Loving @rania_bellamarie_mua's #eotd using our Warm Neutrals Palette + Wicked Gel Liner. // #SigmaBeauty #WickedGood

Stunning ❤️

@anel_ta turnagu😍

@janbotamaduarova грамотно 😍

Those nails... That wing 😍


sigmabeauty on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:05pm


I'm honored and proud to stand by @tartecosmetics & @bystanderrevolution to help stop bullying!!!! Bullying is a SERIOUS issue and shouldn't be taken lightly. People have lost their lives because of it and I encourage you all to make a pact with me to put an end to it!! Put a kiss on your hand and help spread the word about this movement!!! I personally have been bullied and the feeling is so horrible 💔 words can be so vicious and sometimes they really stick with you. Remember what yo mama taught ya, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all!!! Let's all #kissandmakeup

You're truly inspiring

@celinavirginia #shades

@katiethomasx2 I have hope

@leahskinner the best kitty shades around! 😎

Have the same sunnies and I looove them!!!! Kittish @nicolconcilio

nicolconcilio on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:19pm


A vida é feita de borboletas e de flores e de amores e jasmins e jardins e paixão e chão e norte e sorte e marte e tarde e parte e nós....muitos nós de nós... A vida é mais que ver...é enxergar.


@ellenasales legenda.

Oi, @rafaavitti. Boa noite.

Garotos tumblr aqui 👤


rafaavitti on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:54pm


Mean Benz! | Photo by: @s.n_hashimoto #stancenation

@bmeade147 @logansepe @dawsonstark91

@mobeen1 @spaceman_____ @kxsh____ @e46_shah SEX...

@alincoroian woooww


@_mzz__ too much

stancenation on Sun, Feb 14 at 12:03am


tag squad @oursharedstories

@summerlyngraf @stevenhatchcock @gunsandpiercings @cory._.jordan

Me and you would have lots of leg room then😂😂😂 @jessssssssssssa


I'd have the whole place to myself😌

@eternalklash den goals

wififun on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:48pm



He should have won

He should have won!!


Did you see this? @hey_seus31


lejuanjames on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:38pm


oh lord


TRU TALENT @jjesseca


@sydneyobrien were slackin'

@nml_17 talented asf

hoebomb on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:48pm


改めて、沢山のお祝いメッセージ、画像、ありがとう。 嬉しすぎてなんかよくわからない。笑 本当に本当にありがとう。 写真は姉と。






kasumi_arimura on Sun, Feb 14 at 12:05am


ROUND1 🔔🔔🔔 (2/2) @a_r_c_h พร้อมรึยังกับ #RomanceHour ของคุณ อย่าลืมนะคะ 19.00-20.00 วางโทรศัพท์ พักโซเชียล เติมความหวานให้เต็มที่ ดาวน์นี่ โรมานซ์ เคล็ดลับง่ายๆ เติมโรมานซ์ให้ชีวิตรักของคุณ #RomanceHour #Downy

น่ารักง่าาาาาาา @bestpanisa @nareeel

น่ารักมากๆ. มีความสุขมากๆนะน้องแต๋วคนสวย

@meansui เขินนนนนนมะะะะ

天呐撸!女神秀恩爱(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)


taewaew_natapohn on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:10pm


นี่ๆ วันแห่งความรักทั้งที สนใจกันหน่อยจิ @abchuthai 🙄 อีกแค่ 7 ชั่วโมงเท่านั้น มาเติมความหวานกับ #RomanceHour 19.00-20.00 วางโทรศัพท์ พักโซเชียล ดาวน์นี่ โรมานซ์ เคล็ดลับง่ายๆ เติมความโรมานซ์ให้ชีวิตรักของคุณกันเถอะค๊าาา 💓 #RomanceHour #Downy

@tts_86 you see this haha

How cute @sasazhr @vebysiahaan @dianrismawati

โอ่ยยยยย ><


@sraikc นั่ลลั่คคคคคคคคค

pimtha on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:19pm





@chichisanyika goals!



kayla_itsines on Sun, Feb 14 at 12:25am


Red it is. 😚❤️ @gypdad

happy Valentine's day,have a good time😉😘😘|。•ω•)っ◆ (ฅ´ω`ฅ)

