I just love this man so much. #slcconcerts

Omg...congrats love!!' Wow the day finally came Carlie!

Seriously people..stop with the Steve nonsense. She is a grown woman..and when you know...you know. Be happy for her don't bring up the past. It's not our relationship it's hers. And if you are her fan..support her...if not...kick rocks.

I have a good feeling this is gonna last long☺️👍🏽

What happend to steave brooks carlie

ایشالا خوشبخت بشین!

carliestylez on Thu, Jul 30 at 1:03am


#UFC190 Embedded | episode 3 VIDEO: Link in Bio

Saturday can't come soon enough! !!

Why wasn't her open workout on periscope ?

Ok Ronda you say Bethe should want her opponent 100% but you want Cris Cyborg to be in a vulnerable state because 135 is that. If you can get a fight which ever city you want why can't you ask Dana for a catch weight fight? Whats 5 pounds? You keep saying you want to fight Cris but you're making NO EFFORT, you put all the effort to an opponent whos been fighting for 3/4 years and hasn't even fought top contenders. Bethe is still novice for crying out loud.

@aylingarcia @mrsabney05 she bad

Jajajajajajaj esta pelaa de marimachas no me pierdo ni loco!

ufc on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:04am


YES or NO??? credit @kirstenzellers #americanstyle

I think only some people will be able to rock it




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americanstyle on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:00am


Whitening my teeth safely with @mrblancteeth #Mrblanc


خشمها كبير



 

mahlaghajaberi on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:02am


Famous words of @cliffdailey

@mariahgabrielle.jpg_ the fact that you don't understand is the reason why you don't have chivalry in yo life right now and I didn't say that there was nothing with all women deserving respect but I know damn well I'm not finna treat a hoe the same way I treat a virgin

@kalashyoung only the hoes don't understand this... The females who deserve a good man understood this perfectly

@liveishh actually I do have chilvarly rn.... like I have guys who genuinely love me or like me for who I am... I am still a respectable woman. well you should treat them both the same. like I said u are just as sexist as I thought you were and I feel so bad for u that you feel so pressed to not give all women equal respect and treatment. and idk what your definition of a 'hoe' and a 'virgin' are but uhhhh you go on ahead

@mariahgabrielle.jpg_ you got that you a sadistic thot in yo bio you know what a hoe is and what a virgin is the definition don't change its the same all around the world but enjoy the thot life and if I'm sexist for not respecting a hoe then lol shit I accept it but I bet even Jesus himself would treat a hoe and a virgin the same... You can't cry about not getting respect when you got FREEWILL which means you CHOSE not be respect and to fuck multiple men and the female who do get respect CHOSE not to fuck multiple men

@mariahgabrielle.jpg_ hes sayin not all men deserve respect and not all women deserve respect. Not all people are deserving of respect. Its sexist to say all females deserve it but not men. @liveishh

emanhudson on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:15am


👍or👎: #WDYWTgrid by @raytang.forever #WDYWT for on-feet photos #WDYWTgrid for outfit lay down photos #outfit #ootd #nike #flyknit #supreme •

@bigg_paapa I got those shoes😎

Yup yup👍




wdywt on Wed, Jul 29 at 11:39pm



น่าตกใจ โล่งไปไหนคะนั่น 😂😂😂😂😂

โล่งมากกกก 555



โล่ง ... หรอครับ55

coach_zico on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:02am


#afterworkoutglowselfie #befitbecauseyoudeserveit #healthy #happy


Natural look


Last two months before come too my village to shut a movie and I hope some time you come here for a shutting and you such a real beauty in all industry actress ( I invite you too visit jaislmer and khuri desert and we both go too desert in night we enjoy that time I hope you will come thankd


sonamkapoor on Thu, Jul 30 at 1:07am


GUYS THE SONG IS ALREADY #157 on the iTunes pop chart! Let's keep going!

jivdude @_danaa.a

please snap me back. my day sucked but if u snap back my day will be the best day of my life. its hailey-bedell


Rajiv! You did such an amazing job! I'm so proud and I've been jamming to your new song all night 😊🎧


rajivdhall on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:12am


Gorgeous 😍😍😍 @sabellamakeup

@parulshah17 I so love it I want to learn this as well Aunty

@__kbra1905 o sihaz nokta ne la haha

@mariac0130 can you do this?

