresses__up

@_summerpenney ❤️❤️

Beautiful style



@herecomesthesun_ omg yes!

dresses__up on Fri, Feb 12 at 6:03pm