this picture pretty much sums up our entire friendship

@mmarsh421 us


Their so cute

You to are both so gorgeous!


itsashlyperez on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:16pm





This is tumblr asf

Did you send a message to everybody?

Cause I don't feel special anymore😩😂😂😂😂

carlosmcmanus on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:19pm


I'm tweeting individual ticket links on my Twitter. The links have been hard to find. Can't wait to rock the stage with Yall and meet many of you. It's been awhile since I've been on the road and that is my favorite part. Really get to connect with Yall and talk to the ones that really listen to my music. Such a blessing. You can Get "Maloski" early with VIP meet and greet. Appreciate all the support. Gonna be a fun month for sure.

Can you come to baltimore?!?!!!???

I REALLY WANT TO GO TO THE ALT SHOW BUT THE ONE TIME YOUR DOWN HERE ITS FOR 18+ I NEED JT TO BE 16+ so I can bring my bestfriend with me !!! @skatemaloley

Omg!!!!! @hcorn2002



skatemaloley on Fri, Sep 4 at 11:18pm


Who wants it more?

Irish homo

@thenotoriousmma so mad I didn't ask you for a selfie at the airport a few minutes ago ha I chickened out


Vicious Aldo...!!!

I think you mean irish hero @thenotoriousmma

thenotoriousmma on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:07pm


Guess which one of the blue-eyed and pink ballon holding wonders washed my iphone along with the dishes yesterday evening, but didn't get in trouble because 1) she was trying to be very helpful 2) today is her 4th birthday? 😉 #mybeautifulvasilisa 😍💖 (ps: it seems that I grabbed the phone just in time and after thorough drying in rice overnight it appears to be ok after all 😊) //////////// Угадайте, кто из голубоглазых и держащих розовый шарик моих жемчуженок помыл мой iphone вместе с посудой вчера вечером , но кого вообще не ругали, потому что 1) она старалась помочь, 2) у нее сегодня день рождения? 😉 #моявасилисапрекрасная 😍💖 ( ps: я вовремя заметила телефон, и похоже , что после тщательной ночной сушки в рисе все ок😊)

Oh no! We had an iPad that fared a similar fate. Sadly didn't live much longer. Bless them! 😂

Oh golly. But with a sweet little face like that, you can't even be mad!

@pandj77 yikes 😁

С Днем!!

Happy birthday that blue-eyed wonder!!!

livingnotes on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:51pm


Happy Friday! Drink anyone?!🍸💁🙋 someone tagged me on my instagram. Had to repost😎

us on saturday💁🏻🍹 @mlunce @nicolem17


@kat2989 @aimeeschung @b3thani



melissagorga on Fri, Sep 4 at 8:49pm



Her facial structure though 😍 but her eyebrows piss me off 😂

@ashleyybancroft ikr haha

I don't see it sorry

@ashleyybancroft you're ugly af

@sheenaldular gigi is more tho.....

tacosbae on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:35pm


their words mean nothing till you give them power and make them so .................................................................. for similar pieces preorder your copy of m&h: rupikaur.com/milkandhoney

@grashopper8 I love this so much.

@humblethepoet this sounds like one of your messages perfectly said in a poem




rupikaur_ on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:47pm


when ur lipstick has u feelin some type of way😈

@yourlittleharlot but I thought it was a Barbie at first



FLAWLESS QUEEN 😭😭😭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @longlive_26

What mascara or lashes have you been using recently @gigigorgeous

gigigorgeous on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:33pm


- Chocolate Ferraro Rocher Cake with Chocolate Covered Strawberries on Top and Chocolate Wafer Sticks around! TAG a Cake Lover! - Cake by: @sugarglam_by_s.k

@nanigirl628 yum


This is my cake 😍😍😍😍 @keeksss_54

@freddyk93 for you


cakemenu on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:19pm


Hope you guys can come to tribu grill union city tonight that's my last performance for the day I'll be there til 12am 😘

Broooooo I wish @punzalan.b

omg I wanna go sooooooo bad tho @ilysm.weirdo

Let's sneak out I will meet u there hahaha @punzalan.b

@yayaaaaaaa__ we should go

yeah omg😂😂😂😂 @ilysm.weirdo

monicalaire on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:34pm


@alekskarlatos taught me a little somethin today at the shooting range after rehearsal😎😎 #dwts @dancingabc

Its great that you two are getting along so well. Cant wait for you two to kill it on the dance floor

What is your team name guys?

