"I didn’t know what to expect when I went to shoot #MannyPacquiao. Would he really allow @RollingStone the kind of access we needed? Would they push me back and have me shoot from 100 feet away? I arrived at the gym early. I paced, waiting, unsure. He arrived ready to roll. Turns out, he was so dedicated to his training that there wasn’t a chance in hell I could’ve distracted him. I didn’t want him to lose his focus with me being so near, but I couldn’t help but inch my way forward more and more. I was so close that if i had moved three inches closer, I would’ve been down for the count. I was in a trance — the access was just too good. He continued to sweat, punch and move as if he were already in the ring with #Mayweather. At the end of the day, I noticed how he let go. I watched as the curve of his smiles turned into laughter. He joked with his friends, played with his dog, greeted fans and signed autographs, and then after all that he still had enough energy to cook a meal for him and his crew to enjoy." As told to @RollingStone by photographer @leslie.delavega

Such a humble man❤️

Running away from your opponent isn't true boxing and it's not entertainment. Manu was the fighter and real winner.


@corihopp when your potato was being a dick but u still kinda like him


rollingstone on Sat, May 2 at 6:13pm


Bahhhhhhhh 😜 Dia delicia com a galera 💕 #unoNY




Taci, de onde é esse seu casaco? @tacielealcolea

Troco likes sdv

tacielealcolea on Sat, May 2 at 7:03pm


Afternoon color pop in Palm Springs #colorpop #palmsprings #bestbebsweekend #saturday

Oops @skye.gallagher Ahahahahah



@juliahengel we're in love with this whole look! 💜💜💜

Perfection @melkessler @rachelmeyer

juliahengel on Sat, May 2 at 6:34pm


What really happens behind the scenes😑 #take503 #Grease w/ @twankuyper @colosooo

@anka_bee @zelda_julia99





lelepons on Sat, May 2 at 5:37pm


مقاطع غنائية كلاسيك عبر السناب شات Balqeeesss اغاني انتو تحبوها وانا احبها 😍😍😍

@greate_pic اللي حاب ان تصويره يوصل للعالم كله ماعليه الا يتابع هالحسسساب ادعموه يحتاج دعمكم تكفوووون 👏👏👏👏

@greate_pic هالحساب متخصص في نشر صوركم للعالم شي جميل وفكره حلوه وساعدوه بليز يحتاج دعمكم بالفولو والكومنت😍👏

ي خي غنيها كامله والله صوتك مشاء الله 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

معليش بالقيس

جميل ✌🏻️

balqeesfaathi on Sat, May 2 at 6:04pm


And they're off! 🐎🐎



@tierney.sovic why aren't we there?

@keelsmurphy idk but we gotta make time for this too


kjp on Sat, May 2 at 7:34pm


#PARASERCAMPEÃO Todos na expectativa pelo jogo deste domingo (03), contra o Santos, na Vila. Que o Verdão jogue muita bola e honre o apelido do humorista @chiesamarcos, que não ficou de fora da #parasercampeão. Faça parte desta corrente você também. Poste um vídeo de incentivo para a grande final do Paulistão e use a hashtag #parasercampeão. AVANTI, MEU PALMEIRAS!

Kkkkkkkkkkkk time mediocre , so comemora contratação kkkkk



Chupa kkkkk


sepalmeiras on Sat, May 2 at 6:51pm


Another Privé look featured in the Giorgio Armani 40-year anniversary show held this week. Find out more on Armani.com/Atribute

Que lindo @adrimontini trás sim 😊😊😊😘😘😘




Omg @highamanda this weed nug dress is so us.

armani on Sat, May 2 at 6:37pm



Casal mais lindo 😍


Cadê o vídeo da make @majutrindade ?


Lindoooos ❤❤❤

majutrindade on Sat, May 2 at 7:45pm


Cielo before and after... #cielis antes y después... Edit by @bjwtfoundation #savejaguars #saveourplanet #behuman #notpets #nosonmascotas #blackjaguarwhitetiger #rescuedjaguars

Her eyes changed colors?

