God love ya, Bruce. So proud of your honesty. #BruceJennerAbc

God bless him. He deserves to be happy. #brucejenner



Is there Netflix in the uk @georgiamaylum

@ecpell he's always been my fav.

imarleneking on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:35pm


Oregon. This place never ceases to amaze me. Simply put... I love my backyard. We made it to Crater Lake today, let us know if you want to come play! @traveloregon #traveloregon

Oregon took me by surpise. Never ceases to amaze me and always leaves you wanting more. Nice shot dude 👌. I miss oregon already


@jmaher30 gotta go NW



andy_best on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:17pm


This is one birthday girl who knows good jeans when she sees them—@binxwalton in @citizensofhumanity @gucci @soniarykiel @officialluckybrand. Directed by @oliverhadleepearch, styled by @jordenbickham. Click the link in our bio to find your denim match this spring.


Need wieghtgainer

五百年没洗头系列……but she's still looks cute.

Body goals 😍

extra skinny...

voguemagazine on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:28pm


THIS IS MY GRAVESTONE. Watch #graceshow at 10:30 on E! to see @gracehelbig and I lose our shit over Abby Lee Miller.

@mechanicalheart101 it's also skimpy two piece bathing suits and makeup, while being judged on their performances for the fulfillment of their psychologically abusive, repressing mothers. And, we both know you have nothing better to do. I mean you're the type of person who watches this shit. Teen mom running a marathon?

@mechanicalheart101 my god you're like 10. You know nothing of life and your opinion is close to worthless because of it. Please get educated and base opinions on facts instead of blind fandom. Bye.

OH MY GOD!!!!😍

@brianaedw oh my god yes!

@reman_l411 إلي علشمال بتشبه اختك داران كثيرررر

mametown on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:38pm


Usually don't do 2 posts on insta in one day but this is a special occasion. Happy birthday (April 24th) to the BEST mom any kid could ask for, you have taught me so much and I could not have asked for a better mom, thank you for showing me endless support, especially these past 2 years, I'll always be your little baby Matthew, and you'll always be my queen, never forget that, love you to the moon and back☺️❤️

Awww Matt is sooo sweet. He's going to make someone really happy in the future. Happy birthday Matts mom!! You raised a precious young man.... Lol I sound like my mom

Aww! You look like her! And you have the same smile. :)

So boys do write short sweat paragraphs.❤💯

That's cute happy birthday queen Espinosa

Awwww!! This is the cutest thing ever!! Happy birthday momma Espinosa!

matthewespinosa on Sat, Apr 25 at 1:10am


Adrien Bulard @AdrienBul19 from the #AmProject by @JartSkateboards Follow em for more in the way of style -



@travsingleton HUUUUUGE

@suprarich inward heel 180


metroskateboarding on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:34pm


hello GENSAN!!!!😁🌞 see you later 5pm at SM gensan😁 but before that , off to another #KIMadvenCHIUre #Paragliding lezzgo!!!😁

@chinitaprincess Ate kimmy Pa video Greet Pls. :) @chinitaprincess

@chinitaprincess see you later kimmy 😍😊😃

I so love the hashtag #KIMadvenCHIUre. Enjoy kimmy!!!

Wow..! Wla kabang make up nyan kimmy..? Ang ganda @chinitaprincess

Ingat gandaaa God Bless

chinitaprincess on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:46pm



Heechul oppa?! Looks so similar! Cute pic

✅SALE✅#รองเท้าคุณภาพดี #ใส่นิ่มสบาย #ใส่ได้ทุกโอกาส #ราคากันเอง #ส่งฟรีทุกคู่ 👞👟 @befineshoes

ข้อมือหินแท้สวย มงคลนำโชคหลายแบบมากมาย ราคาไม่แพง ส่งฟรีems


รับสมัครพนักงานออฟฟิศ #ประชาสัมพันธ์ #การตลาด ทำงานที่#บางนา #รายได้ 54,000 up ผ่านประเมิน 3 เดือน ได้ไปท่องเที่ยวที่#ญี่ปุ่น สนใจติดต่อ พี่กุ๊กไก่ 095-669-1919

crishorwang on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:42pm


Catch me if you can 😂. I love his guy 😍💗🐨

@frau_ria :D



Haha so cute!

