q: Hey, what's up? a: Oh muffin much, what's up with you? (immediately gets punched in the face by original question asker.)

Me too


Frank no

not the dad jokes


frankieromustdie on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:35am


A few good men! @rockstargames #GTAV #AllOrNothingFam #Bros

@itsmaxwelll @bighomie_jude

@mike_longg lol JR playing GTA


@eternalpal JR Smith be playing that GTA lol

@kevin_enock we gotta play wid him😂🔫

teamswish on Mon, Feb 8 at 1:08pm


Mais tarde a gente se encontra em Minas Gerais! Hoje tem Abaeté (20h) e Lagoa da Prata (02h). Simbora! 🆚⚡️


Liindooo 😍😍😍❤ Anjo meu ❤ @wesleysafadao


Wesley Gostosao


wesleysafadao on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:56am


Best upgrade? #fut #fifa16 #fifa #winter #upgrades See more at easports.com/fifa/fut-winter-upgrades or hit the link in our bio.

@yassinewayenberg ton bonbon va être up :x

Vardy 80

Rakitic is gay

Fifa 17 enter DONNARUMA(?)

en alt sola 10 saniye bakınca hazar ağlıyor @ardaksoyy @zekitrslk @hazarakyolcu

easportsfifa on Mon, Feb 8 at 10:49am


We're Baaaack! 😎 #rhonj season 7 Baby!

Yes yes yes!!!!! @hollyhollss

@9inhandpress YAAAAASSSSS


What is Melissa holding in her hand? Is it a pregnancy test? I doubt it? It's very bright & blinged out!


melissagorga on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:37pm


Mood this morning. 💙 Vlog is up! x


@addict_ofperfection on fera ce genre de photo quand je viendrais te voir à Montpellier :)


Ouais avec la main bien devant la tronche comme ça on est sure que ca soit réussi! 😂😂 @systemofa_marine

@addict_ofperfection et encore c'est pas sûr 😂

cath_belle on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:25pm


Love this @marcopolostreetart cool as f**k

last comment was hilarious, what are you 11?

@madsinclair__ was that jus to make me stupid



It's called sarcasm @libby.andriola

ollymurs on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:34am


Here's a fail shot of my merch ahah!😂 Tomorrow at 6pm my release date will be told!! Which means you'll all see the pictures of the merch! And know when it will be on sale! CANT WAIT!!!😆😍


Loving the profile 💖💘

Goals mate @sebbyy._


Excited! ☺️💕

saffronbarker on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:46pm


Packed, ready and off to Hawaii 🙌🏼 You better believe I'm bringing my @proteinworld slender blender and vitamins to stay on track while on out there . no days off 👌🏼 #iluvsarahii #protienworld

@iluvsarahii What lipstick are you wearing in this photo? I luv!

Can't wait to see you! 😘

@jxsrvng But Kauai lol

Let's go lol @sherryxblair

Aw you're gorgeous 😍❤️

iluvsarahii on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:42pm


FINALLY at 6:30 tonight my Valentine's treats video goes up. I'm so freaking excited!🙈🎉🙌🏼🙊

Yeahhhh @holly.hilliard_

😂😂😂😂😍 @leojjjj

@gracefinnigan i spy creme egg brownies

Looks well nice @leannneh

@emxlxx_ ur fav creme eggs r in there aahahah

emilycanham on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:58am


Just a reminder 🌬 MUA & PHOTOGRAPHY @lolo_creativ

@adel_cycy slay i need a pic like this lool

@maryjanne__ 😞

Hermosa ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋

@ss_teddy50 @cynthiajacklyn me after plastic surgery


demirosemawby on Mon, Feb 8 at 1:03pm


OH MON DIEU, un nainformatitien


On va le kidnapper 😂 @mevkameric




simonherck on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:55pm


Meanwhile, in the @yoga_girl household... 😳🐐😇❤️ @penny_thegoat #pennythegoat #crowpose #babygoat #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

@johannaasand @siribritta önskar mig verkligen en sån här 😞🐐

@sara.brace HAHA YES!!!!

