Ti proteggerò e ci sarò sempre.. ❤ #lamiafikettaèmagica #loveyoy @marinabanfi_ #peròlavati #puzzi

♥I Miei♡cuccioli♥

Bravo step così si fa si vero uomo

Belli vi amo

Ste fai un'altro video con la Marina

stefanolepri on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:15pm



@biancaa_vo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@_lisa_ma97 haha😅💕


@rinaesmn @kathinskii_

mmd on Mon, Nov 30 at 3:01pm


Above the clouds,fantastic photo by dear @dotzsoh

ouai j ai déjà vu . Plein de ballons au loin ça tuee @yam_sonite

@vida_habeeb believe me you have it

@ramin_iman 👌👌😂😂😂😂

Hip...... Hip...... Hurraaaa.. I love it


sert_mehmet on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:13pm


Me in a wig 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼 @hunterandgatti @britishgq

Such a beautiful dog! You're gorgeous as well of course.

@juliettebrun t'm surtout la chienne de droite nan ? 😂

Like a sexier version of T. Swift

What did they do to her legs though, scary skinny

hottie ❤️❤️

charlottemckinney on Mon, Nov 30 at 3:00pm


Snow, ice skating, penguins and hot chocolate. We've had the best time! Vlog will be up tomorrow on youtube.com/sprinkleofchatter 🎆⛸❄️⛄️

omg!! also we need to go ice skating soon ;) @e.lena.w @emiliadc

Aww I love u darcy 💛💙💜💚❤️

What a lush pic

@sprinkleofglitr awww 💕💕😘PLEASE CHECK OUT MY ART 😘xxxxxxxxxxlysm

💜💜 such a cute picture

sprinkleofglitr on Mon, Nov 30 at 1:28pm


Haha @camsreaction !

@lillemongoo hehe

@skjakerr hihihjapp

@k.xtjx hahaha zum glück muss ich das nicht mehr erleben



rebecka_forsberg on Mon, Nov 30 at 1:52pm


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@yes.its.deanne I like the last one


I'm getting all of deez @_elsxo

@ittshaleema middle


salicerose on Mon, Nov 30 at 12:23pm


I know it's going to be hard to sleep tonight. I won't be coming down your chimney tonight, or will I? 1 more day. #fixeruppereve is upon us.

It's my birthday tomorrow and your show will be a great way to end the day!


Love you guys and your show!!



chippergaines on Mon, Nov 30 at 1:15pm


@vspink spring break sneak peek🌊🌊 #pinkgirlsruletheworld 💓

איזה בגד ים הורס @lea_dooye

הוא יפה אבל יש הרבההה יותר @hannahmitt98

@mariantina_v tis katouraei oles

Already @kyrstenemenecker


rachelhilbert on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:13pm


Straight Outta Tottenham <3



@lains26 @nikkidarat


Yes skeppy, showing that local love 🙏 @josephjenkinsbespoke @jameslankester

skeptagram on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:42pm


Eerily quiet and still this morning in London 👀❄️


Feed goals😂😍


Please follow my account ready for editmasss xx

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niomismart on Mon, Nov 30 at 12:44pm


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Oh my God you look hot babe

#@carlosms_19 @maralprincipal1999



Que delicinha você é

amandaeliselee on Mon, Nov 30 at 12:59pm


"Mate of mine said if Jamie Vardy scored against United he would get 'chat shit get banged' tattooed on himself!"

@thiviya_10_ maybe chat thiv get baled


@tyestone 😂😂

@itzben_nffc should cheer u up😘

@hermangutt "fuck off"

thesportbible on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:54pm




Bizde yapcaz Schatz @turan5757

@rafaelabxs ❤

@jelennkkaa hdf


drugsaboutlove1 on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:33pm


You guys seriously don't wanna miss Peter Pan at @Pasadenaplayhouse tickets are available now✨ see you in neverland

@xxlydielou he's beautiful

So pretty💙

Wish I could go

What are you 5 @elijah2725

So cool 💘✌

sabrinacarpenter on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:45pm


Aww these girls 😍😍😍 #JapaneseKareokeNights Jesy we miss you!!! 😔 X

Ok I might be just a bit late but what happend to jesy ?!

