#David #Luiz #DavidLuiz #Brazil #psg #paris #football #DreamBigger @davidluiz_4


@indianajams ton keum

@real_choi_jm ㅋ

Tão lindo... Tão meu 😄😍💘

psg on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:46am


Friday vibes / that glorious feeling before a long weekend. Enjoy it—and don't forget to show us how you're savoring life's little moments by posting with the tag #simplepleasures. (link in profile to shop this look)

I'm in love with this skirt @makenziemackay

@kaylamillar92 😍

Love this

@larkspurleee want want want

Love this skirt

anthropologie on Fri, Sep 4 at 12:03pm


اموت واعرف شنو السر 😂 يوم عن يوم قاعد يصدموني الخوال بالانجازات 😂 . . الراعي الرسمي لهذا الشهر هزار لافخر الاحذيه النسائيه 😍👠👇🏻 @hazar_shoes



@dally_maa @amal5airallah



dr_shammat on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:36am


Mortooooo que o @leonegabriel usou a fantasia de "Fiuk Cover" kkkkkkkkkkkkk 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

@fezinhaagomes olha a camisa dele kkkk


@li_chianca 😂


Esse "Fiuk Cover" é bem melhor que o original.

hugogloss on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:05am


#FoamAndDiamonds Tomorrow Night at @AmnesiaIbiza! 💖



@salem24_s لا شبي فيها الملعونه

Show tits

@parishilton See you there! 🎉🎉🎉 So excited #BringTheAction 🎶💎 @neildonnell1990

parishilton on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:42am


Secure your seats to a #NHLBruins game this season - individual tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster. Visit BostonBruins.com/tickets for more information.




@b.winsor hahahaha the best🏆

@kasper_12 !!

nhlbruins on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:20am


The @Jupman23 1 GG sees a very clean white/fuchsia colorway this season. Find out where you can cop this AJ1 on #NiceKicks.com; link in bio.



Peep my page for heat 🔥

Jupmans cheaper than the jumpmans?


nicekicks on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:54am


โคตรบอล ตำนาน🙏😍👍#JAdemar7

โคมไฟฮีโร่เท่ๆๆ สั่งได้ 😺💥

Great guys Thai team 👍👍👍👍🍀🍀

ฝันดีนะค่ะพี่เจ @jaychanathip



jaychanathip on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:54am


Beautiful clear water of Hawaii 🏊🏊🏊 Credits ✨@Bejamin✨ & ✨@ChelseaKauai✨


@chelseaa_gordon later on in life we'll go!

We gotta go here @muneka818

Damnnnnn! It was on my dream long long time ago @michaelbangkit


beaches_n_resorts on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:07am


@kaka always made it look easy.... #Idolo 👆🏼

@feelix.he das was er tut muss man bringen 😂😂

@alvaroarnaiz99 cuando era bueno..

@badero22 @reda_alabdulali9 @19hassanalali ✌


@mellanious @klaudio_official @andre_peral esse gajo era bom

rldesignz on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:01am


#inspirationtatto Tatuadora: 💉 gabrieladroguett

@izatannus @am_andrade seria pra nós?

Eu já vi RS.. Massa @sarithabjj

@vanessaaryadna a frase é legal 😆

Rsrs amei @lualves15

@joaovilnei lembrei de ti 😘

inspirationtatto on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:28am



Soo cuteee !!💎🎸💙💌


f0ll0W me babeeeeee xxxxxxx


Lysm xx

charlielenehancharlie on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:45am


So this has arrived to be wrapped next week. @urbanautomotive supercharge Range Rover. It is for sale but satin black always looks best on the range so time to wrap it. #yiannimize #urban #rrs #urbanrrs #urbanautomotive

@charlielacey_ I know mate fuckin batter a fish mate

@charlielacey_ 😂😂

Beauty of a motor sounds awesome 👌🏼 @yiannimize

Like it @omfgitsmason

Love it NICE RAP

yiannimize on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:39am


What can I say? Simply love you @nataliaalaverdian coat credit @awake_uk ❤️

@nellanella11 this coat, this rug 💜💚💙

@kahmhs I want ... And I want all her bags too 😢😢😢😢

Amazing coat! 👌🏻

Мoлoдёжь oт 16 дo 35, пpoводитcя нaбop для рaботы или пoдpaботки нa пpоcтoрax интeрнeтa! Еcли вы хoтите заpaбатывать уже ceгодня, то вам кo мне! Пoдpобноcти можнo получить, прoйдя по cсылкe в мoём профилe)))))

