Walking at 10 months!! #LaiyahShannon ❤️ there's always some colorful things happening when I get to My Moms to get the kids LOL Laiyah took her first steps getting to her dad says ago!! But hair crazy in a onesie is just how my Nana let me kick it😂😂 #YoungAndFree #ILoveHerSmile #ILoveMyBabies #RockoIsStillHiding LOL

I love it!

So cute😍😍

@ericamikal i just love this little baby! gorg

Get it girl.

Aww ...too adorable ❤congratulations Laiyah ..Thanks for sharing this MOMENT!!! ❤❤❤😘

monicabrown on Wed, Jul 30 at 8:11pm


Follow @carinstagram @carinstagram @carinstagram

wuajajajaj @frankss15 😂😂😂👌👌👌



@guuiribeiroo @jose_usso @josefilho41 @raafagiraldi @alineusso

@reyna_land Dude I laugh every time hahaha

carinstagram_video on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:24pm


It was sweet American Honey tonight in Davenport. Thank you Quad Cities!


You have the nicest voice




ladyantebellum on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:51pm


MR2 anyone? | Photo By: @itsgoco #stancenation

@craigd1983 that mr2 doe





stancenation on Wed, Jul 30 at 8:50pm


See you tomorrow morning at #ChargersCamp! @mteo50

He is waving to his girlfriend on the stands! On the empty bleacher !! Lol

The best!! @dan_darlak2014 @brandon_erikson50 @npolidore27

I shall be there indeed.

@mythz @losdoyers46 i think he is pointing at his "girlfriend" 😂😂

The girlfriend jokes are old and not funny.

chargers on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:06pm


tumble out of doubles they said, it would be fun they said.

This is u @bayleyri

@nataliepro_ me

😂😂😂 @p_colvinn10

@rebelz_emily 😂😂😂


baileypaytonn on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:34pm


☁︎ bts series: spice up uniforms💕 – 👗 [ cc: @tutorialicious ] 🍁 #tutorialiciousbts disclaimer: this may not work for everyone, depending on your school. read your school uniform policy before you start. — • 👟 wear shoes that stand out. school uniforms tend to be in dull colors, so colorful shoes and socks can help dramatically to spice them up. — • 🎀 accessorize: – chunky necklaces, rings, hair bows, headbands, dangling earrings & scarves. — • 💄 subtle makeup: – apply light mascara in a color such as brown, a tinted moisturizer to give your skin a healthy glow. wear a light lip gloss or lip stain in a pretty, feminine color such as pink or red. — • 💇 style your hair: – add subtle highlights to your hair or lightly wave your hair with a curling iron. — • 👖bottoms: – try a pleated skirt or knee-length pencil skirt for an updated look. — • 👚 top: – if you need a collared shirt try a peter pan collar or classic button-down dress shirt instead of the everyday polo. – if you must wear plain polos, layer two different colors. if your school specifies turtlenecks, try a trendy cowl-neck or mock turtleneck instead of the common fold-over type. — • 📚 stand out w/books: – choose a backpack, tote or binder with a fun print that coordinates with your uniform. personalize it with patches, buttons or ribbons, and carry your books in style. —— bts = back to school ✏️ click the link in my bio for $$$ comment "👗" if this is helpful! [qotp] does your school require uniforms? ——

Yes 😭😭

Yes :( but they call it dress code

Ohh read question wrong, noooo

Nope, I go in my pajamas.

I'm homeschooled that why. Lol

tutorialicious on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:43pm


The Academy of Villains are HOT on the #sytycd stage!


Wtf am I suppose to be looking at 😱✋✌️✌️

@colette8150 ^^^

Hail TI love this show and am grateful for the voice it provides to the world of dance to be acknowledged as art. What a gift for dancers to learn and showcase their talent, and to the audience who watch each week. I am moved by choreo that tells a story or simply movement for movement sake ( Casey's turns

All hail Travis Wall!

danceonfox on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:55pm


Pump Furys from A Bathing Ape Check these out in the Reebok category on Sneakernews.com

@moedongo nahhh

@hamizanalias spenda kau lg mahal bai..