@yogalark goats i mean goals!



yoga_girl on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:44am


Packing is more fun with friends! Excited to head to New York tomorrow. ✈️ #barbie #barbiestyle

Olha a gente! @fepetri

Soalnya mereka slim😢 @g.tionardy @cindyclaudialee

Pretty ladies;)

@cnserl cansu ve ben :)

I love packing

barbiestyle on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:23pm


Thank you all SO much for the well wishes!! ☺️💛 we had a beautiful day celebrating with our close friends and family.


so cute

Where did you get your daughter's dress, it is very pretty?



alexajeanbrown on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:09am


Unique beauty. Photo by: @igorborisovphotography #earthfocus

A rare picture of a souless endangered species together @colbyamerica @nathan_sall @nrsmith_360 @jeffanderson7

Hele ki en öndeki değil mi Zehracım. Epeyce benziyor 😊👭💞 @zehrastara

@vinz_tropi lascia stare,sto soffrendo😭😭 tutte mie sorelle,manco io


@rachel_wellss you do crack me up

earthfocus on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:58pm


#goodnight 😘😘😘

#ขออนุญาตฝากร้าน #เสื้อผ้าสไตล์ดารา #ราคาถูกค่า

good nιgнт คะ นอนดึกจังเลยยน 😂❤️😍

goodnight kaa ❤️

Good night ka อากาศเย็นอย่าลืมห่มผ้าด้วยนะคะ😇😴😘

♥♥กลูต้าโคตรขาว ขาวเหมือนฉีด♥♥ #เห็นผลความกระจ่างใสได้ภายใน1กระปุก♥เห็นผลทั้งผิวหน้าและผิวกาย#ฟอลเลยจ้า

crishorwang on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:29pm


Happy Lunar New Year from the #marcfam! 🎊🐒🎊 #yearofthemonkey


Necesitamos @fdangelocampos

@silva_amirkhanian !


@kellyarafat I like the gold and red. Never got into these things till I'm having a baby lol

marcjacobs on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:49pm


These swatches by @jamiepaigebeauty have us feeling inspired! Which Melted Lipstick would you wear today? (Melted Sugar, Melted Fig, Melted Marshmallow, Melted Violet.) #regram #getmelted #toofaced

@chantsgram looks so pretty

@justinedeffrennes le 1

@jasmar2725 it looks almost like your purple lipstick!!

Melted fig is gorgeous!

Melted fig

toofaced on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:41pm


Playing in the snow with the limited edition #babylips balm balls! We may or may not have lost one in Washington Square Park. 😉

@lalaina.azam this is what I was talking about



👭 @sophiechildx

@nehaaj1 theyre so cute lol! We dont have it here yet :(

maybelline on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:01pm


Seriously major #MCM man crush Monday #Alert for my boy #Ken. #Lol but #whoworeitbetter #obviouslyme #stupidquestion #malemodels #throwback #walkoff 🚺🚺💯 #twinning #iwon #barbiezoolander @barbiestyle #zoolander2 😗😗



CANT WAIT @andreagines

@saeedyabbas 😂😂😂

@annaermlich @ittakes2_kaos 😂😂😂😂

zoolander on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:50pm


Experiência incrível ontem na Sapucaí. Que energia foi essa! Mostrei os detalhes no Snap(paola_antonini)! 👻 Muito obrigada @garnierbrasil pelo convite, o trabalho ficou lindo! Vocês são demais! E hoje tem mais, gente! Uhuuul! #voudefructis #absoluta #lisoabsoluto




Essa menina é demais! Sou fã @renata_mpinheiro

Fofa linda demais 😍

paola_antonini on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:17am


Top day filming with @delealli36 today, always a pleasure, such a baller🙌🏼🙌🏼 #adidas #tekkers

@facu_pomarada dele alli jajajjaja!

Jajajajajajaja @agusblanco411



@emwj12 👋🏽

thef2 on Mon, Feb 8 at 11:35am


‏صور من مران فريق #الهلال الأول لكرة القدم ليوم الأثنين 8 فبراير 2016 م. #alhilal

بنته واخته كلها سوا @lldxz

احح عروق راسه 😁

@ftmaaz1 اختو ولا ؟

مممين اااللي مع شوشو🌚😪

وقلبسس 😭💓

alhilal.f.c on Mon, Feb 8 at 12:49pm