Какое потрясающее пальто😍😍💣💣💣💣👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

miraduma on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:47am


Miami fever is NOT out of stock! I'm still getting tons of questions! I'm so sorry! I can't control what's happening on Ofras end. I apologize! The website is having some errors. Please be patient. Try again later on. PLENTY IN STOCK

why are the ratings so low on the website? who are these critizing barbarians????? I BOUGHT BTW😘😘😘💄💄

@sarahthediva Lip color

@kathleenlights do u wear this with a matching lip liner? ? I want to get it!

@kathleenlights what really confuses me is you never mention this brand except a month or so😐before that.. None yadda... Which makes you loses your credibility(I'm speaking for myself) when jaclyn hill collaborated with becca.. I believed her.. I trust her..just because before even her collaboration was on the table .. She bought, used, loved becca years before that collaboration..so her videos weren't just introduction for her new business...a tiny request.. Can you collaborate with brands which are familiar on your channel.so you'd be trustworthy..and believable that's not all about the money😏

I got my hands on it!! I'm so excited this is such a pretty color!💋 Kathleen you deserve all this success, btw you were the first youtuber I ever started watching ☺️

kathleenlights on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:41am


Where rivers collide. . #UnforgettableYukon


Georgeous pattern

Like it 👌🏻



wisslaren on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:55am


#F12 _ Follow @TimothySykes for daily Millionaire Lifestyle inspiration! _ ▶️ Follow @TimothySykes _ 📷 @iamted7

È bellissima questa macchina

Indonesia top car

Score! @crashparon

خودروی بسیار زیبایی است


ferrarimotorsport on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:13am


오늘 공연보러와준 사룽들 감사합니다!! 멋져멋져♥ㅡ♥ #악마와 #악마

I love you elly!

오늘 너무 이뻤어요ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


So perfect


ahn_ellybaby on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:02am


Встретили красотку🎯

İlk yorum sjjs



@burimova идеальный фотографический вкус

@julgan подписываюсь 🙏🏻 и в машине, и в кружке кофе и в дождливой Москве замечаешь красоту 💕

burimova on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:47am


🏆 大刨冰! 比單人沙發的面積 還要大 😌 🏆😌 🏆😌 🏆😌


@star19ss47 @hibari48 @foreverhappiness0314 @o61322 下次一起去吃😋😋


@peggyhong916 好大盤…食慾已減半😂


kangyongcai on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:38am


@roomzi #Rixos_alamein

قمر بسم الله ما شاء الله

دنيا شوفي رسمتي لك تكفينن 😪😪

دیما ساحره دنیا


اللللللله یحمیکم ویخلیکم لبعض

donia.samir.ghanem on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:37am


Beautiful nails by @YorkBeauty⭐️ Song: "Birthday" by. Katy Perry🎼

These are awesome! @melodylovesbacon 😀





nailsartclips on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:10am


Sorry for my little break! Back at it now. Leave any fall requests below.... p.s. its only September I'm not doing Halloween designs yet 😬🙈 - - Products used: White: "Alpine Snow " OPI Grey-Taupe: " " China Glaze Zig zag vinyls: from nailvinyls.com Brush: ebay Dotting tool: toothpick Top coat : HK girl @glistenandglow1 - - Song: "I Don't Dance" Lee Brice

The summer is almost over and we never got to hang out. I'm sad about that.


Cuando se las hago mi amor @eli100fuegos

Love it

El domingo si llegamos mi amor @anitacienfuegos

nailstorming on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:41am


At @ellethailandofficial fashion week with the pretty @poponali. So glad to be here to support all of the talented Thai designers who are showing their collection tonight. #ellethailandofficial

@fahsaipunyashthiti @may_weng @joyleeswadtrakul


@akiraxnishiono @joyleeswadtrakul @may_weng OMGG DEE AA


damn Africa, what happened

kristina_bazan on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:37am