Valentine's Day with your dad!good day

Oh my god~~so cute! Love your sunglasses

Happy Birthday~~Gypso!!😘Today's all people's birthday in Chinese's traditonal calendar because it is said that one of the fairy made human being in 7th day(初7)


gyp.so on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:42pm


He wanted a movie night but I told him my weekend was all booked up 🎥📚 Anchor bedding ⚓️ @threadexperiment @OceanHouseRI

Orrrr maybe you could just hit up kieljp snapchat and you'd know this was a window since last night


Book is "Why We Came To The City" by Kristopher Jansma

@cassandracbs I'm not yet starstruck enough to follow every detail of their glamorously staged lives. Maybe someday.


sarahkjp on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:21pm


I'm on my worst behaviour... 🌩 #NYFW street style shot by @maffewl Wearing @jnbyjnllovet custom jacket, @keepsakethelabel dress & @schutzshoes boots.




Вы мне подписку а я вам 10 лайков


classisinternal on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:17pm


Last chance to experience the interactive #HeliosFemina beauty story on @mashable snapchat discover before it disappears! Link is on dat bio 👆🏼

I watched it and it was amazing. Keep inspiring us because we love you ❤️


Watched alredy

Your an amazing inspiration Mish! 😍😘😘

@creamchese they are still together

michellephan on Sat, Feb 13 at 9:49pm


Had a little photo shoot at the house today :)

Want 👅




@brooke_ramsey17 your husband

danielskip on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:16pm


É nois Caio! Tamo junto parceiro! 👊🏻

Meus amores 💍😍

@jooysous to vendo isso

@paolab.c aí vem a outra mandando indireta, acho que nem marca sabe

@aniely.marques , trágico quando a pessoa nem de portugues entende! ' affz " 😒

@_jullysmm nao tenho problema nenhum em ser comparada com uma criança afinal todos nos ja famos um dia e eu nao me acho a adulta Não

luis_mariz on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:28pm



holy fuck I'd wife her up rn @kindakendraa


The minion in the background tho

mom 😍


sahlt_ on Sun, Feb 14 at 12:05am



Selling black shirt L DM

@_themainteacup_ !!!



@coach_t_pruitt I got a hat

welcomeovostore on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:37pm


💝 Happy Valentine's Day! 💝

@gravity_soul @shiro.bb check his DeviantArt account xD I know it 'cus I first started following him on DeviantArt

OOOH i seeee lol @thonyoresama thanks

@shiro.bb he's said multiple times that he's a man

@chocoseii well not really xD I just love his art

@chocoseii about his gender? Lol no i mean i just wondered haha

kuvshinov_ilya on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:54pm


P U R E ❤️ J O Y @missskylarjames #skylarjamesbday ✖️photography:@floresciofilms✖️

@tracydimarcoeps omggg stop this is the cutest picture ever

Cute pic

Beauties 😍

Beautiful picture,omg Gorgous

That's a pretty picture

tracydimarcoeps on Sat, Feb 13 at 11:21pm



What I want @lauracerneaa

What I want @tha_boi47



When's your birthday I got you @vasilia.h

brandymelvillecanada on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:56pm


6 6 6 6 6 👌🏽*Drake voice* #SeikoStyles • #6ixDot

Peep the DUNK contest tho 👀

You on that hobo tip right now.


Bruh at all star weekend dressed like a Toronto homeless man lmao

@justknow_ @clutchinshots_

bdotadot5 on Sat, Feb 13 at 10:52pm


I think I found my Valentine @ejjohnson_ 💞💗💞💗 #nyfw #bcbg #herveleger

@k9hl 🙆

@k6hl يمه

Both gorgeous! 💜💜

@bodegareese 😂

How you claim to be a woman of God and you are embracing sin? God still requires us to set ourselves apart. IJS as Christians Paul said to the church of Corinth that it's ok to judge the people who claim they saved. We are not to judge the sinners simply because they are doing what they are suppose to do.

phaedraparks on Sun, Feb 14 at 12:10am