Behind the Scenes with @marilynhue and her #Forgiato photo shoot





@twisegleamteam @topflightwise she sitting in the rim

forgiato on Tue, Dec 1 at 5:45pm


We played with color today! @makeupbyjmonroy 🌈 One of today's 5 looks for my @Darling Magazine shoot coming out this spring! Special thanks to @castillo_13 for all the lovely hairstyles today! I cannot wait for you guys to see this different side of me. Snap me @ DulceCandy1987 for BTS

No offense but this isn't a pretty look.

Stunning girl 😍

bella 😍😍😍😍😍


@makeupbyjmonroy slays again! Super talented! ❀️❀️

dulcecandy on Tue, Dec 1 at 6:48pm


want to join us at the very last Smoke + Mirrors tour stop in AMSTERDAM? enter for a chance to win flights, accommodations, tickets, and a little hang time at our sold out show by donating to @trfdotorg today.. head to http://www.trf.org/giving-tuesday before December 24 to enter. see you there... #GivingTuesday

@jamiemarie_92 get on it!


We would enter if I had $25 to waste @jacepoole



imaginedragons on Tue, Dec 1 at 6:14pm


"Prepare right and play our best. That's the goal."

True. I get you but, don't mean chip is gonna draft good! None of the players he drafted, or traded for has done πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©so far. @xxnervousreckxx

Don't fuck this up y'all #flyeaglesfly

@thatt_boy_tyler Ikr! the worst thing that could happen was Chip winning 10 games his first season and then he set the bar for expectation. Everyone's hating on Chip Kelly. He can't go out there and cover for Nolan Carroll. @_mosesay

I am with you @mcust408. Shouldn't that have been the goal since game 1?

Takes time to re build a team!! @colebhardwaj2

philadelphiaeagles on Tue, Dec 1 at 6:50pm


#squadgoals TUNE INTO #chrisleyknowsbest at 10/9c on USA!!!

β™‘ your family as though you are blessed financially as all of us hard workers would like to be, you show humility and are humble. My husband works 2 jobs, I work more than my salaried hours weekly in Suicide Prevention. We've worked hard for years. Often it is difficult to see families who have what we work for and observe their entitlement. Your family values reflect what we have in our home, with respect for the rest of us. Thanks.


@ponte_jake record


Sure will!

savannahchrisley on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:18pm


Love driving this baby around 😍 The new @jaguarUSA πŸš— #TheAudition #XE

Love you liane

Car companies in on it damn

Is this an #ad

its beautiful cars

going from a 10 to a 9 with that hair

lianev on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:16pm


πŸ“Έ @olav

Chill πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘… @aryanna_little

HOLY FUCK😭😭😭😍😍 @matixgrace

@lunvamor BRUH BRUH

Album. 3 days. @jordon_thomas1 @merrick_272


g_eazy on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:43pm



β™‘β™‘β™‘ the man!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘

@nickyp_23_90 #tomtuesday

#TomTuesday @lilyfisher


How is gronk ?

patriots on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:45pm


@25daysofchristmasabcf's #PopUpSanta partnered with PLL and Star Wars to surprise @mayfieldsenior school students! Stay tuned for more! #TheForceAwakens #25daysofchristmas

Come to Kaneland High School???


wtf this is mayfield @mia.niccole PLL CAME TO MY DREAM SCHOOL HOLY SHIT

Come to kuper academy

we know mayfield but not them. @meowbailee

prettylittleliars on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:14pm


From @totathesheltie: "Hello! My name is Tota! Nice to meet you! 🐢" #cutepetclub




Hi, Tota 😍

@nicoledean226 @brookee_schwab 😁🐢

cutepetclub on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:55pm


Which One? Follow @JNExotics 🚨 Hawaii’s exclusive Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini & Lotus dealer. @JNExotics 🚨 offers luxury car rentals on O'ahu. # Visit www.JNexotics.com #VelocityHawaii Photo by @trevorjolinphoto

Bentley all day every day

Lamborghini avantador



repin Hawaii here. aloha from Hawaii

exotic_performance on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:23pm


What an honor! My oldest son met football legend- and Central Catholic alum- Dan Marino- today! @evan_frazier16

@rhiannx_ I remember when I photoshopped us together :((((

Good old days @samduwhatiwantbe

Ily! Could you look at my recent?

