Just hanggggginggg out 🙈 @unistudios #FastFuriousRide #LAstory @discoverla

Haha i thought it would be vin diesel :D 😂😂😂

Can I take you on a date? ❤️

hair goals

You mean his bald head @skinnylegandall_

You are such an inspiration. I'm so proud of how you've overcome your obstacles in life and you deserve all the happiness in the world, thank you☺️💕

sjanaelise on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:24pm


Patriotic "no tools" dotticure! "No tools" meaning no special nail art tools were used, just things from around the house. Perfect for any holiday! Full video with voiceover is up on my YouTube channel- link in bio! - - Products used: All @Essiepolish colors Base: "Sugar Daddy" Red: "Fifth Avenue" White: "Blanc" Blue: "Butler Please" "Tools": bobby pin and toothpick Top coat: Hk girl @glistenandglow1 - Song: "Glory Days" Bruce Springsteen

Lovvvvveee it!


Yeah i could do that @glittergrlnails

@juw18 facinho, c rosas e branco ficaria legal


nailstorming on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:09pm


Let's celebrate our favorite Canucks in honor of #CanadaDay – who gets your vote for hottest Canadian in Hollywood?

Ryan. Michael Buble 😍😍😍

@justinbieber Obvs



Lmfaoooooo @nica._ 😂😂😂 I miss you

enews on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:11pm


#sfgiants #penceonthefence hanging in helmet rack at #attpark. Photo by @punkpoint

BRUH @dr.phil22

@benjimartinezz dude they're beyond creepy lol

@rayray333 👏🏼😂

This thing is pretty freaky... @xa.v.ax


sfgiants on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:29pm


Amics! @xavipobla @xaviyeye @putxi9 #Frank


We miss you!!

Hòstia el Rijkaard!

@carles5puyol tot i els retards de vueling finalment heu arribat a lloc eh? 😜

ريكارد مبسوط بفلوسنا

carles5puyol on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:54pm


Съездить со всеми детьми на день рождения? 😉💪🏻 не вопрос ☺️👌🏻 правда не успела сделать прическу и мейк ап🙈 спасло яркое шикарное платье от @lezzarine_fashion

@elle_four_mom Вам очень идет☺️😘

В любом ты душенька наряде хороша.А.С.Пушкин❤️😘 @elle_four_mom

Везет мальчикам. Причесался и красавчик.

@elle_four_mom Шикарная пара)))))🌺😘🎊

Шикарно выглядите! А главное счастливо:))))

elle_four_mom on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:48pm


#HouseofMadness Opening Party Squad @diplo @dvbbs @steveaoki @wolfpacksounds

The Best ;)

Lindos ♥

@soniaajeon 🙌


@yorke_9 @jukyterren55

dimitrivegasandlikemike on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:56pm


Sisters by heart ❤️🌿 @katharinaaaaaa | 📷 by @lejannik



Ewweysen bu ne otruwdur ozune giymet verde


You are ugly

lamiyaslimani on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:02pm


Check out @justlivinit_ and his new aventador, give him a follow for more pics of this beauty!

Behold.....the grazing bull

My new car 😍😍😍

@moreiraregiss e ai ? Eh baixo ou nao ? Kkkk

My uncles got a yellow one of these 👌👌

😍 @patriciaquiel9

carswithoutlimits on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:34pm


Who would've thought this guy would ever make it? Not only do I get my old job back, but they gave me a raise! to play for/with the greatest teammates and coaches, you'll ever see around the game, in the greatest organization in the world! Thank you for this great opportunity and thanks to the fans for always supporting #Spurs

@arom2011 @vbhakta3


@ryanriv07 @rosas_aye let's get them trophies


Glad to see you back. Spur for life!!

greenranger14 on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:49pm


@shaleenphilip seriously. Nothing

hahah jaa @ramabahhi

@kimsandon 😍



randomturtle on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:56pm


new video is up :) it's a story y'all. a haunting story. link in my bio😛



I drew the llama song 🙈😂❤️

caprissa 🌸💟


twaimz on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:43pm


El Guaje & Super Frank // 📷: @davidvilla


@cyustis1013 what you think?

Awesome hope they play #OrlandoCity again and we should go @andysebas02

@cyustis1013 yesssss!!!

