Credit: @christianmagazine #NOTASHAMED


Stealing this



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risenapparel on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:39pm


He back in the club @exwildcat03 !! #vegas #firsttimeidubbedseonehere #wemakinhistorybaby#2klegend

@otmachine86 what system


I will smack u add me my online name is lakers-go-in24 im 368 & 21 @otmachine86

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Im 700-0

paul_george24 on Tue, Jul 29 at 8:26pm


When there are tacos, forget it vatos! -w/ @tania_ontiveros @livingwithcy @tacosway 🎥 #mexicangueys -- Tag your friends :]


Tenian que salir con sus mamadas. Lol.

@jennjenn021 thought this would make you smile.

We hella want this lmao @bryana_munoz

@_valgarcia9 @karinaamaya17 @schmeida_14 lmao yeeessssss😂😂😂😂

mexicangueys on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:26pm


Paella personalmente preparada por nuestro gran anfitrion y amigo @jfarata #graciasJose!!!! #masCOLOMBIANOqcualquiera!!! @jamesrodriguez10 #los3mosqueteros @anamariatrujillooficial

Cual de los dos. Do marid de do pingue. Los dos deginitivamnte. Muakmuak

Siganme y los sigo! 👌💪

Queee deliciaaaaaa

Huy que deli

Bien ok @farydmondragon

farydmondragon on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:03pm


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Which app you use to group the pics? @813fashion 💕

813fashion on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:52pm


Tiffany Air Jordan 4 Custom by @mache275 what do you think? SneakerFiles.com #sneakerfiles #airjordan

@shestill_boojie @___diamondhustle___




@jsosa18 😱😱😱😱 ay dios mioooo i want emmmmm

sneakerfiles on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:13pm


@jakeruiz_ team rider for @filament_brand footwear dropping this week at @zumiez shops

Ride or die


I'd like to see a video of that

I would try it though😂😂 @zumiez

Kink for days

zumiez on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:36pm


87 kg (192 lb) hang snatch attempt! So close!! Can't always get em. Next time for sure!! #crossfit #olympicweightlifting #weightlifting #hangsnatch #snatch #nexttime

I heard something snap

ctfu she thought she was @t_hannin


Y'all the "snap" or "crack" is my shoes hitting the platform.... I didn't break anything


mattiecakesssss on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:22pm


Our #PrismPack sale is still kicking! Shouts to @whatthekicks for this craaazy shot in our OG Prism socks. Get both Prism 1 and 2 for only $39.99 at the link in our bio!

@jfletch_2 would you wear the shoes

Dope future Jordan's right @mr.tovar_1102




rockemapparel on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:36pm


Encores with Carolina Crown are always a good time 👑 (by: Molly Favret)

I know what there playing!

Look at these BUTTS @madiiiiiooo

@carolinacrown Such butt. Much blue.

Sooo amazing tonight @carolinacrown


carolinacrown on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:53pm


#قروب_بوخلي 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @fawaz_hamad & @sroory1212 Thank you all for supporting us😆


تمثيلج حلو مشاءالله الله يوفقج ان شاء الله استمري @mzdanah

حتى الشباب الكومبارس أضغطوج بالمسرحية


بصراحه الأفيه بطططططط

mzdanah on Tue, Jul 29 at 8:31pm


Thank you mommy for the bracelet and for the cute speech about all the work I do😋 @tamarasthorne

You are so lucky with money like that💔💵💵💵💸

Wao bells its srly beautiful im in love. Send kisses and hugs to dani,tamara,bp,remy and tristan. Love you so much babe -allylovesbellat on twitter

Those run like $6,000 or more a piece...

@tamarasthorne can you be my mom?💗🌈

@faith_choi hmmm

bellathorne on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:00pm


GrandGateau®. Nome, forma de preparo e apresentação... Criado e registrado pelo PARIS6, exclusivamente pra nossos clientes!!! 😋😋😋 DELEITE-SE SEM MODERAÇÃO!!

Nossa não vejo a hora de chegar no RJ ou SP e a 1° parada será para provar essa #gostosuradebeleza ou #belezadegostosura @paris_6

@jupradoneves @biapradoneves

A gente precisa fazer dia do irmão com esse, @acarolrissi 😍😍😍

@felippecaseiro fe, da proxima vez eu vou com vc. Eu sim sei apreciar um doce de verdade!! Hehehehehe

Meu Deus

paris_6 on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:15pm


Kamari Beach, Santorini. Beautiful photo by my friend @sassychris1 😍 check out her awesome feed for more.

Where is that I want to go there


Superb! @sassychris1


very Beautiful

warrenjc on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:24pm



Hope you're having a fun time 💖😍





minzy21mz on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:21pm


ah stacked braids. how classic. || comment ur favourite puns:P

How did u do that

@angelaros3xo @stefanapoulos

Credit: @mybraids


so beautiful

braidsforgirls on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:19pm


@meghan_trainor is on now with @brookeradio talking about her song #AllAboutThatBass! 🎶👯



Seriously? Radio Disney? Kids listen to this show? Just play #chasingthesun already

Could my kids come to Disney

You rock!

radiodisney on Tue, Jul 29 at 8:58pm


"I just torched a building downtown and I'm afraid I'll do it again." from 'The Springfield Files'. Season 8, Episode 10.


@photografrank @squeege10 @_demigod @dirtybird905




thesimpsonsig on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:13pm


In emotional retaliation to those new Wonder Woman stills, I splurged on a little classic WW today. *sunglasses for scale*

too bad gal gadot is a hateful zionist bc i love wonder woman

Thats me all day boiiii


@lightsy but what if those sunglasses are super tiny?? I don't know how big your face is!

I like the whole super Amazon look. Mostly because I don't want to be forced fed American capitalism. X)

lightsy on Tue, Jul 29 at 9:42pm


E.T. phone home 👽📞🏠


Omg ! It is so cuteee !!! @josephvincent


they should do a sequel of E.T. when E.T came back. 👍


josephvincent on Tue, Jul 29 at 10:13pm