What a week, D.C.! Thanks for all the support at @verizoncenter! You are our 7th man! #RockTheRed

All the way

Ovi 😍😍


Go caps


washingtoncaps on Sun, Nov 29 at 9:00pm


I... Am....... The REAL..... Spider-Man...🕷🤘🏼

I KNEW IT!!! @aaroncarpenter

I came from ur snap and panicked I thought u were gonna say like u stopped making vines but if ur the real spider man coo

love me

OMG !! Hahaha 😍😍😍🙈🙊

Hi @aaroncarpenter 😊 can you please say hi to me? 😘

aaroncarpenter on Sun, Nov 29 at 6:49pm


Dubai fever!!! ❤️🇦🇪

@_gfb11 No star wars is for 12 year olds who beat off to princess Leia You faggot fuck...

@cameronzappa well she's 60 so and you are white stfu bitch

Зачётно ✌️😀

Star Wars is awesome you fucking cunt @cameronzappa

@_gfb11 bite me, you 11 year old cunt

vitalyzdtv on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:40pm


Teamwork makes the dream work. #Mets

Hola yo quiero tener una camiseta de los mets como esta como hago amigos

@jordan_finkel @zachchaikin uribe packing a fatty in the background. Great memories


@brandojohnson we talkin' dip trivia @zachchaikin

@paulcarozza_33 he's soooo hot

mets on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:02pm


American beauty. American sports game. American hot dog 👌🏻 (BUT, London sign in the background representing) thank you @itsmaryviola for a great day #cantshootafreethrow #rathertallgentlemen

Ai minha coluna !!

Tadinha @lauraguimaraesg


@paula.bobu @cotelicioso

@mcpuertov 😌

greggsulkin on Sun, Nov 29 at 6:30pm


What is FieRSe??? Meet Alycia & Meniesha!! These are two of the most beautiful & lovely young ladies I have met while in Australia. They both have alopecia which is an auto immune disease where the white blood cells attack the hair follicles which causes them to lose hair. Do you think that has stopped them? No way! These girls are truly inspiring with how confident they are with themselves. They are extremely passionate about cheerleading! They take FIERSE to a new level. It's not always about the hair and makeup. It's about the passion for the sport. I feel so honored to have met them and can't wait to watch them excel in the sport they love over the next couple of years. I am so glad to have met you two this weekend. I love getting to know cheerleaders around the world! Your life stories are truly amazing and inspiring. Stay FieRSe ladies!!! @meniesha_zacs_allstar @alycia.maree #Alopecia #NoHairDontCare💁🏼 #FieRSeCheerAU

I was actually just watching season 4 of cheerleaders! I miss watching ya on cheerleaders!❤️ @robertscianna

My cheer team fierce allstars level 1 junior Prada gets to go to the summit in Tampa Florida from April 30th-may 1st!!!!!!!!

And you are my idol and role model for cheer❤️

That is truly amazing!!! There is absolutely NO reason for insecurity! I'm sure she is a beautiful young lady. Bless her heart! I would love to meet her! Please give her a confidence boost hug from me!!❤️❤️ @mzlyn23

What fabulous girls and great role models for our sport. 💖 to them and to you guys. xxx

robertscianna on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:20pm


Not sure Glee is my favorite show anymore. 😐

@itsmarwaham looool oh noooo 😭

Lol fuck glee

That sneer is priceless!

@jim_pfaff shots 🔫 fired

@amirarifazmi 😂😂😂

markhoppus on Sun, Nov 29 at 7:42pm


ACABOU 😭😭😭😭😭última sessão da peça DEIXA EU TE CONTAR foi um ano sensacional, viajando o país inteiro, realizando um sonho! Foi maravilhoso!!!!!!


Mato grosso do sul não teve nenhuma sessão 😔😔😔😔😔

Voltem em Belém logooo

Maravilhosas 😍😌

Lindas 😍😍

abrunalouise on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:48pm


เราไม่ควรพยายามไล่ตามหาความสุข แต่จงหาความสุขในระหว่างการตามหา GM



มอนิ่งค่ะเฮีย 😄😄😄😄

#ขออนุญาตฝากร้าน #ชุดเสื้อผ้า 150-250

@reeya_wellma ใช่มั้ยมึง

weir19 on Sun, Nov 29 at 7:45pm


#Repost @thedavecastro with @repostapp. ・・・ Ben Smith has to withdraw from Team USA and the Invitational in Spain next week due to injury. Rich Froning will step in and take his position on Team USA alongside Dan Bailey Margaux Alvarez and Chyna Cho. @bsmit13 @richfroning @CrossFit #CrossFit @CrossFitGames #CrossFitGames #CrossFitinvitational

#goals @wbcarver


@tjmurphy222 This will be fun to watch



richfroning on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:18pm


Joy... Its the simple things

Damn u fine. ..beautiful smile!

One of my favorite cookies yum


EyeBrows 😍😍😍😍

Nice teeth

gabunion on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:06pm


Kobe Bryant has won 5 NBA titles but this might be the most amazing thing he's done on a basketball court.




@remarkable33 @stonecold_steezy danggg


houseofhighlights on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:04pm


In the 5 seconds it takes to expose this photo, the #AudiS3 can hit 65 MPH.