Amazing @ezbeaulieu

@brianna_heremanx3 yea I just need the eyeshadow

wakeupandmakeup on Thu, Jul 30 at 1:43am


Kentucky was GOOD 😜 #SometimeLastNightTour 📷 @willvonbolton

@rikerr5 Kentucky was so good but HOT😍🔥

Would you ever come back

And I was there you make me smile and feel good

And Kentucky is bae


rikerr5 on Wed, Jul 29 at 11:23pm


Bed time in LA ✨ sweet dreams everyone. To all my new followers, welcome. :) #loveyou

Also i been looking for ariel beach towel at walmart, i was thinking u could model in/on the collections @crystalhefner

😊🌹 @crystalhefner

Please don't turn into a pornstar crystal

So plastic...

@diazalexander128 irani hasti?

crystalhefner on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:52am


Awesome shot from our photo shoot with @entertainmentweekly and @peoplemag! We were mid Acro-yoga pose, lol

Those Yeezy Boost's though!

Hair extensions

Best picture of you two 😁😁😁

The yeezys🔥🔥

Awesome pic... Can u yell out my name for a blog I am a really big fan of urs plz from Shyann :)

jeanapvp on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:13am


Pacers will celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Hoosiers" by wearing the film's "Hickory" uniforms during select games next season. What do you guys think?! #hoosiers #pacers #nba #georgehill

@janonmcclellan 👿🔥

Hoosiers was a shitty movie

One of my boys just went to Indiana shoutout to Juwan💯

Ain't no shame in my game !!!


beyondthebuzzer on Wed, Jul 29 at 11:55pm


Left or right? Tag BFF! 👇HAIR VIDEO👇 💇💇@hairnailsfever💇💇 💇💇@hairnailsfever💇💇 👇🏼HAIR VIDEO👇🏼 💇💇@hairnailsfever💇💇 💇💇@hairnailsfever💇💇



Both r fabulous


Left 4 formal right for very fancy night out

dressdreamz on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:11am


GRANDMAAAA we love love love you thank you!! 💗💗💗💗💗


😍 @julianadeleon

@taylor.talbert meeeeeeeeeeee

Omfg cute af☺️


fifthharmony on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:43am


Hiiii 💋👩🏼👀💖💄❗️


Hottie Lottie! 😍👌💖


Que foto linda pqp

Why you are so beautiful????😍😍😍

lottietommo123 on Thu, Jul 30 at 1:46am


Bravo les gars!! Belle victoire!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #ChampionsCup #Championmonfrère #AllezParis 🏆⚽️

@rclivramento representa


Valeu vc é foda

Likes sdv sdv sdv sdv segue


lucasmoura7 on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:34am


Try keeping up with @tweestopher. 🎥 @epiclytrife #VanDorenInvitational


@kristenfink estoy ready


I wanna go there @piercetheleann


thrashermag on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:03am




killing me😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

Reminds me of Lorde

f it up mom


lyciafaith on Thu, Jul 30 at 12:12am


#Tbt - Charcoal drawing by @rebelhernandez who will be attending the PACIFIC INK & ART EXPO @hawaiitattooexpo AUG 7-8-9 in Hawaii! _ For more info on the expo, go to www.hawaiitattooexpo.com & check out @hawaiitattooexpo #hawaiitattooexpo #piae2015 #piae _

@baby1rhino3est @babyygirl.t @siana.babe

It is magic????????😯



@s.a.v.i.z mersi gardash 😂😄

worldofpencils on Thu, Jul 30 at 1:11am


I'm chamclouder on snapchat. Add meh . Comment when u added me w ur username !!

I'm already added you violet.cathey





jccaylen on Wed, Jul 29 at 11:06pm


I got an announcement..... Stay tuned.

Lol @xx_becstin_xx

What if she forgot

I do 2 I'm doing fishing at 6:15 am

You are so gorgeous


iambeckyg on Wed, Jul 29 at 10:55pm


Mi princesa ❤️🙌🏼🌟para el amor verdadero no existen distancias...lo que esta unido por Dios nada ni nadie lo podrá separar...🙏 #Eternity 🌜🌝🌛

Que princesa linda 😍

preciosa princesa 😍

Princesinha 😍❤

JAJAJAJA ya se 😂😂😂. @paolarenteriam


dulcemaria on Wed, Jul 29 at 11:37pm