@el_heyzt @gall0_10 living legends. New York set up now

mls on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:51pm



@josepvillanueva 💕💕

you have the perfect bone structure

Eyebrow goals

Face goals

@issy.mags goals

joannakuchta on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:20pm





Het leukste youtube koppel woont nu samen gefeliciteerd😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎊

Nu is don weg...😞


ditisnietmilan on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:09pm


I want this! 😍😭 👉@bestvideo

@limaalawadi @s_alawadiq8 افا عليكم السبت ان شاءالله نسوي

@youngexample @tetyana_08 we need to do this!!

Yum @timnosa @esurubelle

@larakono @nadineeee_03 @lorenadurst_99 omg *-*

@quinterodany97 amoooor estoooooo

bestvideos on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:05pm


Me a few years ago 😂😂😂😂




@omegatron17 is that ur mom lmfao

@mr_doubledip You know!

chanelwestcoast on Wed, Jul 1 at 12:55pm


لم يتسوّل في الشوارع أو على أبواب المساجد بل كدّ في العمل وهومقطوع الساقين .

@nonaaahhh 😂كفك علي الرد ✋🏻

@moh292_191 يالله المستعان ماعنده ذره رجوله هي تنزل تسول وهو ف السياره الحمدالله بس

@amona_2_2 zzzx

@hmoudsq هاذا اننا في الدوام و اكد كد الححمير و اخر ششي خصصم 😂😂😂

@mnoosh131313 😉😉😉

saudinews50 on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:38pm


- حساب يعرض لكم صور خـدع افلام السينما 🎥 ينزل مقاطع ولقطات نادرة من خلف الكواليس 🎥 . اضغط فولو وسو لايكات للحساب وماراح تندم 👌 : ؛ حساب ورا الكواليس 👇 @Wra_alkwales @Wra_alkwales @Wra_alkwales @Wra_alkwales @Wra_alkwales . يـسـتـحـق الـمـتـابـعـه ♡ الي يضيفـه يكـتب تـم ♡




@_s.o99 ضيفه


8bl_w_b3d on Wed, Jul 1 at 1:57pm


#MagicMikeXXL hits theaters TODAY! Who's already seen it? (Photo credit: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros.)



@nikki_trejo28 @del2419 🙀🙀🙀

@michael_wrona yes


usweekly on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:06pm


@bumblebeemgee got me back to baby pink hairs. This is my Favorite hair color out of the 5million hair colors I've had 💘 she's da best ☺️

I'm pretty sure these are miu miu @albs_

How chic are they! @albs_

You so raw 😍😍😍😍

@drealand these sunglasses tho

The glasses 😳

lora_arellano on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:15pm


فتحي مش واكل القو #كبير_في_السن #مكشر_الوجه #نينجا_النعال

@roaasf @dn0on @6razan_ مايبالو الا كدا اصلا 😂😂😂 لازم في احد يحش رامز

😂😂😂فنان عزيز

@a7.k9 @whyshmsa 😂💁

يالله مره نسيت انه شخص واحد متقن ماشاء الله


azizbader on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:06pm


Jelly elle est pas stressée dans le train 😂

Trop mignon ^^

Mais je t'emmerde @_chloe57

Moué.....maiiis bon on peut rien y faireee @_chloe57

Trop mignonne jelly

Et en quoi son avis non constructif va changer les choses ? Vous vous défendez tous avec votre expression " la liberté d'expression " ou " chacun son avis " mais expliquez moi a quoi ça sert ? Si ce n'est que de blesser la personne. @Anastasia.srb

enjoyphoenix on Wed, Jul 1 at 12:18pm


The opening round of the #SmithGrudgeMatch is live on Surfline and the field is stacked! Head over to cast your votes in this eight­team International surf­off featuring: @nick.rozsa @camrichards (USA) vs @marclacomare @maximehuscenot (FRA) | @alfredthe4th @whoisjob (HI) vs @midgetmagic @jay_davies (AUS) | @yagodora @iangouveia (BRA) vs @bromdog783 @sladeprestwich (AF) | @garutwidiarta @oneyanwar (IDN) vs @masatoshiohno @shunmurakami (JPN) || Presented by @smithoptics

Why do surf videos always have the best songs?


@burakcinararzuoglu sen mi soylemistin bunu gecen gun ?



surfline on Wed, Jul 1 at 2:31pm