@ironmanllew looks like Darth Vader

@rickymallon it's an s3 dude

@knotty_head @nurse_tee_


@igfilms you thinking what I'm thinking?

audi on Sun, Nov 29 at 7:55pm


#สลิปเปอร์โพส 😂 .. #ไม่ฝากร้านนะ

เฮียใส่ยีนส์เล่นฟิสเนตเลยหรอคร่า เปลี่ยนก่อนกีไหมคร่าเฮีย??😬😬😬

มาหล่อ มาเต็มตล๊อดตลอด @great_rider10

เมื่อไหร่จะมีละครเฮียออนอีกค่ะ คิดถึงแล้วนะ

คิดถึงค่ะเฮีย อยากดูละครเฮีย🤗🤗🤗🤗

ต่อให้เท้าเปล่า..ก็หล่อเสมอค่ะ..วรินของเค๊า..แฮร่ 😁❤️❤️

great_rider10 on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:49pm


Head to the blog to check out our 13 fave witchy Instagram accounts you NEED to follow! #gypsywarrior

@bblanning Just replace the cat with Ruca and this photo reminds me of you


@theewhitewitch this place looks oddly familiar 😏😍😏

@amola_p me urge love

@chubbyfatbunny2 Cute simple room

gypsywarrior on Sun, Nov 29 at 9:01pm


Morning จากเด็กชาวเกาะ วันที่5แล้ว สู้ต่อไปค่ะ 💪🏻 ขอกำลังใจหน่อยยยค่ะ ☺️ #whenamanlovesawomen






kimmy_kimberley on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:43pm


Sigam: @andreamanziproduz @andreamanziproduz 💗 @andreamanziproduz 💗 @andreamanziproduz @andreamanziproduz @andreamanziproduz @andreamanziproduz @andreamanziproduz _


Haha the cutest! @sabak89




videosfashions on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:03pm


Sisters 👧🏻👧🏻🙏🏻 @daleyzahernandez @dalaryhernandez !

Están igual de hermosas a ti


@keniaontiverosoficial Como estas Linda !! Preciosas las ninas 😘👧🏻👧🏻

Ves hay que darle otro hermano a sebastian 😘 @goretymt


keniaontiverosoficial on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:44pm



@ehargre kill me

@taylor_padgett_ you need a new lesbian lover

@ozzy3664 @ayesam_ i know Samantha is a horrible LL being so far away

@taylor_padgett_ #canttrustthesehoes

scarlettleithold on Sun, Nov 29 at 7:56pm


Since we bought our apartment a year ago, Emilia has talked about getting our own Christmas tree. She has brought it up at least every few days for the past year. Picking the tree and decorating it was always a big thing in her family (as it was in mine), but because she hasn't lived at home in so long, she hasn't had a Christmas tree is years. She decorated our apartment with @_robinbaron with the location of the future tree in mind. There's literally a big space in our living room where we could have put a chair or other plant but "NO, that's the Christmas tree space." So it's the weekend after Thanksgiving and it's finally time to get the tree. OUR tree. Not our parent's tree or our friends' tree. Our first (new and future) Serhant family tree. An hour - and hundreds of trees - later, Emilia has finally found THE ONE. Only problem is...that it's the biggest tree there! No matter how I try to reason with her about how the tree won't actually fit in our apartment, this is THE tree. She loves it. I've never seen her so happy. And...I couldn't be happier to get it for her ☺️ Afterward, I thought she would be obsessed with getting lights and ornaments, but instead she made arrangements to give 10 trees to 10 families in New York who cannot afford their own Christmas tree this year AND she made a plan to plant 11 new trees in New York (those 10 plus our massive bad boy). I love this woman, and tonight just reminded me why I want her to be my wife, even though I may have to trim this sucker down tomorrow...🎄🎄🎄

I don't even celebrate Christmas and this made me teary.


Love everything about this post!

This is the BEST story!! Love how you write & love you two!!! So sweet! Happy holidays!

Ryan, this is why I love Emilia. She has such a kind and generous heart. A gem and one of a kind. You are truly extremely lucky to have her in your life. Love you both!❤️❤️😘😘

ryanserhant on Sun, Nov 29 at 9:03pm


snapchat: keekthasneak 😈



Naw lol

@chelsieflynn isnt this cute?


kekepalmer on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:00pm


Valeu São Paulo/SP!!! @somlivre


Beleza pura boa sorte gatao


Te amo meu anjo

Só faltou jogar a toalhinha pra nós! 😢 @luannabenfica

gusttavolima on Sun, Nov 29 at 8:57pm


Follow @juicenjayy

This is too cute !

Now they happy I'm glad


Omg your daughter is your twin


lovely.mimi_ on Sun, Nov 29 at 7:58pm


😊😊😊 #travelwithairasia #ไม่ฝากร้านหน่าาก๊ะ


#不卖垃圾货💍💍 #绝对放心进专柜💎💎#各大品牌饰品完美复刻#顶级仿真钻💎💎wechat:1276378865 #朋友圈每天更新 #明标价钱💰


You are my idol .


pimtha on Sun, Nov 29 at 7:00pm