Fantastic. Hope you make the finals.

Team name should be Life Savers! Way to go Alek! Still can't believe I'm seeing you everywhere I look! You deserve it all!

omg I love this @rachel_morgan3

lindsarnold on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:29pm


Cutie drag marble by @sveta_sanders #thenailgoals


This is so awesome omg @htkt_13

Me gusta lindass ee...

@nirupa95 OMG it's hypnotic 😍

Awesome 😀😀😀😀💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

thenailgoals on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:19pm


@son_of_wolverine oh what happened to her!!!?$

@thao_vi_12_22 nothing

@son_of_wolverine how did she get that

@son_of_wolverine was she like born like that or something

Hermano ke weah

arianeandrew on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:27pm


The @BlueJays drop the series opener to the Orioles.

Dany heatley>>> John Cena

I thought this was about baseball, not countries. Crappy loss Jays. We'll step up in the next game! Keep your heads up. Everyone has a bad day. ❤⚾

Bring me to the Leafs!!!

Props @mike_svpreme . Thats the proper way to support your team! There's still a month left and you never know what can happen. I'm a jays fan and this pennant race is not guaranteed to any team just yet. Love september baseball

@danyheatley YES... Danny Heatley>>>>> John Cena

bluejays on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:44pm


Only a king can attract a queen and only a queen can keep a king focused. 👑🐝

I think romeo just made me fall in love. 😍😍 @vrathsamy @nicole_monique_



@romeomiller Ima have to use this but give my shoutout

@classydmarie 😍😍😍 forgive us; for we did not kno! 😂

romeomiller on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:04pm


One day, you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.


@___meggo let's take in gf #2 now

Dam I would love to meet you


Your amazing beautiful

cawestbrooks on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:36pm


Loved turning this dated house into a modern ranch style home, #seasonthreeiscoming and we can't wait for y'all to see these reveals starting December 1! @hgtv #fixerupper


@jasonhillyard 😍😍😍😍

@kaylakhanson - not until DECEMBER! 😢

@ecarroll1990 modern ranch? Sign me up!! Love the front of this house.

Can't wait!! But December is so far away

joannagaines on Fri, Sep 4 at 8:50pm


E os anjos cantam nosso amor.. 🎶🎶🎶💟🙏🏼✨



Lindos ...vc merece minha linda..bjos

Toda felicidade do mundo p vc minha Rainha!!!

Felicidade gata bjs

amandadjehdian on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:10pm


Whoooooo youuuu❓❓❓❓

@v.i.p_bangbang Who You ??? #BestCatchPhraseIveEverHeard 👌

Lol this guy 😂


I'm out here fool

Whooo youuuuu (bang high pitch voice)

v.i.p_bangbang on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:07pm


malibooty 🍑


Check my profile :)

Just be my Nicola peltz @grace_hunter

@ironsuspect4267 are you alright?


nicolaannepeltz on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:25pm



Can we share a private jet in future please!!! #futuregoals @kavishahk

Loving the shoes !

Us in the future @ivsmin_

@shomz1327 lol. You dun know

dresses__up on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:02pm



That's me

I love you @carliestylez

Find the miss spelled word on the speeches it's the one on the right once you walk in

On the left side of lincoln look at his head it looks like he is looking up @carliestylez

Love tou

carliestylez on Fri, Sep 4 at 10:55pm


five deuce four trey. #cathedral

Where dem 2s wit the croc skin @spitta_andretti

What that mean spitta

Son of mars!!

I use to watch my brother break em in the stair way I rocked his chain and held his beeper at the dice game and said the go dem ppl wit da lawz came @spitta_andretti

@tcrutch7 @am._04 😤😤

spitta_andretti on Fri, Sep 4 at 9:25pm