This made me like yall more

He's adorable

dancemomholly on Tue, Dec 1 at 5:15pm


The penultimate Top 6.

I'm OK with this. But if Sparty beats Iowa then they should move up. If any of the others lose then Ohio should move up and as a die hard Michigan fan it pains me to say that. But they put it on us pretty good and if there only loss is to the BiG10 champ they deserve to move up. But if Iowa wins then they should stay.

@jessieterryy when your 2 least favorite teams are fifth and sixth

It was an ugly win but we still got the W @the_tyler_walker

Who? @logan_jacobsss6


collegegameday on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:17pm



@j_e_ssssssssss Roll Tide?

@rainerkjones boomer

8 team would be the best and I don't think you will half to worry because too me Clemson is the best team in nation @smmounts

@melbecireviic WOOOO


ou_football on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:18pm




Omfg @ravengill_


Always slay I love your makeup looks πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

amrezy on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:31pm


Until next time my friend. Thanks for always keeping me grounded. You have always been good to me. #SatelliteBeach #Home

@lyontamer13 what are you talking about?





ashlynharris24 on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:54pm


Sweet transformation #370znismo Owner @raahimjoonx6 #modifiedsociety

caca @blackfillins

@dizzoran fire


@312najfi oh man oh man


modifiedsociety on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:33pm


Here's my R&B Challenge #TAG the REAL R&B Soul Singers and see if they will "Accept" the challenge......... In their response they just have to write "I accept" #BlackRoseAlbum has 1 ft Snoop...... On my song #DumbShit otherwise you already know what I came with - pure R&B Soul....

@ichoddy I don't even know what he saying all I hear is that bass in his voice. He could be sayin yaba daba doo for all I care 😍 #Baeeeeeee

@funbimusic has that coming 10 times

@pleasurep @bobbyvmusic

Tyrese is good but he ain't got shit on the weeknd.

@rkelly @therealmaryjblige

tyrese on Tue, Dec 1 at 6:58pm


|just a reminder that you're a boss ass bitch and you're doing better than you think you areπŸ¦„|

love those boots girlll @1ouie

Needed this. Thanks boo πŸ’…πŸ’ͺ❀️

@princessabb πŸ’ͺ🏼

Love u❀️❀️❀️ can't wait for vlogmas

Soooo needed this during Finals Week!!! @marissalace

marissalace on Tue, Dec 1 at 6:42pm



Olha tu amooor @regislliima

@cadu05 ja tenho a minha πŸ™†πŸΌ

@beeensru eu tb 😍

Hahahahahaha siim, sddss @pedrocassanti

@lomachados @claudiabarucke onde?

instaousado on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:12pm


So. Much. Energy. πŸ˜‚ #boomerang

Like #7001

The kid in the background be makin a move like... @ryan_lashay33

Lol @x_daily_bumpers_x

@aniesa_martinez ha it's like she's dancing

I know its hilarious and cute at the same time @_keyapatel_

bryanlanning on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:34pm


You can take the boy out the Westside but you can't take the WESTSIDE out the boy...... #Miami #BdaySagaContinues #GirlScoutCookies #WinnersCircle


Yaass! Now you ready to fukin rock and roll πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸŽŠπŸ’ΏπŸŽΆ


@mr_mturner something like this

@alejandro0506 πŸ’―

losangelesconfidential on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:48pm


😎| Add me on snapchat Yooventura to see more of today and comment yours belowπŸ€—β€οΈ






yoventura on Tue, Dec 1 at 7:43pm


seems legit

@_alliegram @lindsay.alg @alexkmcnab

ton genre @othmane_ig

Haha @allyyuxo


Haha @jaredpaulharry

buzzfeed on Tue, Dec 1 at 6:19pm