#tbt to the Little League days... Different Sox, but always loved this game! ⚾️

The beginning of a legend

@bentley_36 thats looks like you

Look you was one Red Sox on the inside back then. @shanevictorino

Instead of white it is red now @shanevictorino


shanevictorino on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:58pm


Anyone up for one last summer fling? Stock up on all of your tarte favorites this weekend at our #LaborDay sale when you apply the code LDAY! Valid 8/28-9/1. xo, tarte!💋 #Summer #sun #beauty #makeup #beach #LDAY #tartelette


@viviana0110 that's the kabuki brush I use for the tarte mineral powder

@mrshiddleston 😈

Whoop Whoop! Congratulations to you and your family:)

like it

tartecosmetics on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:09pm



@motilda_1 а когда контракт закончится?

Девочки Доставка по Москве БЕСПЛАТНО!!!😘😘😘🎉все вещи в наличии👠👗👛👓👟

@mariiadrigola красотка)))


@mariiadrigola Машуня, чудесно выглядишь)Такая веселая) Видно день прошел хорошо или будет хорошим)) #BecauseImHappy

mariiadrigola on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:22pm


new. music. help me build my album on my fan club, yo -- fahlo.me/torikelly




Loving this album's vibe!


torikelly on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:39pm


New get ready with me video on my channel! And guess what I have an amazing giveaway just for you lovelies, I hope you enjoy 😘! Link in bio or >>>http://youtu.be/mlSUbXLHizw

I think she just posted a video actually xx @chidinma_xxx

Yes imma go watch it now @naacatoxx

@pnzoyem she doesn't have to talk about it with her followers. She doesn't have to explain every big decision she makes. I think it's a little rude to keep pestering @thepatriciabright about it. If/ when she wants to talk about it she will. As for now you and everyone asking are just going to have to mind thier business.



thepatriciabright on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:33pm


On my way to the hotel trying #hyperlapse #newyork

مسآآآء آلخیڑ

@hannypt uz brzy!!!😍😉

@strelnikovalisa 🗽🇺🇸🔝✌️💖


@carolinapfaria vamos com ele

tomasberdych on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:32pm


we're officially married. we'll be having our ceremony and reception when we visit our home towns :) #beverlyhills #california



Good for u

Congrats man finally!

congratulations bud! my wedding is next saturday. good luck to you both!

kiloalexander on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:17pm


I love this iPhone game called Reversus! I’m so addicted to it I beat all my friends at it. LOL 😍 Do you guys play?? Come play with me!! 😃 Go get it at bachoy.com/reversus

Will u accept my request plz

I will when im sat next to her at awards worlds 2016! & she lives 3 & a half hours away from the gym shes in the gym as much as she can! Have you not heard of having a break when shes in the gym from 7 in the morning to 11 at night?? @lillian_kathleen

Sorry my family isn't filthy rich and can afford to drive me hours to cheer? I am in the gym almost everyday wether it's practice, coaching or privates. I get a break one week a day and I spend most of it stretching or doing at home. I use the best of my time because I actually have to work a little harder for my dreams. they don't just get handed to me because my parents have money and I have some skills. I pay for 1/2 cheer and can't go anywhere farther than an 20 mins away until I can drive, pay for it myself and don't have to rely on my parents at all. So don't try to talk to me about "working hard" or "taking breaks" Thank you. @isthatfinlay

day a week* @isthatfinlay


ashleywilsonxoxo on Thu, Aug 28 at 4:44pm


ThankYou.. Xx

Happy birthday florence! Can't even express the love but enjoy it!!

Happy birthday florence!!! Xxx

Congrats .!!!!!!!!!

happy bday my darling, love ya

Love you florence @ouhoh

ouhoh on Thu, Aug 28 at 4:50pm


Acepto el reto de @melissajimenezgp (ya te pillaré en Aragón o en Valencia jaajja) y después de haber hecho mi donación a la Asociación Andaluza de Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica que es lo más importante, le paso el reto a @maximhuerta , @lamodadesara y @matiashile . Podéis buscar toda la info para donar y aportar un granito de arena en www.alsa.org/donate #icebucketchallenge



Jajajajaa siiii @andream02

Tutta pubblicità donate e basta con questi video!

@lovelypepa 👍👍👍

lovelypepa on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:16pm


#latergram w/ @audiosoup 💙

All of your pics are very beautiful!

Que lugar!!!!

Such a beautiful place to have a holiday loved it when I went!


Es precioso

civilking on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:58pm




Home sweet home.


@jaredbailey5 🐊🏈


uflorida on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:20pm


Just trying to find a tune dude


@cassandrasteele Did you pass out on the floor again?

Omg I love you....r beats pill

I seriously love you! You were always my favorite on degrassi. You're so beautiful & a great actress! I love you Cassie!


cassandrasteele on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:31pm


Wenn andere jugendliche sturmfrei haben und wenn ich sturmfrei habe 😂😂 @dagibee @lionttv





@tabeabuerkle @vanessa_ymcmb_ passt perfekt

hichaemyt on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:45pm


Who's a #silver lover? Shop www.gogolush.com💋

@_nlairj_ ♥♡

@poppetje80 waaaauuuuuwwwww: 1 for me please ;-)


Like it 2 :-) @relaxemeid

Love this

gogolush on Thu, Aug 28 at 4:36pm


Just named the 2014 UEFA Best Player in Europe, @cristiano is ready to lace into his new @nikefootball #Mercurial Superflys. In stock now at SOCCER.COM. #nike #cr7 #soccerdotcom

the shoes @gracieworthing 😂

twinning @cristianm_

😂😂😂😂 fucken Juan @j.escalante17

Cr7 voce e o melhor

the fuck is wrong with his fingers?

soccerdotcom on Thu, Aug 28 at 2:53pm


It may be summer but The Lord knows how to stay warm in the winter thanks to my friends @mooseknucklescanada. My peasants, do yourselves a favor and get on this early before you freeze in winter! #winteriscoming #mooseontheloose


Te amooooo

We r the peasants @letthelordbewithyou lol we keep watching u get ritcher!! Can u give u a bill to pay?

Love scott he is the reason I watch

Peasants 😭😂

letthelordbewithyou on Thu, Aug 28 at 4:21pm


I always match my socks with my food 🍌🐒

Btw can i have that socks pls 🍌🍌

God, you r amazing gurl.


@nutsyyyy socks

Where did you buy those socks? 😍

aliencreature on Thu, Aug 28 at 3:02pm


Sneak Peek Season 5, Episode 4 happens later today! Get ready to check out a totally different collection from what you regularly see (via @geokthree).

It's about time you guys did an adidas closet

Is it up right now



Lugar dos sonhos

nicekicks on Thu, Aug 28 at 4:41pm


Our team is busy sending out World Suicide Prevention Day packs! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE until midnight EST. #NoOneElse14 (Link in profile)


so good!

mine is expected to finally get here tomorrow!!! i cant wait :)

Wish I could have bought one this year! Money's a little tight but I loved mine from last year. I filled my shirt with names of people who also supported the cause :)

You guys are awesome. Thank you!!

twloha on Thu, Aug 28 at 4:48pm