Omg ik wil zoals die middelste gaan tijdens carnaval😂😏 @imke_molenaar

Hahaha lott @lot.tommo

Awww yo quiero el d pikachuu @paulamb_12

@lolo_5804 she's sick and couldn't go with them

leigh_love_life on Mon, Nov 30 at 12:45pm


💙💜❤️💛 all my fans!!! Thank you everyone for all the bday wishes!!! Big hugs to you all! #aokifam

Happy birthday aoki love ya!!!


Happy birthday

Happy birthday ♡♡ true love

Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎉 @steveaoki I love you ❤️❤️😍

steveaoki on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:54pm


#abudhabi #formula1

Linda! Love u!

Pretty babe X

😘😘😘u are so beautiful linds 😍😘😘😊


Your face looks puffy, tired and sad. #KARMA

lindsaylohan on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:42pm


Had a fun week with Kristin at home in Florida for the holidays. Now it's time to go back to LA and her go back to school In Tallahassee 😢. I am never posting on social media or making videos when we are together because I only have a few days with her each month (this time it was 2 months) so I had to really stock up on some love and me and her time. So when you guys don't see Kristin for a long time just know that it's because we are long distance and she still has another year to finish school. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel😇. We did however make a YouTube video this time so go to her insta bio and watch it!

He's fucking hilarious @cass11dy

@ang__dean this is cute

Omg you guys are my favorite couple

tinha que ser legendas assim nas suas fotos hahahah longe de mim @jaommota

@steffiiibr bf like him pls

marcusjohns on Mon, Nov 30 at 1:27pm


Awwww 🙆🏼😍 Mein kleiner Tarzan schaut Tarzan 💛💛💛💛 #thismeltsmyheart #mylittletarzan #cantwaitforhisnextshow

schade @oosaraoo ich werde es trotzdem genießen. freu mich soooo drauf ! wäre aber cool gewesen !

Schade🙈 aber trotzdem liebe Grüße und alles Gute 😊😘 @oosaraoo

Wie süß er ist ❤️ freue mich für ihn 😊 das er als Tarzan auftreten darf ❤️ schönen Abend euch noch !!!

Er sitzt da wie der kleine Tarzan auf der Bühne echt süß☺️🐒

@kpad1289 lets for sure go to a Warriors/Clippers game, yeah?

oosaraoo on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:36pm


How we roll. Backstage @kellyandmichael @raelynnmurillo @lacyredway @rebeccarestrepo @cristinaehrlich and @teamid --my gratitude is sent all around. xxoU


Eyebrows are nice Chica @uzoaduba

@exiturnor @uzoaduba we love you! And we will comment all of ur photos until u answer to us! PLEASE UZO!!! BIG FAN!


@martisnixx @uzoaduba my friend is right! WE WON'T STOP. DAJE UZO WE ARE BIG FAN

uzoaduba on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:50pm


Brows @jaclin_garcia BROWS: #Dipbrow in Chocolate #anastasiabrows

@victoria_reese that's exactly my point. It's ok tho. Thank you 💞

Those nose pores😫

E eu achava que tinha muitos poros no nariz

@wissal_yass that is where you are wrong. Just because this is IG and you can immediately post your thoughts does not mean that you should. You still have to be respectful of others. It's still proper manners to stay quiet if you don't have anything nice to say. Have a great day.

Nobody in this world is perfect but I guess ppl forget that. U are beyond beautiful.

anastasiabeverlyhills on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:41pm


Çok tatlısını hepiniz



Cok tatli ya bunlar

Gokhan abi varya karnimi agriti sjjgd

hadise on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:56pm


I will be back quite quickly than expected 😉👊👊

sry papa

If that's happen we will be happy

@6_lkoscielny YUSSS. My idol Laurent ✌ And a warrior for the gunners 💞

Thank u very march#arsenal

Yeah come back soon. Without you arsenal defence looks like trash

6_lkoscielny on Mon, Nov 30 at 2:32pm