So inquisitive !

bunnymama on Sat, Apr 25 at 12:08am


jack is back💀💙

I approve lol @_stannnnn

Hahahahah shit I wish @nathanaeljay96


Dude y so pretty

You are so pretty

carringtondurham on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:41pm


It's so cold today I had to ninja-fy 🌚

Lol freaked me out! Thought it was a photo xD



@quelingjunus bek dia cantik bgt 😭

At first I thought it was photo too

janechuck on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:40pm


THIS IS HOW CHRISTIAN SINGLES PARTY ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. #leavespaceforJesus #whyisthereapewinmyhouse #preacherkidprobs / @cherub_grace @taylorupchurch

@acidmarks they sound way better then we ever do..

@bookwormbeauty97 never!! When will you be ungrounded?!

Love it :-)



jamiegraceh on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:09pm


Beautiful @iluvsarahii @iluvsarahii 😍




@wakeupandmakeup just seen your transformations and they are amazing , just beautiful .😍

@blxck.pastel i want

wakeupandmakeup on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:18pm


Till next time Mexico! Amazing time! Thanks @grandvelasmaya for the great hospitality



Dreamy @jgill007

Is that the forbidden ethanol!? Jk have fun brother bear (like i actually know you :( )


stevecook_32 on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:19pm


Thank you for the support, #Pens fans. See you next season.

@emahoney26 google it they are in our league and they are our rivals

@kellilongg You are a treat. Please stop following this blog and go find another hobby, like learning to spell.

@ronald.blaze what did I spell wrong

@ronald.blaze I have a lot of hobbies one of which is making fun of penguins fans like u

Thanks....two "top" guns can't even score. 10mil down the whole. ....

penguins on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:22pm


#Repost @thebrookeoflife
@jiffpom is my ride or die!




@iliya__gh ♥♥


jiffpom on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:10pm


Isso sim! 👏👊

@taynaraalves ...



Abre a horta @brunomatsumura_

@jutozzi nunca esqueço dessa sua caridade ❤️

instaousado on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:21pm


I can't wait! Let's prepare for the summer! (via @jajoannaem) #9gagtv Visit us on ▶ 9gag.tv

@veraaschmann isch das de sulti im hundehimmel?

Wulff beruhige dich @lea_ary


@canminay2 hat beweise wie scheisse Dagibee wirklich ist


9gagtv on Fri, Apr 24 at 10:57pm


#BruceJenner: "Have an open mind and an open heart. I'm not this bad person, I'm just doing what I have to do." #Repost @khloekardashian

I think he's been sacrificed for these hoes to get more famous especially Kendal n Kylie

Wow what a weirdo

@maryfarley_ I told you!! Support Bruce!

🐸🐸🐸 lol


usweekly on Sat, Apr 25 at 12:38am


Lykan HyperSport In Blue - pic by @alainclass.motors • #CarsWithoutLimits

@bfou @dseretis





carswithoutlimits on Sat, Apr 25 at 12:47am


The Great Room inside the $40,000,000 estate "Castillo Caribe" courtesy of @luxurylifestylemagazine. Location: Cayman Islands cc: @michael_louis_ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ For more information please email: Inquiries@luxwtrealty.com ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━


@rahele_fazeli ❤️❤️

@normi276 das geht ja nicht klar 😂😍😍


@garys9 @ella_lewisss 😍

luxuryworldtraveler on Sat, Apr 25 at 12:09am


Finishing up a drawing while I recuperate. #electricstem #notgoodatdoingnothing #healing

It's so true omg😍😍😍 @itsmee_jaymee


Holy crap. That's hell good @rocky.reyes

Feel better!

@haven.18 😂

derekhough on Sat, Apr 25 at 1:03am


There's always a reason to throw a party! We've got Bruce-scetta, Bruce's Brie, spicy Bruce platter + some other treats to make for a great girls night. #BruceJennerInterview #Friyay // AND for those commenting- Yes I'm a Christian and as a Christian I love all people (no matter their struggle) enjoying girl time at a party doesn't reflect my beliefs or opinion so please share love + not hate. Thank you.

@cneumann why didn't we think of this....

@dawncoleman we can get ideas here lolol!


@dem_col 😂😝😭

#Mindreader @cherylkrahn01

deshartsock on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:38pm


This little cutie will have a new home after tonight. Wish it was with me, so cute 😍 #EraseMS


Yes @tayleefunk

Omg so cute 😃😃

So cute😍

Awww @lelo_lollipop112

megannicolemusic on Fri, Apr 24 at 11:43pm