Deusas no desfile da Versace e a @TrentiniReal representando o Brasil! ❤️❤️


@danilobrito_ estou melhor de cinza

estou arrasando de preto

@joelbast olha isso!

Kendall destruidora

hugogloss on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:06pm


• tag someone that comes to mind • Made with @piclab_hd 📷 @onlyjordyn


@amberahmad 😍




bestsayingss on Sun, Jul 5 at 4:03pm


The rose theatre in Kingston this Friday is gonna be so much fun. Can't wait to hug each and everyone of you

Hug 😱😱 we have to go @_sxphi.e

We need to go @hollyyyy

Can we I beg😭😫❤️❤️ @_.rachelhayes

Yes i rly wanna go!😩❤️❤️❤️ @flo.hxx

Guess who's goin me and my mate she's getting a bit exited and said she gonna marry Charlie xx lysm

barsandmelody on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:35pm


Um pouquinho do que rolou essa semana para @cappuccinofashion! O que eh esse macacão maravilhosoooo? 😍






flaapavanelli on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:13pm


A whole restaurant devoted to Grilled Cheese sandwiches?!?! 😍 If Anakin worked here, this place would be heaven! 🙌🏻

You need to try Toasted! @gettoasted



@nidstagram omg what where

@rachelewingard we're finding this place

ferdalump on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:07pm


My most favorite 👶 out there 👼💘 @littlebodybigheart

Vô xora @ceemota


Yas Melanie 😍

Aré beautiful


noahcyrus on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:46pm


Thoroughly enjoyed our little weekend getaway ⚓️ #family #friends #fourthofjuly

Is that your dog with you? @daniellamonet

Pppppppllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeee notice me! Big fan on victorious! @daniellamonet

Yes duh her dog with her dance forever 2008


Look forward to seeing that place

daniellamonet on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:10pm


One of my favorite Cheetah Girls @Adrienne_bailon from @therealdaytime #EssenceFest #GalaxyLife xoxo -GloZell #cheetahgirls

YESSSSS @maceyguerra

😂😍😛 go best friend

you finna glozell u finna

@elishawilson_ "I've made mistakes before but I know I'm not perfect its okay cause who could ever be🎵"


glozell on Sun, Jul 5 at 2:20pm


Expectation vs. Reality for @lakers fans this free agency...😶😑😕 (via Basketball Forever)

@shadesofjane ugh would've been awesome

@lrrne @kriisxtiine @malfaroftw lol daaaamn dat burn




bleacherreport on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:44pm


Rotation (via @hadidas_1)

@size_9.5_gang dm me


@kevinchan_ @queefchan


Bitch ass Hollister in the background

solecollector on Sun, Jul 5 at 4:04pm


جانب من وصول خادم الحرمين الشريفين إلى #مكة_المكرمة لقضاء ما تبقى من شهر رمضان بجوار بيت الله الحرام.

الله يحفظك ياملكنا الغالي

يا زين منطوق بعض الناس 💚💚

يارب ارزقنا عيشا في مكه


محشش سأل راعي غنم : إذا عرفت عدد غنمك من نظره وحده إش تعطيني ؟ قاله : اعطيك خروف قاله المحشش : عشرين قاله : والله صحيح يالله خذ خروف اخذ المحشش وحده ومشي ناداه الراعي وقاله : إذا عرفت انت شو ينادونك ترجع اللي اخذته ؟ قاله : موافق قاله الراعي : إنت ينادونك المحشش ! قاله : كيف عرفت ؟ قاله : لأنك ماخذ الكلب

saudinews50 on Sun, Jul 5 at 4:02pm



Wonder Woman?

Sexy AF

Marry me? ❤️😍💍

Someone get the fire extinguisher. You look hot in that bikini.


annafaithxoxo on Sun, Jul 5 at 2:28pm



Best performance of Opener!!!