All you @gabbs89

Ugly @therealchapo wys


sneakernews on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:29pm


kinda awkward looking, but one to full! video creds: @jordansprinkles

@oliviaegbert this just put us to shame

thank you for commenting this! made my day!! @banny7762



@cristalann outstanding!

abbieeamsler on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:08pm


Really enjoying the new stone fire-pit @KJP built on our lake shore today 😍🔥



@colinobrien45 filter/photo edit

Nice shot!


sarahkjp on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:35pm


THANKS EVERYONE 4 da surprise!!! luv u all!!! X x x 💋

You are sooooo beautiful.



Your smile is gorgeous. 👌

You are more beautiful than real mermaid!

xxarissacheoxx on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:14pm


Dance everywhere u go.....

she's 11! @glamgirl1026

Good dancer!

Wish I could do that everywhere I went😊 u should check out my minion edit I made you😘



brynnyboo222 on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:25pm


Reunited @kaelynnharris 😍😍 NEW MEXICO

You can't let that SoReal jacket go lol

@inggridrr 😳⁉️


Essa foto ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Wait, he's in NM?

willdabeast__ on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:05pm


Had a blast tonight on America's Got Talent singing #Bailando with @duttypaul and @descemer_bueno on @nbcagt ! For a look you can’t get anywhere else: http://bit.ly/eifreakoutapp

#Bailandro is such a sexy songg! It's always on repeat on mah cell n in mah head! Love it.....u rock Enrique Iglesias #enriqueigleasis 😘


I Love😍😍😍😘😘😘


I love Enrique <3

enriqueiglesias on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:34pm


Finally reunited with my best friend after one long year, love you mar mar💖


Awwww that's so sweet...💜😊

@brian_marter wow you're hilarious

you don't like it either do u? @brian_marter

you don't deserve to breath air @brian_marter

drew_shipley on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:09pm


.... except for when I do. // To the people who leave comments so hastily accusing me of anorexia or who so easily suggest I eat 10 burgers or stuff donuts down my throat.... I don't normally feel the need to defend myself but this time I will address and only because of the irony here. I love food so much, love my body so much, love my temple so much..... that no I don't drink sodas. Don't eat fast food. Try to limit my sweets. But I EAT. I just eat real food. Clean food. Non-GMO food. Super foods. My husband and I grow vegetables in our garden and cook with them often. There is an epidemic of obesity in our country and I've seen people very close to me sick from years of eating processed foods so readily available in plastic "at a supermarket near you." I believe that what we eat is either fighting disease or fueling it. I'm not a nutritionist and no I'm not perfect, but it just so happens the healthier I've eaten in the last few years the less I've weighed. I've never felt better (except this cold I have tonight). Anyway, no, I don't post pictures so young girls feel they should strive to be skinny. But occasionally I will post things to make people think. I'm not perfect, I'm not angry either. But I use my words for a living and I think we should use them carefully. I love you 💕

Well said @iamcattsadler good for you 👍😘


Haters are gonna hate because they can't lose weight!!!

Preach 🙏

You look great!

iamcattsadler on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:26pm


#WCW @sydneyfashionblogger


I'm not completely fond of it...that bottom isn't nice @fancy_nia

@xo_aang lol I thought of you! You might like it!


Agree, now that you've point it out :/ @fiery_glee it will make a weird shape

jaideclothing on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:23pm


Maxi Queen 👸👑 hehe. Obsessed with this skirt from @dailylook | Get yours www.dailylook.com #dailylook | Top from @stellyclothing | www.stelly.com.au #stelly #stellyclothing

Love the outfit babe ♡♡

Great combo

@art8a2 زي لبسك



rinasenorita on Wed, Jul 30 at 9:17pm


Black & White Vibes in the Amber Suspender Skirt & Clarissa Crop Top #gypsywarrior


@delianne_ well look what we have here..

@mellywood10 #birks

You need the shoes @journeytothecenteroffashion


gypsywarrior on Wed, Jul 30 at 10:14pm