Squad. #RattPack

Quiero conocer gentes

logic fanpage, check me out guys!



logic301 on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:08pm


#Barcelona lead 2-0 at #Halftime vs #Levante - @worldgoalz - @neymarjr and #Rakitic Golazo!❗️ #FCB

@sergi_oo @_anthony001


@_mailsonsilva , @viictor_jr !



rldesignz on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:03pm


Throw back Sunday 💁💦

@ahmedcfc7 @abdurahmanibra


Tru! @k.blais


Waw jolie

elizabethjanebishop on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:31pm


#KCvsMIA #StrongerTogether

Trade Tannehill to the Pats, Jets or Bills so he can fuck up their season just like how he's been screwing us since he's gotten here

So much hype at the beginning of the season about this Offense... What Fucking Offense???? I haven't seen shit to be impressed with at all this season

@carieespinel keep your opinion to yourself. I love the Miami dolphins even though they have lost the past couple games doesn't mean you should gripe them out

#strongertogether ?? How about #weakerwithtannehill

@daniel.obyrne you got it right

miamidolphins on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:05pm


Thank you to one of my favorite designers & friend @michaelcostello for this beautiful custom made white dress I wore last night!🌙💕his dresses are so unique & amazing! 😍💃👗#followhim #Fashion #LianeV ✨LianeV.com✨

Liane ,ur one of the ppl who inspire me to lose weight n now.. I've lost it all . ️Thankyou! Just need toning now! Help me with that? Do u have videos I can view or YouTube vids that can hellp me?

the lord has blessed @kingbach

@ellanyc212 new style

So cutie

Loveeeeee this

lovelianev on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:24pm


Today, 21 September, marks 20 years since Paul #Scholes made his debut for Manchester United. He went on and made 718 appearances, scoring 155 goals! Here is one of his many goals.



@richoooooooo find this goal in full.


El mejor sencillamente @afct06 @opchinchilla07 @fernandogomez4

bestoffootball on Sun, Sep 21 at 2:58pm


Made a creeper roll cake with @lifeannstyle ! Check out the video on ihascupquake YouTube! What do you think?!



Amazingly deliciously delicious 😍😂👅😋😛😝😜

Awesome I wish I could make it


tiffyquake on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:32pm







7bob3d on Sun, Sep 21 at 3:08pm


This method is called trying to "knock up girls" while jet skiing ! Do not try this unless you're a professional with no regards to female injury

@tbpettit back in our prime

Nahhh ur doing it wrong. U gotta make the girl in the back ride backwards (rodeo) with 1 hand holding on..

@evantikka @jc_nolan @brandonfillpot


@wavey_k serious ting Ibiza wave

lunatic_living on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:18pm


H U A Y R A • Follow @MadWhips • • www.Madwhips.com • • Upload your photos & get Featured • • Download the App: ios.madwhips.com • ____________________________ • Photo by : @T_S_photography •

Want a car so much hahaha

Siganme y los sigo




carlifestyle on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:09pm


Laughter is good for the soul! #happysunday #familylove

Great food! and family time!

Pretty girl! @amyduggar

Cute! I love you Amy! @amyduggar

I have the same skirt but green!!! @amyduggar

Do u dress more modest when u go to jim bobs house out of respect?

amyduggar on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:20pm


I'm gonna be in New York September 27th for @pressplay. Come see me @jackdail @payteparker and many more. Links I'm the bio for tixs 😊

my birthday!!!!🙅💗

I dont know you but your cute lol and have fun



I wanna goooo!! 😍😍😍😫 @kayleepacheco

_walkerrogers_ on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:12pm


Levante - Barcelona 0-5. #Messi

@welbervasques @islanvasques @thicogomes esse tal de @leomessi é enjoado viu kkkkkkkkkkkm

É um brincalhão kkkkk @levipiolho



Not a big deal, chips a keeper who's basically at the 18 yard box #overrated

433_live on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:44pm


Best view in da house #iheartradio

I'll agree - best view

@anastasiaashley @eckema1121


Nice ass


anastasiaashley on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:15pm



Nothing says I love you more than Mexican people playing slow music behind you

Lol @willjayim5 is just eating

بیا برو تو کونم

@cherzanneim5 wills just eating 😂😂😂


davidchrisim5 on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:01pm


Fail 🚫💪🚸😂 👉@bestviideo

Hahaha !

@_tchopz @kaylacabs

@___dianaaaaa___ hahaha

@mavacap 😂😂😂😂😂


failsvids on Sun, Sep 21 at 3:18pm


Mmmm...hot chocolate w marshmallows #aftershowtreat #myfavorite #nitenite

Диета для жопы

@bellasparkle19 I need this!

Chocolate que deliciaaaa el colombiano

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Delicious

For beauty and hair care follow @jafra_ic and on fb it's Jafraic

jlo on Sun, Sep 21 at 4:32pm


A classic country Saturday night jammin with the LP's. Good for the soul

Hi and hey and hello. And what s up Hunter Hayes


YAS @ataliabalia1315

See you in Moline! :)

Wish I could see you in concert! So far I'm sticking to youtube 😔

hunterhayes on Sun, Sep 21 at 3:18pm


@al.mulla انا خاطري اعرف شو كان يشوووف 😂😂 احس كان شي حلووو 😍😜👌😆😆😥😥

ضحكت جنان

اسم عليك

@lmoshababatin zy allllahab ❤️❤️🔥🔥😍😍

اللي يقول . انه مزيون وماادري وش .. الزين للبنت . والرجل زينه . بفعلهه واخلاقهه . 》للمعلوميه فقط .

متعلقين ولا شالوضع؟

dxbhighclass on Sun, Sep 21 at 5:02pm