Bath time🛀 Aug23,2014 #pug #dog #home






huxxi on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:18am


We #love @mendaciasuicide <3 Tag your favorite #LatinSuicideGirl in the comments below!!! #LatinaSuicideGirls #bumsofsuicidegirls

I mean you couldve just drawn those pictures and carry a book with ya

@mateochristmas stfu

Your vagina lips sing for me

http://WeeklyYouthPay.com/?ref=110347 open this link and make you happy

Mendacia you are so perfect!

suicidegirls on Fri, Aug 22 at 11:24pm


Acompanhe todas as dicas da @babymedbebe. Muita informação para as mamães ficarem antenadas. #babymed

@big_gordo_de_san_fran_califas soooo Arabella!!! Lol

@poppetuk looks like Tilly!

Amor asi tendrá el cabello mia carlotha *.* @carloschirinosp

@charnak21 ...little Cara F studying for level 1 Sommelier.

@oliv_juise my future child!

fashionkids on Fri, Aug 22 at 11:11pm


Brother brought Voodoo Doughnuts! He can stay LOL!

Diabetes in one pic

How come you donut share with me!!


So hungry now😂

OMG I love them!!!

brittanilouisetaylorpics on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:13am


ท้า @ja_jittapa @wonderingpango และ เพจรบกวนตัดต่อภาพนี้ให้หน่อย (ผู้สนับสนุนหลักอย่างไม่เป็นทางการในการ post production ครั้งนี้) #icebucketchallenge #icebucketchallengeth me/-โอนเงินแป๊บ :-)

@bitchezz_b_droolin: when I'm gonna nominate your ass it's gonna be like that 😂

@lydiabrewart @amandabrewart

@i.forde @shanellebrownn

ซี่ๆๆๆๆๆ 555 #ดวงกมลคิดถึงกมลเนตร

@ayselbd 😒😒😒🔫

kamolned on Fri, Aug 22 at 10:34pm


Drop the mic. Drop the ball. First pitch at the Dodgers Game! What an honor!!!!

You SHOULD be singing the anthem! @jessetyler


Its truly been awesome witnessing such beutiful talent from of u morden femily acters #good stuff guys

Lucky. I know someone who has thrown the first pitch at a dodgers game


jessetyler on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:04am


Puppy Love!!


I'm watching dance moms right now!!!!

I want a Golden Retriever badly :(

Where's maliboo🐶

OMG just posted Melissa and Abby singing together 😂😂

dancemommelissa31 on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:15am


Ассаламу алайкум! Сегодня имам Адам Эльжуркаев в своей проповеди на утренней молитве рассказал Хадис Посланника Аллаха (с.а.в.), в котором говорится о тех, кто в Судный день будут в тени Арша. Пророк (с.а.в.) сказал:"семеро будут в тени Арша в тот лень, когда не будет другой тени. Справедливый правитель. Молодой человек, выросший в поклонении Всевышнему Аллаху. Человек, чьё сердце связано с мечетью. Двое, полюбившие друг друга ради Аллаха, ради него встречаются и ради него расходятся. Человек, которого позвала к себе богатая, красивая женщина, а он ответил отказом, заявив, что боится Аллаха. Человек, дающий милостыню так, что левая рука ее знает, что дает правая рука. И человек, который упомянул Аллаха в уединении и прослезился". Да смилостивится Всевышний Аллах над нами! #Кадыров #Россия #Чечня #Молитва #Хадис

Вашвнь,я просто хочу сказать тебе- Ассаламу Алейкум.




@kadyrov_95 Аллах дала саха дойла хьа сахнаш Ахмад хьаьжи син хазчу кхоъца кхачдойла ахь мел лелош дерг, нахам зуд хьаькху эр ду, бакъ дерг дукх хьо хьа да бахьнехь Аллах вайн дина дика даламуклахь хьо деле воьхш валарн хастам беш цхьа барт болш дехар дукх вай, дала дукх ваха войла хьо, Аллах дела Тха дегнаш гуш вукх Тхуна хьо везаш санна дик болх бойлкх цо тхуна☝☝☝☝

kadyrov_95 on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:46am


Lay day fun at chopes! 🎥 @matt_bemrose

$500 @matt_bemrose


Nice sweet barrell

Nuts !!!


josh_kerr84 on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:47am


Repost @hoopfilms 🙌🙌

No look, behind the back, WHO DAT SAY THEY GUNA BEAT USA

@nicolecurtis24 @willybanks_04_14 that's liget

@skyewalker25 how you assist me for that lefty bang 🙌



pjf_performance on Fri, Aug 22 at 10:22pm


View of Brooklyn Bethel in the evening from the Towers residence building. Photo shared by @kazann2013

We've been meaning to see that it was filmed right where we stayed in Hawaii

@ms_cathyle I need to be here

Wow 😍👌


I could look out my window when I was a kid and see this view 17 years, its embedded in my mind.

jw_witnesses on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:01am


Final stop! #Hawaii #thebigisland #dreamvacation 🌴

Lindsay Ellingson would you go to prom with me? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

so nice.


@lindsellingson 😘


lindsellingson on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:05am


What have I done!?!?!?

Bored at home with the clippers!!!!

Dude, you should've just grown a full Merlin lol.


Lookin like Greg Shiloh from blue mountain state

@raybayj lol I know bro

jonnybones on Sat, Aug 23 at 1:13am


Backstage with Dazzle in Ottawa!!! #happypride @dariennelake #rainbowparty

@topsy_krettzz DAMMIT

Love that hair C

Is dazzle Darienne's nickname? So confused. Ah

@charlescnielsen look who's in town?! Ahhhh!


courtneyact on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:01am


LB Khalil Mack intercepted a pass at the end of the first half and returned it 13 yards. At the end of the night, however, the Raiders fell to the Packers 31-21 at Lambeau Field.

What. Some. Body call the cops dame😄


Hahaha @thegiantobadiah36 one of the worst teams for the last decade and we ain't loyal......

Our secondary is trash

Schaub sucks balls he fucken sucked ass in Houston and now he sucks ass in Oakland. We suck again

raiders on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:17am


She's a natural :) #juliannabear @itsjudytime

Omg I remember this milk video 😂 awe she's so cute ❤️

@piyamahaab stfu. Arab ugly ass

@tiffany_anne824 idc I'm being honest dumbass

the milk video 😂

How adorable! The twins look so different compared to jb <3

benjimanfood on Sat, Aug 23 at 1:14am






@abu_yousef0 الشراريب حتشكي الليله

@hannahstocking i know your not going to see this but your real beautiful!

hannahstocking on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:36am





want to eat

Love it

Like it

ladyironchef on Sat, Aug 23 at 12:02am


No Portland is more trashy @kells444




#ca #cali #ca24seven

purposeofenvy on Fri, Aug 22 at 10:54pm


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Get out......

@isminiflouda Get ready!

@dpetricko when?



beautifuldestinations on Fri, Aug 22 at 11:01pm