Florence is always a good idea. @gamzebiran snapchat: sezyilmaz

@desordi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️saudade maninho

Tider ærligt😅😂😂 @khadigaaah @manno_mannay @sevtz

@ayyaaren ja 😍😍😍😩😩😩😩

▇███▇██▇███▇█🖖🖖🏿🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾 C͟L͟I͟C͟K͟ T͟H͟E͟ L͟I͟N͟K͟ I͟N͟ M͟Y͟ B͟I͟O͟ T͟O͟ G͟E͟T͟ T͟H͟E͟ N͟E͟W͟ S͟E͟C͟R͟E͟T͟ E͟M͟O͟J͟I͟S͟ T͟H͟A͟T͟ D͟I͟D͟N͟T͟ C͟O͟M͟E͟ W͟I͟T͟H͟ I͟O͟S͟ 8.3! 😱🖖🏿🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾🖖🖖🏿🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾 🖖🖖🏿🖖🏼🖖🏽

Went to Firenze this summer, I loved it

sezyilmaz on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:13am


Show before the finals in Marseille for @adidasfootball where I was the host, but also showed some skills! 😉 #seangarnier #s3society #bethedifference


La personalidad en el orto no @pablo_27900


I loved the slow mo.

@martvl14 @noahoostrom @tbad.bo @tom__020

seanfreestyle on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:17pm


Huracan Follow @HustlersCreed 💰 Follow @HustlersCreed 💰 # Freshly Uploaded To www.MadWhips.com Photo by @exoticars_sg





😍 @blake_walker35

bulls_motorsports on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:00pm


All of the boys before Reading. Only me during Reading. Photo @elmakias

Could you maybe check out our cover of remembering Sunday? Thank you it means a hell of a lot to us ✌️

@apri1rose do nOT



love you guys

riandawson on Sat, Aug 29 at 9:55am


Aha @hxna.__



@brianaaaa.xo @jennermcnaenae1220 2nd place of the best post of the year competition


dirtybathtub on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:01am


Spent my Saturday afternoon with the King! @hershesons #hershesons @larrykinghair 💇🏼

@kelsiweis it's not even fair

Your hair looks so nice🙊💗

Great times as always with you @essiebutton 😘😘

Love your hair style!

Your gorgeous x

essiebutton on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:30am


Excited to be one of the judges for tonight's @mybeautymarkmakeupacademy runway competition! Come and say hi ☺️ Tickets will be sold at the door for $15 at VIVE Lounge in Pomona!

@miranda_xifo photoshoot

@loveyou_emileen 😍😍

@genisse wanna go???

Congratulations 🎉😊

@groovy_m !!!!

ssssamanthaa on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:03pm


Picture by @malcolmthegolden

Aşkımm nerdesin yahu özledimm..😊😊 @melikekykyoglu




@thedriver_7 omg stop I want him 😍

seamusobrien on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:19pm


#굿나잇 모두들 잘자요👋🏻 . おやすみなさいzZ 発音は おやすみまさい😁 . . #잰 #재은#잘자요#잘자#ジェウン#おやすみなさい




かわいいです(T . T)♡


jaen_mom on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:29am


Valle Verzasca, Switzerland ✨

So beautiful. I want to go

@educatedfool1986 😍😳👍

@radical_kiki @aliicastro

@misschls talk about the ultimate natural spring!! 😍

@jono_zaronias when we go to switerLand

thenativefox on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:26pm


Ushuaia on fire last night! 📷: @louisvanbaar


@azracaniff @iilaydasevran @nisankelesoglu @zeynepcobanglu @_dogauzun_ bu fotonun boyutu niye böyle lan

My life *-*

I love you @martingarrix 😍😍😍😍😍

Finally I know who's your photographer right now!!! @louisvanbaar these pictures are absolutely amazing! I love them 😍👏🏽

martingarrix on Sat, Aug 29 at 9:53am


Designed with seasonal tones, the men's Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie stands out in rich, woodland camo print. Available now at nike.com/techpack and select retailers. #techpack

Oh looky

Essa eu queroooo




nikesportswear on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:04pm


Pelea seria con la cama que no me deja parar 😂😴

Hay porq no puedo estar ahi con tigo para consentirte yo tampoco te dejaria para 😳😳😱😘😘🔥

💓💝💗💖💞 @mairajosemv 😻😻💘💗💖💞 que ternurita😻😻😻😻

Te amoo❤❤🙈💕

@sonyacaceres 💙

@francescamosconi imagine waking up to that lol

maluma on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:55am


Peanut butter French toast. #HangoverBreakfast #Atlanta #IHopeIPulledOutLastNight



@rvanodia15 @vikmistry @bigkylez29


Please let's try it @jmayberry

slutwhisperer on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:28am


A weekend in paradise. @freepeopledenver


FREE BRANDY MELVILLE STICKERS ON THIS ACCOUNT -------> @kitty.stickers @kitty.stickers @kitty.stickers ✖️👽🌞🔮🌻👅💐

@vikkii.lynn peaceful



freepeople on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:25pm


Panda Bank 💰🐼😂 By Itazura

@samjro5e xx



@millyysim @gr8.tay

@h.fidanci66 !!🐼😂

bestviideo on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:21pm


Edited with ✨ #DeluxeFX ✨ app --- #Hangingsofa 💙

Gostaria de esta ai que lindo.


Wanna take a nape while twinning ? @stessence

Sahane yahu 💙💙💙

@petertrumborealty yes!!

izkiz on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:15pm




Lmao!!!! Yessss @misz.denisse


@nathamusto @marisalazarg

5 me gustas x 10 me gustaaaaaas cumploooo💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤😍😘😎

nickyjampr on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:36am


Classic on-the-road-photoshoot 📷🌾 #kisspaus

Love u

Så fin!😊😘


Det var jätte kul och träffa dig idag!


m0llys on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:23pm


Mix & Match by @stellawants2die



Love ♥

Lo más 🔝 de inditex está en nuestro perfil 👏👏👏

pooo milame teleio @chara_11k @k_evita

stradivarius on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:47am


Does anyone know what they're building next to AAC

@babyxoxo18 oh my God 😭😂

a strip club

😂 Omg @brooklynnkan

Whatever it is it really fucks me off

A statue of you

satan on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:52am


Me and the boys ❤️

seriously can't help it babe @jackb_tler

Neither can I it's pretty cute tbh babe @laureneke_

Goals 😓😓

@emmahowell__ its me hahahahah


jakequickenden14 on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:53am


It's the weekend! Enjoy your Saturday with this lineup on #ABCFamily: -9am/8c: Miss Congeniality -11:30am/10:30c: Step Up -2pm/1c: Burlesque -4:30pm/3:30c: Grease -7pm/6c: The Notebook: Special Edition -10pm/9c: The Lucky One

@bonquiqui.1313 @crazy_ginga0613 all my movies man

Already watching

Special edition we should watch these @sarah.kubicek



abcfamily on Sat, Aug 29 at 11:56am


this is a fuckin JAM. say what you want about the things he's done, but if you can unplug your brain from your ears and listen to the SONG it's dope af

@evsw4n 😷

amei ❤️

@cathyedwards42 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I don't really like it


emmablackery on Sat, Aug 29 at 12:06pm