@a_wickham it's common among animals :)


😩😩😩 she's so beautiful❤️❤️❤️

Pantera @juujimenez

blackjaguarwhitetiger on Sat, May 2 at 7:22pm


yes??? Credit @lydiaxoh



@rania.yasser bosi dah w lon sh3rha

Ah t7siiii noo melaz2 awiii @bosy_serag


kissinfashion on Sat, May 2 at 7:03pm


today, May 2nd, marks the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts 🔮✨

@thesilvy_08 @collilaura

@caylamichellem Neville has always been loyal


@xkussjamillax echt he😂😂


theperksofbeingaweasley on Sat, May 2 at 5:35pm


Another beautiful daughter, this one going to her 8th grade farewell @sherrihill

I was watching the Dance Moms episode today where Brooke went to her 8th grade farewell


Omg love her dreaa


I like pages dress👗👗

dancemomkelly on Sat, May 2 at 6:38pm


Our 2015 Draft Class. #StrongerTogether #NFLDraft

I'll give them a C+ @brh1744

Some playmakers right there!

Welcome to the family, boys!🐬

@day1hunit I'll take it

Its good after all! We need a trade on a rb in the pre season pr pick up a solid cut rb! They added great youth depth in the defensive back unit! Lets hope that rookie rb compliments our offense! Tannehill could throw 35 td's this year!

miamidolphins on Sat, May 2 at 6:45pm


Love me some Mexican food. #fajitas 📷 @imgavi

Mexico loves you!!

Me too! And you!

El show en Mty. estuvo increíble. Y le gritaba que quería saber su opinión de un cover de "Tubular Bells" de Mike Oldfield.

I want too!

I love your shirt!

lindseystirling on Sat, May 2 at 6:09pm


Finally met this hottie!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @jennamarbles

which video was it that latoya said she didn't like jenna?

@latoyaforever how come u never have meet and greets in toronto? I was at the fanfest event yesterday and lots of ppl came to specifically meet you...but u were hosting

Hope you fell much better 😘


My baes

latoyaforever on Sat, May 2 at 7:19pm


Senior prom 💛

I have the same dress!

Beautiful you guys are


@manny343 this is gunna be us

👌👌👌👌 @manny343

carlymanning10 on Sat, May 2 at 7:03pm


Can you guess the amount of horse power that's in this photo? Also, go follow @supercar_driver for more photos of exotic and super cars! | #amazingcars247

I# @coded_selfie_king I'll take the AMG Mercedes! 😍😍😍

@hayleypayley. Ooh lush! Now we just need a lot of money!

10000 bhp



amazingcars247 on Sat, May 2 at 7:15pm


Check this '69 Chevelle SS with a 600+ hp 489 big block with a @holleyperformance 1150 dominator carburetor! #chevelle #classicsdaily Follow the crew: @americanmusclehd @moderndayhotrods @hotrodsandmusclecars Follow @BozeForged @WilwoodDiscBrakes

Honey😍 @g.abbie


I've got a 1971 chevelle with a 454


@shaker954 beauty

classicsdaily on Sat, May 2 at 6:37pm


🌊 #Shorebreak #shoots #clarklittle🆑





@kmassery thought you would like this page 🌊

clarklittle on Sat, May 2 at 7:29pm


Follow @Fantastic_Earth for more breathtaking adventures! NYC | Via @Fantastic_Earth | Photo by @andrewthomasnyc

Love it!

@belabaeninger Woooah 😍

La mejor foto saludos de argentina

@trb_13 I miss you girl

@aelizawilson, haha you're the best. I miss all you guys and Keely's right. I'm sappily, happily in a relationship

awesome.earth on Sat, May 2 at 7:08pm


Beautiful look @nikki_makeup BROWS: #Dipbrow in Ebony EYES: #ArtistPalette ✨Iconic lashes @houseoflashes Thank you gorgeous #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills


Love this 💕 @anastasiabeverlyhills




anastasiabeverlyhills on Sat, May 2 at 6:28pm