🙈🙈❤️💵💰💰💰 love 😍



Omg *.*

luxyferisaloser on Wed, Mar 4 at 1:05pm


1961 Mercedes Benz 190SL Roadster | #blacklist #1961 #mercedesbenz #190sl #roadster

@moanoir I wonder how much I would get if I traded in my gf


@jake_masha 😚

@alireza.kanani DMX play kn!

@hasoayyildiz ama bizimki daha eski 😏

black_list on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:48pm


Swirl dry marble nails by @as.nails 💗 Song: Demi Lovato - Let it go 🎶



@abee_foo cute 😍

@cata.felli ☝

Quien me sigue?

nailsvideos on Wed, Mar 4 at 1:28pm


Thanks @lovetakaylee for making this 11 month anniversary video for @todd167 & I! One more month to go!

We enter relationships because of the way another person makes us feel. I've been in your position between a man and a mother. When you take a husband you have to be willing to fight for him and your relationship. I think your husband feels rightfully disrespected and let down that you havent standing up and fighting for him and for what you're building together. As you know a mother's love is powerful but it should never stand in the way of a daughter's love.


Prayer moves mountains 🙏

My anniversary is march 15 one year it will be and my cousin got married the same day as you and she is having a baby to during her anniversary super happy and congratulations

Love u guys together

kandiburruss on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:11pm


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@aya.mj Hhhhh

تابعني اتابعك ولك مني خمس لايكات


@_mahasaleh9 @shdz_123


5d3_b9ria on Wed, Mar 4 at 1:04pm


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@mootje.___ hahahah zeker wil je deze zien dede 😂😂

"Перезвони мне через 289 минут..." - на её языке это означало "никогда"...а он считал...❤️❤️❤️ еще больше трогательного и красивого у нас на странице )))

😂😂 flikker @imanerappertje

@duisenaeva_aidana @duisenaeva_aidana_kairatovna na tebya pohojaya))

bilyalova_sveta on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:26pm


Хоть и дождь сегодня, но Москва всё равно уютная и любимая ❤️

Кисули, подписка ВЗАИМНО!!





kateclapp on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:37pm


Meninas os Bodies da loja Mundo estão fazendo o maior sucesso! Peça queridinha das famosas ✨ Eles vestem super bem e o melhor, enviam para todo Brasil ❤️ Vale a pena conferir @mundodosvestidos @mundodosvestidos



Uau 👌👏



modaparameninas on Wed, Mar 4 at 1:02pm


Love This Look! 😍 By @iluvsarahii 👇👇 @Nail.Clipz @Nail.Clipz @Nail.Clipz


so pretty

@zuzkakleckova 💚

@basic.outside they are fake lashes

Ugh why @irish_with_a_twist

makeup.feed on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:44pm


Left dreaming. #surfing #justbecause 📷 | Respondek


@baywatch._ let's go!


@bruninhosantos olha seu quintal em Bali

@miamy look familiar?

wsl on Wed, Mar 4 at 1:01pm


Kicking off #PFW with the Rochas show 💫 #Rochas #kaytureonthego


Perfect!!! 👏 photo + fashion 🙋🙋🙋


I love the swallows! 👌💕

Some of those dresses look like potato sacks. Anyone else notice that?

kristina_bazan on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:05pm


Tag someone who can't guard you 😂 #perfectvideos #ballislife

😂😂😂 @yxng.xi





perfectvideos on Wed, Mar 4 at 11:13am


All Smiles .

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Loving ur skin tun bae gal

@kevin.___ 😩


don't tag me 😩🙌🏄 @gottimazerati

lira_galore on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:57pm


Last night's first stop on #thetunabook tour at @strandbookstore was amazing!! Thank you to everyone who came out, to The Strand and to Milla of @realhappydogs for taking such rad photos of the event! Tonight we will be in New Jersey @bookendsnj from 7-9. 211 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Photo credit: @realhappydogs

Me segue

@marianita686 @thyagoalmeida00 @stefaniaruizk

@unhara você e eu

Tuna is so cute

Where was @newyorkdog?? She's the Strand mascot. I always wanted to see those two together!

tunameltsmyheart on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:05pm


Don't need @reebok to dunk

Damn😳 @islamustafa34

Wtf @jaypaige5

@dylanwhite_ bruh

@jamie11anderson my god


g.green14 on Wed, Mar 4 at 11:29am


Are you a wanderer? Check out @itsmarziapie on the set of our #tartelette shoot & head over to tarte.con to learn more about this wandering tartelette! #tartelette #beauty #wanderer

@_makeuporshutup_ jealouuusss loser over heree 😷😷

MARZIA!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing

@itsmarziapie OMG you so beautiful love you ISRAEL

@_makeuporshutup_ again bc of the platform? she supports makeup and she does love makeup. I wasn't being rude but you are. you're the one complaining about other people getting somewhere in life. atleast she's going somewhere, probably because she's worrying about herself and not about how much she doesn't wanna see other people.

Jealous that she's filthy rich for doing nothing? Hell yeah lmao.

tartecosmetics on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:50pm


Tonight's dinner. Steak x @ameliafreer is changing my life x

i going to eat. MOOOOM! Where my food?!


Love you

Yummy!! And healty!

What is it

samsmithworld on Wed, Mar 4 at 1:30pm


M·A·C is in Paris to celebrate the debut of another season of iconic French fashion! Join us on Tumblr as we share exclusive scenes from the City of Light’s most remarkable AW15 shows and divulge next season’s beauty trends directly from behind the runway.

Nothing like the blue @darercaxx

Nicht weiter! Stehen bleiben! Du interessierst dich für Beauty und Mode? Dann bist du bei mir genau richtig! 💄👄👗💅💎🌺 Lass doch ein Abo da 😍 Freue mich auf euch!! 🙈💕


@kristyn.nichole blue mascara 😳

@marietta199 lovely💄

maccosmetics on Wed, Mar 4 at 12:08pm


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Amazing selfie photo by ✨@thiagomlcorrea✨ check out his gallery for more details of this awesome photo 🙌 @thiagomlcorrea👈

Wauuu it's amazinh


Wow! What a wonderful photo 😄



warrenjc on Wed, Mar 4 at 11:45am