@thapolish bon moment pour visiter la pologne


Massive show @flumemusic Thank You!


flumemusic on Sun, Jul 5 at 4:18pm




Your bathtub is going to eat you 😆 #Ghostbusters2

In gunna print this off somehow and say its that photoshop homework! Thankyou hollay Hahah @hollie_pb

@isabellewj23 good idea isay, that's what I was thinking 😉😉

Much appreciated hollay @hollie_pb

missguided on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:31pm


Arriving in Ibiza but my mind is with @ramikadi who's presenting his new couture creations during #ParisCoutureWeek. I was honored to wear one of his pieces a few days ago. Such impeccable craftsmanship. 😍 #PFW

WooOow! ♥♥

Waooo ,😉check out my profile i'm young fashion designer 😉



😍 @merverdill

negin_mirsalehi on Sun, Jul 5 at 4:27pm


Cheers to finishing the weekend off in style! (Photo via @summerwind41490) #danielwellington

men goooott @gomanefeili

@saverio.lamontagna scusa era da maschio?

@elenarivieccio ho detto unisex

🔝🔝🔝 @danielwellingtonwatches


danielwellingtonwatches on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:50pm


Savage as fuck


@michaelherreraa bruh


@matthew_pmc @hexxnasty @dv3303_


insta_comedy on Sun, Jul 5 at 1:45pm



Sjeesh 😱 @kdg_photography @karen.schutte

wie kann man so komisch sein @antonia.unger

Holy crap @sariahsorensen

@reutreuveni WOW

@minmincap @trillxpill balket goals👯💕

brandymelvilleusa on Sun, Jul 5 at 4:15pm


Watch part 2 of "Little Kids Now-a-days"!!! 😂😊 link is in my bio :) don't forget to give it a big thumbs up 👍


Literally so true I can't 😂😠 @isabella.torelli

@laikynjade 😂😂😂

@reemanasser__x نفس والله ضحك

@eylulcinarr ekinle nisan 😂😂

brentrivera on Sun, Jul 5 at 2:39pm


Don't miss the new YOUTUBERS REACT when we have them discuss GIMME PIZZA! Head over and watch it now! YouTube.com/TheFineBros

@robertpizza_14 the fine bros should JUST DO IT . MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE

@craizie us XDXD

nice! 


React to Shia Just Do It ^^ YES

finebros on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:28pm


Colors of the sea💙💚 @makeupbycharlene used our Studio Liquid Liner in 'Extreme Blue' for this amazing wing! || #nyxcosmetics #regram

@Knowledge_pro my next style

@_ceedeegee haha I thought so! That's why it looked familiar.

@jenbunny27 Ulta had a crazy sale over the weekend. NYX products were 40% off so I took advantage but most of these liners were gone already 😕



nyxcosmetics on Sun, Jul 5 at 2:29pm


••• Hey guys! I'm thinking of making a Twitter but I don't know yet I'll let you know! 👀 - Discussion: Imagine if this happens... That would be so crazy but everything is possible. There's another theory that says everyone that happens is in one of the liars' head at the end she will wake up! 🚨 - By the way the Cece theory and the spoiler before it are not connected at all. The Cece post is just a theory! 😝 - Comment your thoughts! Tag your PLL friends 🍃 Hate= Blocked


Lol @m.x.r.i.a.m @officiallyphedra


Your awake I'm in your house @ambitiousaileen

@lxrissx1211 😳

pllcrimes on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:43pm


" bruh.. we are a oreo " - @seanlew1125

? 🍌 ?

Please sea in the direct



I had a dream about me and Jordyn being best friends and my mom let me stay over at her house it was so awesome I wish that can happen but know @jjjordynjones @jjjordynjones @jjjordynjones

jjjordynjones on Sun, Jul 5 at 3:52pm


Bandz a make her dance 💰 #DRANKENDRUGSOP1

👅👅👅👅👅 @gwensnijders_

@_halimaatje_ 😍😍


Lil kleine maat!

@lotteproeningsx @irisxkusx_ omgfhf lil kleine is daar 😨😍😨😍

lilkleine on Sun, Jul 5 at 2:34pm