Nur içinde uyusun Çolpan Abla... Eşine kavuştu... Ailesine Ve sevenlerine sabırlar dilerim...

Rengarenk kurabıslerim icin sayfama bekliyorummm :)


Allah rahmet eylesin mekani cennet olsun..


Allah rahmet etsın sıyah beyaz fılmlerını hep ızledim mübarek günlerde rahmete erdi herkese nasip olmaz

gulben123 on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:40am


آخر كلمة بالفيديو هي: النقد هههههه آسف ما مداني 😂 #سوار_شعيب

What ???? R u saying ?

@nma_alahmad شكلك ما فتحت الفيديو.. المهم اقولك انا مو ضد الطاقة و مؤمن بوجودها .. بس اقنعني فيها .. اذا انا تكلمت عن شي فاعرف اني قرأت كتاب وبحثت فيه ومن ثم اطلعتكم عليه .. ولا اعتبر نفسي صح وبنفس الوقت في احتمالية صح موجودة.. استوعبت ؟

روح عند قبر توماس اديسون انشاء الله و بيقنعك اشلون حاول في الكهربه خمسمية مرة عشان اتعيش حضرتك بارز امبرز في النور


قصدك كذا

sh3aib on Fri, Jul 25 at 9:10am


I can just EAT YOU!! 🍴😱😭 .. My friend got me this teacup Pomeranian as a gift from @royalpet but sadly i can't keep him because of Joey 💔😭 its up for sale .. for anyone who wants it you can direct msg me 🐶

يجنن 😢😭

@joona_almazyoona وريه رنود يمكن تبيه

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh 😍 @rawa_muq @saramoghadam143

I want it!! ❤️ @rasha247 @rawa_muq


qoutaalturaif on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:51am


Dropping over into Urdhva Dhanurasana helps you build strength and flexibility in your backbend. Keep a sense of lifted support through the spine and pelvic floor and keep pressing into your arms even as you land. This way you will keep the inner space that supports your backbend and avoid injury for landing too hard.


Completely inspired by your videos! 👏


Crazy! Pretty feet too!

@_bq_ 🌚

kinoyoga on Fri, Jul 25 at 8:33am




She's like someone ._. @mario_mm38


Bang Mario '-')//

ทรงนี้น่ารัก 👍✨

mario_mm38 on Fri, Jul 25 at 8:30am


@bfynebabe thank you for this amazing swimsuit xx


You guys im dying!! We need this!! @e_espinoza @laaaaaaau


Vegas @aanisko

Damn hot

sydneyfashionblogger on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:50am


See what sneakers are dropping this weekend in the #ReleaseRundown on nicekicks.com. What's on your cop list?

An kens lol @kassbb

@taniaglam yeah hahahaha

@brandon_howlett the ones on the bottom the 2 tone

The ones on the bottom the 2 tone

Those 3 Lab 5's are as going to be mine!

nicekicks on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:13am


@briziodeoro noi abbiamo il magazziniere più bello del mondo! We got the most beautifull kit man in the world! 😍

@zakurkh der sieht aus wie der am Laden letztens

@dataschtho i fucking love mario


@mb459 mi piace quando fai dell ironia e perdete 3-0 contro i greci...bravo!!!

@tim_mclay5 @vsvpmclay @parreni89 that's my older brother

mb459 on Fri, Jul 25 at 9:55am


Ladies, are you ready for #SneakerCon NYC on Sat? We teamed up with @nitro_licious for a sneaker-inspired nail bar by artist @jesthemess! Who wants to get their nails did for free? More info on the nail bar activation on @nitro_licious. #nitroliciousNailBar

🚨🚨 stay focus on cash and cash will come one investment‼️‼️!! Can change your whole life financially hit me up at (858) 240 1852 💸💸💸

Yes it is @trap.ace


Do you know if you can buy tickets at the door? Cause my cousin wants to but he didn't buy online

Ne qeweng

sneakercon on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:37am


หญิงบีพร้อมมั๊ยสำหรับไปทะเล ให้ทาย?? #ทะเลเรียกหา #ขอเวลาพาลูกไปเที่ยวนิดนึง #งานนี้ขอพักสมอง #ขอบอกเหนื่อยจัด #ช่วงนี้ #mybena #brooklynguy #benabrooklynguy @bena_brooklyn


อยากเห็น น้องใส่ชุดเร็วๆคงน่ารักเซ็กซี่น่าดู

ลงรูปเยอะๆ นะคะ



nanarybena on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:46am


If only I knew all the words to this song but hey we try 😂😂😂😩😪😪😪😭

lida_anointed on Fri, Jul 25 at 11:07am


⠀ Follow for more ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ⠀ 🎥@Hilarrious😂👍 🎥@Hilarrious😂👍 🎥@Hilarrious😂👍 😱@HowiFeelWhen 😱@HowiFeelWhen 😱@HowiFeelWhen

The guys laugh makes so much more funnier

@alihonda something you would do. Lol


El gueritoo jajaja @angel_munguia @abdiel_mrl @kevinurena1 @nidiahvega

😂😂😂😂 thay laugh

bestp0st on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:43am


The Incredible Lange 31 in 18K Rose Gold case captured by @swisswatches in Dresden is the world’s first mechanical wristwatch with a power reserve of 31 days and a constant-force escapement that powers the going train with constant torque delivery. The tremendous amount of energy needed to keep the watch running so long is transferred to the movement with a winding key and stored in a twin mainspring barrel. The key is inserted through an aperture in the sapphire-crystal case-back. Three seals between the winding mechanism and the case protect the watch against ingress of water up to a pressure of 3 bar. To prevent inadvertent overtightening of the mainsprings, the key features an integrated torque limiter. An attempt to turn the key further – once the mainspring is fully wound – disengages the triangular toothing of two wheels inside the key and interrupts the flow of power. 👓 #themoreyouknow ☝️


I want a zeitwerk striking time


@ghobadisharareh ino bebin harf nadare

@axevangent i liky

watchanish on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:03am


Realxing and enjoy the sun😎🌴🍉🍹#mattiaroccuzzo

<-------- MENSWEAR

@dipssharma92 thank you @sach2744 ☀☀☀

Wow! You look good :)

@cecilschacht thank you😘✌

Gorgeous! Your smile always makes me smile! 😃

mattiaroccuzzo on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:30am


. . . . لايك + منشن شخص كله يجيب العيد 😂

هههه جاب ابو العيد



Love me Bean


bean_q8 on Fri, Jul 25 at 10:24am


Te amo tiniiiiiii @tinitastoessel


Te quieroooooo!!!


Tiniii ♥♡ Dm

tinitastoessel on Fri, Jul 25 at 8:32am


Muito bommmmm diaaaaa gente. Aproveitem muito o final de semana e fiquem com Deus 😄🙏❤️😘 #beijodeamor


Sdv sdv sdv


Que linda

Troco linkes e sigo de volta

oficialcaroldias2 on Fri, Jul 25 at 9:41am


..AND the back 🙆 @sistersthelabel




@jade_barton I want this

Ooh voll schön 🙆👌💕

tatjanamariposa on Fri, Jul 25 at 11:07am


It was that type of day #foreverfaster #hardwork #seriousface

I could probably out run you...

@usainbolt I just left ur country, it is so beautiful!

Follow @battlecircle


I post all things gymnastics 💕

usainbolt on Fri, Jul 25 at 9:08am


#yay #nope

피부 너무 좋은거 아니야 지미나?

지민양 립뭐써여?

Poong poongie

@ub_aaa 기여움 ㅜㅜㅜ


jamiepark on Fri, Jul 25 at 9:47am